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Closed Look and Unboxing:Saucony Triumph iSO 5

A suitable pair of running shoes is important for runners to avoid being hurt. It’s important to protect yourself, especially the guys who are heavy weight. Today let’s have a closed look at Saucony Triumph iSO 5. IOS 5 has two series at present, that is, Triumph and Hurricane.

From below data, Saucony Triumph iSO 5. IOS 5 should be more suitable for the guys who are heavy weight.

  1. Unboxing

It’s classic Saucony black and white package.

The main colorway of vamp is gray, insole is white and outsole is red.

The red ISO logo on the shoe tongue is conspicuous.

The front side of shoe-pad is green.

The side of vamp is printed with Saucony, and another side is printed with TRIUMPH ISO. We see the thick white insole and salmon outsole from the side part. The insole is printed with EVERUN, which is Saucony black technology has great energy feedback and durable cushion protection.

The Triumph ISO 5 uses Tri-Flex outsole which is red.

The outsole is salmon hollow out. The surface texture of middle and two sides are different. We can see the white EVERUN insole.

The TRI-FLEX outsole and EVERUN insole make the sole to be more wear-resisting. It has great traction performance and skid resistance.

The triangular plate on two sides of shoe heel can protect the heel won’t be easy to move when running and it can prevent being injured.

The shoe tongue design is fixed. It’s not easy to move. It has soft padding. It’s thicker than shoe head.

It’s soft, but the air permeability is not good.

From inside, we can find the integrate EVERUN insole. The official empirical data is, it can offer 83% energy feedback.

The insole is white. The inside workmanship is good.

I like the design of shoe laces holes. Triumph iSO 5 uses ISOFIT dynamic plying-up system.

The vamp of forefoot is jacquard weave mesh fabric. The holes are big, so the air permeability is good.

The shoe tag has marked the item no., place of production, size and material etc.

  1. Testing

The unit weight of EUR42 is 313g. It’s not light.

The unit weight of INSPIRE 14 EUR42 is 272g.

For the comfort level, I prefer to Saucony Triumph iSO 5. Although INSPIRE 14 is lighter, but for the actual feeling, INSPIRE 14 is not lighter than Saucony Triumph iSO 5. It may because INSPIRE 14 cover the instep too tight.

Fit: Saucony Triumph iSO 5 can fit the foot very well, it should be due to the shoe tongue with elastic padding and ISOFIT dynamic plying-up system.

Comfort Level: It can adjust the shoelaces for the degree of tightness. The engineering jacquard weave mesh fabric and ventilated resilient shoe-pad have good air permeability. It’s also suitable for daily wearing.  As the thickness of forefoot is thinner than shoe heel, so it will push you to go forward.

After long distance testing, I think that Saucony Triumph iSO 5 is more comfortable than INSPIRE 14 in Summer.

Feeling after testing:

  1. The cushion performance is excellent.
  2. It has great resilient feedback. I can feel the enduring energy feedback.
  3. The shoe tongue is filled with elastic padding. It can cover the instep well. But it will decrease the air permeability of instep.

When running, I can feel that the elastic EVERUN insole is actually different with others. But it’s only suitable for jogging.

Overall: Saucony Triumph iSO 5 is a pair of comfortable jogging shoes with excellent cushion.

Advantages: The outsole of TRI-FLEX with EVERUN insole can offer excellent resilience, cushion performance and traction performance.

ISOFIT dynamic plying-up system, fixed shoe tongue and ventilated vamp are very comfortable.

Disadvantages: The price is a little high.

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Saucony Triumph iSO 5 Performance Review

I used to hate running when I’m young. I started to run from Oct., 2018. In the beginning, I chose the running shoes by its appearance. But then I find that the running shoes will affect your running status. A pair of suitable running shoes will improve your running speed and release the pressure to knees. After testing Saucony Triumph iSO 5, I’m very satisfied at it.


I choose the black and yellow colorway of Saucony Triumph iSO 5. I don’t like this colorway. But after trying, I’m very pleased to find that my foot looks smaller.

It looks heavy, but actually not. It’s light after wearing. And the mesh vamp has good air permeability.

After fastening the shoe laces, the vamp fit the foot very well.

It uses ventilated resilient shoe-pad. The insole technology also adds with FORMFIT technology to improve the comfort level. The three-deckers offer excellent comfortable running experience to the runners.

The color of outsole looks shining. The sole is durable and wear-resisting. The great traction performance is suitable to run in kinds of ground.

If your weight is heavy, you don’t need to worry that it can’t undertake your weight. It will give you perfect resilient feedback.


Saucony Triumph iSO 5 is wide shoe type. My foot is fast and the instep is high. But it’s comfortable to wear it. It won’t press my foot.

The insole is not very soft. It has great resilient feedback.

To judge if it’s a good pair of shoes, not matter if it’s good looking or it has great technology, if it’s not comfortable, it’s not a good pair of shoes.

The first time when I wear Saucony Triumph iSO 5, it’s very comfortable and easier for me to run. I can feel the great feedback from insole. As per the advertisement, the runner can feel 83% energy feedback on each step.

After running about 10km, the shoes fit the foot well and it hasn’t grinded the foot. And the air permeability of forefoot is good. The biggest advantage is the great cushion and resilient feedback. A nice pair of running shoes can improve the running speed, stabilize your kinstate and let you running easier.