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The Comparison of Adidas Harden Vol.2 And Adidas Harden Vol.3

I am a fan of Harden series for many years. And the other day, when I was cleaning up my room I was surprised to find that most of my shoes are of Adidas brand. So with a love for Harden series, I’ve successfully picked up three editions of the Harden series which are the Harden Vol.1, Harden Vol.2 and Harden Vol.3. Below is the comparison of the second and the third version.

Harden Vol.2 is now a hot hit and there are still many inventory, so you don’t need to worry about not getting a pair. And the Harden Vol.3 is also a popular one and one of the main model of Harden series. With more and more color scheme releasing, it is reported that the shoe’s price will be cut down to some extent. So for those who wanna cop a pair, you can expect and wait for it.

First of all, when facing the question that which one performs better in terms of wrapping, support and protection, I will tell you that the answer is the Harden Vol.2. When I am in the shoe and remain static, honestly speaking, the Vol.3 wears much more comfortable than the Vol.2 whereas the Vol.2 is thought of only when I have matches or daily exercises.

The design of the elastic inner boot makes the wrapping very great, but it is also too tight for the foot especially for wide footers. And it is no the first time when I saw those wearing Harden shoes not fastening laces because the wrapping is really very tight.

When I was exercising, Vol.2’s brilliant wrapping can meet all my needs for sporting. So long as you choose the right size you won’t experience collision between your toe and the toe part of the shoe. As for Vol.3, it is a bit complex. Compared with Vol.2, Vol.3 is worse in the wrapping performance. It seems the shoelaces are hard to fasten

Although the shoelaces of Vol.3 are most similar to that of most basketball shoes that will use a “quick lacing system”, owing to the hard fabric materials, the wrapping is not very good, which can not even made up for by the laces. But if it uses the Forgefiber upper that once used in Vol.2, it is then too soft and the support is insufficient then; thus, some ways for enhancing support  are needed.

Both of  the two shoes are low-top sneakers. In the case of releasing the crotch space, it is necessary to increase the upper support and anti-rollover. At the beginning of exercising, with the physical exertion, which is not obvious though, it is very easy to get hurt because of the inability to control the body.

For the Vol.2, the guard plate on the sides can directly support the feet, following a hard ring TPU to protect the heel. And the anti-twist setup in the outsole also keeps the shoe from extremely rolling. As for Vol.3, it is equally good but because of the larger space of the crotch, the supportive design is not easy to come into being. Below are some data in terms of the widest part and the distance from the ankle to the ground.

Although the Vol.3 hasn’t  “support plates” on both sides, the reinforcement of the heel still exists and the height and thick filling design make the heel’s protection always “online”. Also, the fabric upper itself has a certain thickness and hardness, thus providing support to some extent.

For some people, the strips on the upper of Vol.3 is just like a decoration.

For cushioning, the Vol.2 wins over the other one as well. It is out of question that Vol.2 will have an advantage in this part, but it does not mean that the cushioning performance of the Vol.3 is not strong enough. The Boost of the two pairs both perform nicely on court. If taking the usual wearing  feelings into consideration, I may choose Vol.3 which is more comfortable. According to a number of buyers, Harden 3 is like a full foot Zoom in the light of daily wearing.

For traction, the Vol.3 wins out this time.

In my view, grip is an important part of a shoe. And I always tend to buy a shoe with nice grip. The outsole of Vol.3 is made of rubber and grains in the sole attract many gravels, resulting in frequent cleaning.


The two shoes are just like  Harden himself.  They are of average looking but very recognizable. They are not a pair that will be accepted and liked by many people  though, it is undeniable that  there are still  a lot of people falling in love with it. It is certain that more and more people will be given to it.