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Unboxing: Nike Epic React Flyknit

By chance, I ran into the FLYKNIT and at that moment I just could not move my eyes away from it. When asked “Compared with  VOMERO, which one will you choose?” The answer is definitely the FLYKNIT which is more lightweight and  fits my foot much better and above all, it is far more comfortable than VOMERO.

Upon opening the shoe box, I felt rather thrilled. It is an orange box with nothing special in it. Inside is a maintenance instruction manual and the shoes. Let’s turn to the shoe’s performance then. 

As you can see that the shoe features pink in the whole shoe body, bringing somewhat lovely style. I know that some people may think the shoe to be a bit feminized, so they reject picking it up. However, this is quite wrong. The key point is not in the shoe itself, but the behavior and temperament of the people who wears the shoe. On the other hand, it is a little hard for buyers to match the shoe with their daily dressing; if anything, they must be those who are like “walking clothes hanger”.

Adapting the fly line technology, the shoe as a whole looks very integrated and harmonious. And in the images below you can see there is cover with dense air holes, indicating its extraordinary breathability.  This also seems to imply that this shoe is not suitable for leisure using in the autumn and winter, but on the contrary, it is born for sports using. 

The translucent plastic at the toe part fits snugly between the upper and the outsole. All details are designed with a lot of effort and they just stay here for you to check.

Another highlight of the shoe is in the lacing system which is rather unique and novel. If you chance to have copped one pair, you’d better read some instruction about how to tie your laces. They are tied in a creative way. Objectively speaking, this is a shoe that is worth buying for the maker really has spared  no effort in designing the shoe: to avoid deformation in the upper when it is under stress, a special design is used around the edges of the laces to add a leather-like coating to the fabric surface. The winding line as such makes the shoe more lovely.

The FLYKINT logo is visible near the shoelace holes.

Benefiting from the flying line tech, the shoe cancel the shoe tongue this time and it is  replaced by a sock-like retractable opening. Such design makes wearing more convenient: the shoe collar is pulled gently in heel and makes putting on and taking off much easier for the wearer and you simply need not worry about the tongue’s misplace.

The heel collar has printed with “EPIC REACT”, indicating the shoe’s outsole tech.

In terms of the sole, the fore foot is made of translucent gradient colloid whereas the rear part is the traditional ivory rubber. As for anti-skid problem, my last “mate” performs passably and I do not expect much from then on. For this model, it has yet to be verified.

The blue part of the the insole side is the inscription of “EPIC REACT” and on top of which is a huge “tick” logo.

In terms of workmanship, this shoe should be said to be quite exquisite. Except for a slight glue mark near the heel, the rest of the other aspects are nearly perfect.

The general estimate of this shoe, according to a number of consumers, is that it is not suitable for wide footers. To tell the truth, I am not a wide footer, so I have no much feelings about this.

However, despite the fact, I still feel that my feet are tightly locked inside the shoe and whenever there are any fierce movement, my feet just remain stable in the footbed.

Probably it is because the vamp is relatively thin and  the material is relatively soft, you can see, after putting on, the vamp appears more tight. For the size, I suggest buying bigger sizes in case any pain in your feet.

Owing to the shoe’s design, you may even not need to wear socks because it just feels like a sock that fits  your foot well.


At the first glance, you may feel you’ve entered the wrong website, but you are to surprisingly find it quite lovely and nice. If you match it with black pants, it is still very eye-catching. The performances are there and you can check again.