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NIKE PG3 Performance Review

According to Paul George’s manifestation which is near to MVP in this sports competition season, the appearance of this pair of PG3 looks not good enough. I don’t know if it’s because PG likes this style or the designer of NIKE haven’t paid higher attention on it. Anyway, this pair of PG3 hasn’t let me surprised.

Appearance:7/10 scores
The worst part of this sneaker is the appearance of PG3. For the appearance of PG3, there is no big difference with PG2.

The front view of PG3, at the first sight, I think of HD X.

The side view of PG3, the side appearance of PG3 is similar to PG1 and PG2. It only makes minitrim.

The rear side view of PG3, it’s still terse style, there is no extra decoration, except the hand-held loop with Paul George’s logo.

Comfort Level: 8/10 scores

From PG2, the PG series started not using integrated vamp, but using the design of common shoe tongue with inner sleeve. PG3 directly deduct the inner sleeve. So if you have high instep, it’s also easy for you to wear it. As the half-opening shoe tongue won’t effect you to put on and take off.

The size is normal. You can choose the normal size. The width of shoe tree is also suitable, not too loose and not too tight.

Fit & Support: 8/10 scores

The vamp material of this pair of PG3 is different with the first released NASA colorway. It uses thick mesh material on the vamp. And it also has the dynamic wing on vamp.

After fastening the shoelaces, the dynamic wings on the vamp can cover well the foot. It also fill the foam in the heelpiece. And the design of heelpiece is similar to V, it can cover and steady the heelpiece.

You can see that there is no big deformation on the vamp of PG3 in the .gif picture when simulating the break through. It extends to outside on the design of half sole. So it have the effect for the anti-rollover.

Traction & Abrasive Resistance: 7.5/10 scores

This pair of PG3’s crystal outsole has different sizes of round grain. As you know, the crystal outsole is not suitable to play basketball on outfield.

But the different sizes of round grain on the outsole has good traction performance. I haven’t been slipped when starting or urgently stop.

After everyday dressing around one week and playing basketball twice, it already has visible rough selvedge on the crystal outsole. So I don’t suggest you to wear it to play basketball on outfield.

Cushion: 8/10 scores

Except the design of the appearance, the insole configuration of PG3 is the same as PG2. It also uses a piece of fanshaped ZOOM Air Cushion on the insole of half sole. The feeling is similar to previous generations of PG series.

The feedback of fanshaped ZOOM Air Cushion is obvious.

But the heel part is stiff. It’s not soft as Why Not Zer0.2.

General Comment: 7.7/10 scores

As there is no new idea for the appearance and configuration of PG3. But it’s still a nice pair of shoes for playing basketball.

The conservative design of thick mesh material vamp with half-opening shoe tongue can satisfy most of players’ request. There is no big disadvantage for the configuration of insole. But the crystal outsole is not suitable to play basketball on the outfield.

As a pair of shoes that has been adjusted several times, PG3 can satisfy Paul George’s request. If you like Paul George, and you have flexible playing ways as him, this pair of PG3 would be suitable for you.