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Unboxing: Sacai x Blazer Mid

The sacai x blazer mid of today is said to be a powerful contender of this year. Hearing the news that sacai x blazer mid  is to be released, surely, many fans including me got very excited and we are all looking forward to seeing this model as soon as possible. So today I bring the brief introduction of this sacai x blazer mid  for you. Here we go.

The Sacai-Nike series is a hot  item of this year. The Sacai x Nike LDWaffle came out first in April and has arose a number of popularity and attention. But relatively, I prefer the sacai x blazer mid  that is to be discussed today. Both the style of blazer’s shoes and the color scheme are of my “taste”.

First of all, have  a look at the shoe box. Still, it is the traditional and classic orange box of Nike. With the drawer type design and a pull ring for easy extraction, the box becomes somewhat different from the traditional ones. You can also see that the logo is printed on both sides of the shoe box. And some can see  a complete logo if they put their two shoe boxes together. And then on the wrapping paper is this joint sign which is decorated with simple black and white.

Look at the shoe’s appearance then. To tell the truth, upon opening the shoe box, I was a bit shocked by the shoe’s bright colorway. And there is also another color scheme of the shoe. So if you do not like the colorway of this one, you can turn to the other one which has a relatively cold color.

As for me, I like both of the shoe’s colorways. As you can see, the shoes have been remade by sacai in a new overlapping deconstructed form and the biggest feature in the shoe should be the tongue, shoelaces and swoosh’s double overlapping design. On top of that, the edges of the shoes are superimposed by multiple layers of compound glue with the inner layer white and the outer layer beige, which is more resistant to dirt.

At the toe part which is made of cowhide, I think highly of it because it is a great update compared with the previous blazer.

At the shoe body, there are  two swoosh layers of different colors superimposed outside of the shoe body. The inner swoosh is connected all the way to the back of the shoe whereas the outer one is made straight through.

Take a closer look at the shoelace then. You may find that it’s a bit of a hassle to tie the shoelace and take it apart because the two independent shoelaces go into the same hole at the same time but the size of the hole is still that big. But for the sake of beauty, some can ignore this problem.

On the tongue there are two layers. The front layer tongue is decorated with the Nike logo whereas the back layer is the joint logo. And there is a sponge on the tongue which adds some comfortable foot feel. But on the whole, this pair may not be friendly to those with high instep. And having the thick shoelaces, the shoe would isn’t easy for the high-insteps to put on and take off.

When asked “is it worth buying?” Personally, it is hard to define that. For some, it is rather fantastic, so they feel it worthy whereas others may think it as undesirable. But the latter view held by consumers are only very few.


Here I recommend to those who like the shoe to buy it presently, it is going to out of inventory otherwise. In addition, I still want to remind you that this pair has no spray foam, but because the shoes are made of leather material and attract dust easily, the difficulty of cleaning the shoe is increased. So if you mind this, you’d better think twice about whether to buy it or not.