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Unboxing: Nike Alphadunk

The other day, I came across a question that was popular recently. And I also want to ask you that question: In the development history of basketball shoes, which one is the most successful team shoe series ever created? Well, I know there are many answers for different people, but as for me, I think the answer is the Hyperdunk series and it is also the one that gets the most acknowledge.

In the last decade,  the hyperdunk is said to be even more popular than many star signature shoes in the sneaker market. However, it is a pity that this series has officially ended this year. But definitely, its sneakers will always be there and accompany us.

Though many people didn’t cop one pair of today’s Alphadunk, let’s still have a look at the shoe.

There is nothing special in the shoe box: it is the traditional orange box, which is very common and classic. For the colorways, there are four kinds and for that of today’s shoe, it is simpler, but aesthetic at the meantime.

To tell the truth, when I held the shoes in my hand( I was fortunate enough to have copped one pair), I felt there were many surprises waiting for me and they were something I could expect. Unlike the previous impression whose images left me, it is not heavy in the least — at least it is that case for me. I had thought it to be very heavy because it looks really bulky and was prepared to buy another model, but my friend recommend it to me, so I finally bought it.

Resulting from the upper’s materials, the shoe can be that lightweight. It adapts Nike’s brand-new tech: the Air knit. At the first glance, you may think it as the battleknit of LBJ15, but this Alphadunk wears more comfortably.

It seems incredible to hear that phrases of the shoe? Well, it really wears very comfortably; the upper is indeed very thin and feels super nice.

In the shoelace holes, Nike is very “generous” this time because all of which are applied to the flying line. And according to a deal of reviewers, the “hook” at the heel is somewhat interesting for it is not the traditional design which indeed fatigues their eyes. What’s more, the Nike swoosh that directly surrounds the whole heel, I think, may be a new trend.

The tongue and the heel collar are printed with many symbolic logos.

At the same time, the heel, the full inner soles, the built-in tpu and the extra layer of reinforcement on the outside is certain to make the shoe’s wrapping quite reliable.

Besides the band-new tech, the other eye-catching part of this pair of shoes is its midsole. The air cushion of  the shoe is really very big, but it is the cushion’s area and thickness that persuades me into buying it. The Zoom bag and the Zoom Air are the cushions that I expected the most.

On the outside of the Alphadunk air cushion, there is a very hard and thick transparent tpu, while on the inside, there is a layer of foam protection. Owing to the setup, it can be said that the risk of injury to the air cushion is reduced to a minimum.

The sole of the shoe is made of crystal  rubber, so there is risk of wear resistance; on the other hand, the sole has very deep grains, which means the sole has also very reliable grip.

But of course, it has also downsides. It is a high-top model and has done a bad job in rollover prevention.

All in all, I think the advantages outweigh the flaws and I also have a feeling that it will be the top class practical shoes of the year.


Here I must recommend you who want to pick the shoe go stores to have  a try. Except the shoe’s brief performance, I want to say : Alphadunk, the successor to the most successful team shoe of the past decade, carries a lot of expectations. Anyway, it  is still growing and someday I believe it can be powerful enough to meet all our expectation.