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UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87 Performance Review

The most attracting and appealing one at the 2018 fall-winter feeder show in Paris should be the UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87 . Created by the well-known fashion designer Jun Takahashi with his brand UNDERCOVER and Nike, the shoe is bound to generate a lot of attention. And quite a lot of reviewers even proclaim that the Nike React Element 87 shoes is “the Sneaker of the Year 2018”. Many people who haven’t seen it and experience it before will ask, “What’s the charm of  this  UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87 ?” or “What’s so special about it?” Here let me uncover the answer for you.

This UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87, recreated on the base of  Nike Epic React, is not a common model. Both the shoe’s outstanding appearance and excellent performance can live up to the high reputation ever given. The design of the react foam midsole is much more sophisticated than that of  Nike Epic react Flyknit. With superior appearance and performance, it is hard that it won’t be noticed, so it gains a great deal of popularity since its launch.

The upper is made of translucent material with grey reinforcement layer at toe, making it easier to match with all kinds of socks. The bright brown laces eye-catching, with a 3M reflective layer on the holes. Above all, the asymmetrical tongue is a mark of fashion and it is the feature that persuades many poeple into buying the shoe. On the other hand,  the way of combining brown and blue forms a contrast visual effect, making this pair full of lively style. However, most of the criticism I’ve heard is about the upper. Some said they were hesitant in copping a pair is resulted from the durability on the translucent upper whereas others remarked that the translucent upper gets dirty quite fast with dust and other minute particles entering the shoe or the shoe is criticized mainly for  being “extremely flimsy and not stretchable.” Such are very bad and negative comments for the model. As for me, I am quite surprised by the breathability of the translucent plastic-like upper.

The react foam of the outsole has unique texture and visual impact. And the big Swoosh logo with a faint blue at the heel blends perfectly with blue rubber.

Many a buyers claimed that the improved React soles are as comfortable as Adidas’ Boost sneakers. We can see that the really gets much phrases. Well, as for comfort, I think it is the most important factor of a shoe. Anyway, who wants a shoe that is practical but wears especially uncomfortably? None!

You can feel the soft feeling as soon as you wear the shoe. And the translucent vamp can be easily bent to ensure comfort and flexibility. Many reviewers say that it is one of the most comfortable sneakers released in 2018 and I think so.

Resulting from the light upper materials and foam in the midsole, the shoe is super lightweight. A single shoe weighs only 208 grams, which is the lightest I’ve ever experienced. Also, many a wearers are impressed by the lightweight feel of the sneaker.

After some time playing in it, I am stunned at the breathability the translucent plastic-like upper offers. I had not expected how great it can be. But it just surprises me! I simply have much sultry feelings, so it is more than suitable for summer wear.

The upper isn’t elastic, so it cannot provide superior wrapping and there is extra space between the upper and the foot. But after lacing the laces tightly, the wrapping can be somewhat made up for.

Despite the single-layer translucent upper, the shoe is surprisingly supportive. The toe part of the shoe has an extra reinforcing layer to ensure support and more wear resistance. When running, the vamp has deformation though,  the foot still remains very stable.

The foot stays very stable even when there are movements from side to side. Numerous wearers have also heaped praises on the removable cork-lined insoles for helping improve the shoe’s in-shoe feel.

There is a thick piece of foam in the midsole, and it can stand all kinds of tests. Besides, a piece of rubber is added to the forefoot and the rear part, providing excellent grip and increase wear resistance.

You can clearly see the grains in the sole, but they are big as well, thus attracting many dust and gravels and then this further result in frequent cleaning for the shoe.

Some followers of the React shoes claimed the React Element 87 has “the most stable, soft, and relaxed cushioning” they ever felt from Nike React sneakers. And this bestselling sneaker also gives you quite a deal of energy return. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” The case is similar to this: the cushion bounces back as much as the pressure you place on it.

When running, the sole compresses and bounces more clearly and each step you step out, you’ll feel like being pushed forward for it provides excellent energy feedback.


The shoe is a highly sought after model. Many sneaker lovers simply want a comfortable, durable, and well-constructed shoe and this one meets the requires quite well. It is really worth the money and you can have a try.