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Saucony Kinvara 10 Performance Review

He has come! Many fans got very excited at the news that the century-old American running shoe brand, Saucony officially re-entered the Chinese market not long ago, making them much easier to cop one pair of Saucony shoe.

As one of the most popular and practical sneaker, the characteristic of Saucony’s sneakers is that it has a variety of models that can fit different people and meet most of their needs. Despite a brief absence in domestic market, Saucony has long had a strong reputation among Chinese sneaker fans; therefore, it won’t fade away. The sneaker brand is updating at a steady rate and every now and then it will bring us some striking models. With its  technological innovation and such good reputation, it is never underestimated and can be very active in the present market.

Of today’s sneaker, it is the orange/black color scheme, which is said to be a must on the marathon track. In terms of the size about which some people once asked, I suggest those who are wide footers try a bigger size in case it is too tight and bothering.

Designed for race-training runners, this lightweight cushioned running shoe can support the daily training of top runners and are the ideal marathon running shoe for the masses. And of course,, there must be a big “KINVARA10” logo which is on the outside of the heel. In addition, the logo of Saucony and KINVARA 10 is also printed on the shoe tongue, which is simple but delicate and beautiful.

The letters ”EVERUN” on the midsole show  the shoe’s extraordinary. The ”EVERUN” is a core superior soles technology originated by Saucony  in recent years with excellent cushioning that is similar to some boost’s shoes.  The Kinvara 10 adapts the full-foot EVERUN material in order to give runners plenty of bounce and support.

As for the vamp, it adopts engineering mesh fabric, which makes the shoe more breathable and comfortable. And there are 3D printing of patterns which are simple but very practical. These not only decline the shoe’s weight but also increase air permeability.

In terms of the vamp’s tech, this time Saucony uses ISOFIT uppers to replace the traditional tongue design, allowing the midsole uppers and tongue to form a system that improves the wrapping and support of this running shoe.

For other setups, say, the footbed, it uses Saucony’s newest tech, the FORMFIT dynamic adaptation system. There are three layers built into the sole and combining the insole, the EVERUN midsole mezzanine and the midsole surrounding design, the advantages of springback, cushioning and support are greatly shown, which further improves stability and comfort during running.

Then it’s turn to the TRI-FLEX outsole. It is the TRI-FLEX outsole this time. The overall design is not too fancy and in the midsole is the “EVA+” and “EVERUN” logo. And there are also two friction pads on the front of the sole and the outside of the heel to ensure the wear resistance of the shoe. Looking at the heel, you can find an obvious guiding system extends from the middle to the toe, ensuring that the shoe stays upright when running. Besides, the blocky secant line on the front foot has also increased the friction. On top of that, you can see in the image below that the inner design of the shoe greatly improves wrapping for the foot.

Of course, for the safety of night runners, reflective strips in the heel are installed. For me who is used to running at night, the design adds  a great sense of security.

The shoe box is also special and you can see below.


To be honest, this is the first time I’ve worn Saucony’s running shoes. The shoe just turned out to be super light when I first got it.  It’s comfortable, especially the heel wrapping, which is better than any running shoe I’ve worn so far and this is beyond question. Anyway, for more wear feelings, I’ll need some more experiences.