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Nike Zoom Freak 1 Performance Review

As a shoe fans, I’m always excited to see the new released shoes, especially the new player’s signature shoes. As most of people should be familiar with Giannis Antetokounmpo. It doesn’t need to talk more about him. After releasing, ZOOM FREAK 1 have caught many people’s attention. This time we get the black and white colorway ZOOM FREAK 1.

The tester’s information:

Height/Weight: 175cm/86kg

Field: Indoor wood floor


The appearance of ZOOM FREAK 1 is not amazing at the first eye. The obvious part is the big reverse Swoosh logo. After knowing the design story, we can find many details in this sneaker. I like the GA logo which representing his family. The word A is bigger than G, which means Giannis put his family in the first place. The black and white colorway is simple. The ‘ALL BROS’ colorway is more attractive. We’re expecting the further colorways.

Fit & Support

The support and fit of FREAK 1 is great. I always like the engineering mesh vamp. It can fit the foot well. And the support and strength is also better than knitted vamp.

The foam filling in the shoe heel is sufficient. It won’t affect the flexibility and can also protect the ankle well. The stability is also great not matter what kind of movements. The performance is totally unexpected. So I want to give high score for the fit and support of FREAK 1.

Great Traction Performance

Frankly I’m worried about the traction performance of FREAK 1 after seeing the outsole. But after testing, we find that the traction performance is excellent.

The outsole is combined with two different material. The transparent sole is rose grain and the white sole is geometric graph. The good traction should due to the material. The traction of transparent sole is quite excellent. It can grip the floor quite well not matter in what kind of movements. I haven’t slipped when changing direction, step back jumping…

Yes, the transparent sole is easy to absorb the dust. You need to clean it frequently. But I don’t care this problem as it has great traction performance.

Cushion Performance

The shoes for GA should be configurated with full-length ZOOM Air Cushion or the fan shaped ZOOM Air Cushion on forefoot. But the forefoot of FREAK 1 don’t have special cushion material. But it has double layers of ZOOM Air Cushion on rear sole. There is nothing special feeling in the beginning. But after testing, we find that the forefoot is not stiff and the rear sole is very comfortable. The feedback of air cushion is obvious.

The shoes that Giannis Antetokounmpo weared in last season is 2018 version KOBE A.D. It also don’t have air cushion on forefoot and it has a piece of ZOOM Air on rear sole. The vamp is made of mesh and kinds of material. The configuration of ZOOM FREAK 1 is similar to KOBE A.D. I also live the configuration of KOBE A.D.


NIKE ZOOM FREAK 1 is very suitable to me. Many people are doubt about the anti-torsion performance. Although FREAK 1 don’t have the TPU or carbon fiber plate, but I don’t feel that the anti-torsion performance of FREAK 1 is bad. It’s ok for me. The outrigger anti-torsion structure of forefoot sole and the built-in stiff supporting plate design, with the great traction performance, the stability of FREAK 1 is good. Of course, it won’t be suitable for everybody. You can have a try in the physical store.

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Nike Zoom Freak 1 Deconstructed & Performance Review

Today we want to talk more about NIKE ZOOM Freak 1.

The most disputing part of this sneaker is the supporting performance of insole. We deconstructed it now. Obviously, FREAK 1 doesn’t have TPU supporting plate on insole.

Some guys may don’t like it due to the loss of supporting plate. But after testing it, we find that the big advantage of FREAK 1 is the insole stability. It’s very stable not matter the longitudinal or lateral movements. It’s a big surprise.

So why is FREAK 1 so stable without anti-torsion plate? It may due to below reasons.

  1. The nice outsole and insole design

The two separated crystal sole is thick and extends to vamp. It’s glued together with vamp. With the big reverse Swoosh logo, it can cover the outer side of shoe heel. It can offer good supporting performance.

If you see the sole clearly, you can find that the sole hasn’t been covered the crystal material on the two areas where are most easy to wear out. The separated outsole design of FREAK 1 assures the flexibility.

  1. The big grooving of forefoot

After deconstructing FREAK 1, we find that there are three deep grooving lines on the forefoot. This kind of design is similar to Kobe 11 which also don’t have carbon fiber supporting plate. The actual feeling of FREAK 1 is similar to Kobe 5 which don’t have air cushion on forefoot.

For cushion performance, FREAK 1 has double layer ZOOM Air Cushion on the rear sole, but there is no ZOOM Air on forefoot. The Plylon on insole is soft, which is similar to PG3. There is almost no resilience on forefoot.

But the double layer ZOOM Air Cushion performance on rear sole is great.

The traction performance of FREAK 1 on indoor court is excellent. The feedback of outsole is fast. But the abrasive resistance is not good. We don’t suggest you to play on outer court.

FREAK 1 has the inner sleeve and also has the lacing design which is similar to Flywire. The lateral vamp is thick. It also has a layer hot-melting mesh on the vamp. The supportive is good. It is a little empty on the part of toes.

Although the orange one looks cool, but the actual shoes is not so pretty. So we suggest you to purchase other colorways.

Overall, as the first signature shoes of Giannis Antetokounmpo, the performance of FREAK 1 is great, except the abrasive resistance. We don’t need to worry about the anti-torsion performance of FREAK 1.

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NIKE ZOOM FREAK 1 Performance Review

After getting MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo get his first pair of signature basketball shoes. To have his own signature shoes, it should be the biggest affirmation to Giannis Antetokounmpo.


Appearance: 8 scores

Giannis Antetokounmpo always wear the Kobe series shoes before getting his own signature shoes. So the shoe shape of his first pair of signature shoes is similar to Kobe series. It’s also low type.

The front view of shoes, the appearance is succinct. The shoe tongue is embroidered with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s exclusive logo.

The side view of shoes, the reverse Swoosh logo improve the level of appearance and the supporting performance. It looks cool.

The rear side view of shoes, the shoe heel has the uniform number 34 of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Comfort Level: 8 scores

The material and design of FREAK 1 is still conservative. It should be a pair of shoes that is suitable for kinds of foot type for the engineering mesh vamp, half-sole inner sleeve design and opening shoe tongue. Whatever the configuration, if the basketball shoes are suitable for most of people, it would be a pair of half successful shoes.

FREAK 1 is also suitable for the guys who have high instep. The size is normal and the width of shoe tree is also suitable.

It feels good when jumping and bending.

Fit & Support: 8 scores

Freak 1 is low type. It’s mainly for flexibility. The engineering mesh vamp with 4 pieces of Flywire design can fit the foot well. The shoe heel has been filled with foam, so it’s stable after fastening the shoelaces.

The reverse Swoosh logo on the vamp has the supporting effect. Due to the soft mesh vamp, the vamp also has big deformation on big movement. The outside of forefoot has the design of anti-torsion. So we don’t need to worry about anti-torsion performance.

As it doesn’t have supporting plate on the insole of FREAK 1, so we have some doubts for it.

Traction and Abrasive Resistance: 7.5 scores

The design of FREAK 1 outsole is special. It doesn’t use full-length rubber or crystal sole. But the outsole is combined with rubber and crystal sole. The grain of outsole is also special. The grain of crystal sole is the shape of Rose. And the rubber sole is irregular grain.

When playing basketball, the traction performance of FREAK 1 is excellent. The sole can offer great traction feedback when starting, urgent stopping and turning.

Although the combined outsole is good looking, but it’s not very useful. After testing in outer court about 2 hours, the outsole of FREAK 1 has obvious rough selvedge. Especially the crystal sole of forefoot need to undertake more effect of traction, so we don’t suggest you to wear it when playing basketball on outer court.

Cushion Performance: 8 scores

As the first pair of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature shoes, it’s doomed that the configuration of FREAK 1 won’t be high. As if adding many air cushion, the price won’t be cheap. So FREAK 1 only uses ZOOM Air Cushion on rear sole. But the double layer air cushion of FREAK 1 is already better than other signature shoes which only use a piece of rectangle air cushion.

The forefoot of FREAK 1 uses PHYLON sponge. The starting feedback is fast. It’s suitable for Giannis Antetokounmpo’s playing way.

The double layers ZOOM Air Cushion of FREAK 1 on rear sole has obvious resilient cushion feedback. It’s very comfortable when walking.

When breaking through, if the heel fall to the ground firstly, the double layer air cushion will offer obvious feedback.

Overall: 7.9 scores

As the first pair of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature shoes, the appearance of FREAK 1 is special. It uses normal mesh vamp, half sole inner sleeve, opening type shoe tongue and double layers Zoom Air Cushion on rear sole. It’s suitable for most of peoples. The traction performance is great, but the abrasive resistance is not good on outer field. It’s also a pity that it doesn’t have arch supporting plate.

Overall, FREAK 1 doesn’t have obvious disadvantages. It’s a pair of nice basketball shoes. The price is also not high. We recommend to the guys who prefer to breaking through.