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Unboxing: Nike Joyride Run FK

Not long before, I heard someone saying, “Nike is going to release some brand-new shoe presently after the  Nike Joyride Run FK.” The shoe is the NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER. And now I am fortunate enough to have waited for its arrival and copped one pair.

Here is simple introduction of  NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER. Nike Joyride is characterized by the placement of TPE particles in the midsole, each of which is precisely studied. The TPE particles will separate different areas in the soles of the shoes. And different parts of the sole will be installed with different amounts of TPE particles which can freely move in all directions when  the player changes directions. For this part, Nike calls it multiple spatial displacement. The cushioning system as such creates a very comfortable foot feel for consumers. Below are the NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER’s two colorways equipped with the cushioning system. They are the “HYPER PINK” & “BARELY VOLT.

The upper of the brand-new Nike Joyride CC3 Setter uses a variety of fabrics and leather mosaics. Compared with the first version,  the appearance of the two are more layered. The bright  pink and the pure and fresh white plus the collocation of fluorescent color make the two shoes very lovely and pleasing to the eye. They seem to be designed just for summer.

The reverse “tick” logo used as a decoration make the shoe’s style more trendy and more suitable for everyday wear.  The corrugated design at the vamp has strong visual effect and the shoe body is ergonomically created with multiple cushions.

The complex lace support design allows us to get better wrapping when exercising.

In the tongue, Nike adapts a mid-top design and also prints it with “Nike Joyride”.

In addition to the above, the design of the midsole rubber eyelet and the super elastic upper make it  more convenient for everyone to wear and take off.

At the heel is the  Nike Swoosh and Joyride Technology logo.

I  once thought about the problem: Why Joyride come into being? This question has accompanied me for a long time and now I know the answer. That is Joyride is born for the purpose of meeting the general needs of runners: making running easier and more efficient. This is a challenge if to satisfy most people  and requires crazy creativity and radical innovation. Will Moroski and his team spent years in solving this problem and finally they made it!

Will Moroski remarked, “Every runner faces the same problem: the impact of landing on both feet. We need a new cushioning system to solve this problem.” And this is what Will Moroski wants to improve. The Nike Joyride CC3 Setter uses a three-stage Joyride cushioning system; through the outsole you can see the TPE cushioning particles filled in the front, middle and back part of the sole.

The principle is that the excellent particles bring the high-efficiency cushioning effect  and the gap between the spheres is well utilized.

Thousands of particles in the outsole ease the shock brought by the wearer’s weight. With  a dynamic cushioning lasting cushioning, you can feel eased after a day’s playing.