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Unboxing: Air Jordan 1 Mid

Several months ago, I’ve come across the AIR JORDAN 1 MID and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. And I was sure that I must get one pair and shortly my wish came true. Here is the brief introduction of the shoe.

Let’s first look at the shoe box then. It is the traditional and standard shoe box of AIR JORDAN 1 MID. In the middle of the box is an Air logo and at the side of the box is some basic information of the shoe.

There are two colors of shoelaces, but I changes it into yellow from the original black. Personally, it is more lively than the original one which is rather monotonous with the black shoelace. But everybody has different “taste” about this, so you can also have some change if you like.

You can see that the toe and the upper are made of different leather materials.

On the shoe tongue, there is also an Air logo which seems to be seen everywhere, indicating that it is an authentic Air Jordan shoe.

At the side of the upper is another logo which is the flying basketball pattern.

Though it is a mid-top shoe, there isn’t much difference compared with the high-top one. In addition, the outsole of the high-top model is totally the same as the middle -top one.

The middle-top sneaker is lower than high-top sneaker with the same size of Air Jordan 1.  The shoelace holes of the mid-top is 8  whereas the high-top is 9 holes. To tell the truth, I am still fond of the this Aid Jordan  1 MID though it is overall black. However, with the yellow laces and the red matching of the upper and the sole plus the yellow flying basketball pattern, the shoe is quite eye-catching as well. As for the size, I suggest you choose the one that you usually choose.


The shoe, if you wear it for the first time, is a bit hard and might cause some pain for some people. It just requires some time breaking in. I am sure that with the outstanding appearance, it should gain many followers. Here I have to mention that you had better not wear it in hot summer days for it is a bit stuffy. To summarize once again, this is a model that is very cost-effective and its value is worth the price. I think all of you deserve owning such a pair.