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NIKE LEBRON SOLDIER 13 Performance Review

It’s the first time that LeBron Soldier 13 hasn’t appeared on the playoff of this year. It’s a pity for many shoe fans. Afte NBA sports competition season, LeBron Soldier 13 was released.

Appearance: 8.5 Scores
The appearance of LeBron Soldier 13 keeps the characteristics of Soldier series. The buckle fastener is necessary for Soldier series. But comparing with last generation, the appearance design of LeBron Soldier 13 has big difference. The insole of LeBron Soldier 13 is integrated type.

The front view of shoes, there are two pieces of colorful buckle fasteners.

The side view of shoes, it’s colorful. The stitching way is also special.

The rear side view of shoes, the design inspiration of shoe heel should come from LeBron 16. They are similar.
Comfort Level: 8 Scores
The integral design of LeBron Soldier 13 is conventional type. Although it uses integrated shoe design, but it keeps the enough space on the shoe collar. Even if you have high instep, it’s also easy to put on. The knitted vamp is comfortable.

The size of LeBron Soldier 13 is normal. The width of shoe tree is moderate. Every part is comfortable.

The only problem of LeBron Soldier 13 is that the stiff strip on the shoe head would push the big toes. We suggest you to wear thick socks when wearing LeBron Soldier 13 .

Fit & Support: 8.5 scores
The performance of Soldier series is always good. And it mainly focus on the protection. Comparing with last generation, the buckle fastener of LeBron Soldier 13 is more succinct.

The fitting performance of LeBron Soldier 13 is excellent. Although it doesn’t have so many buckle fasteners as previous generations, but the fitness is still excellent. After fastening the buckle fasteners, the foot can be locked well, especially the ankle part.

With the knit material and buckle fasteners, the support of LeBron Soldier 13 is great. Although the deformation is big when urgent stopping, but it still can offer excellent stability and supporting performance.

Traction & Abrasive Resistance: 9 Scores
The outsole of LeBron Soldier 13 is XDR wear-resisting rubber with water ripple grains. This kind of outsole has great traction performance. And the abrasive resistance of XDR is also reliable.

The depth of LeBron Soldier 13’s water ripple grain is deep. When testing it on outer court, it can stop in time. I haven’t slipped when testing.

Cushion Performance: 8 Scores
According to the configuration of previous Soldier series, LeBron Soldier 13 must keeps the front and back separated ZOOM Air Cushion. This kind of configuration can satisfy the different cushion request of the players.

Although it has front and back separated air cushion, but we can’t feel the air cushion of rear sole obviously. The main effect of rear sole is for stabilization. Overall, the cushion performance of LeBron Soldier 13 is enough.

General Comment: 8.4 Scores
The appearance design of LeBron Soldier 13 has the characteristics of previous series, but also has its unique features. The integrated shoe collar has enough space to put on. It’s suitable for most of peoples. The vamp has good fit and supporting performance. The usage of buckle fasteners is obvious. With the XDR rubber and water ripple grain, we don’t need to worry about the traction performance and abrasive resistance. But it doesn’t have anti-torsion dispose, so many guys would be worried about it.
Overall, the LeBron Soldier 13 is a pair of excellent shoes. It’s suitable for most of players.

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NIKE LeBron Soldier 13 Performance Review

It’s weird that we haven’t seen LeBron Soldier on this year’s playoff. As Nike prepares the LeBron Soldier series for playoff every year.

Today, I want to talk about the LeBron Soldier 13.


The shoebox is very big. It’s the standard flip-open shoebox of LeBron series. The model of shoebox is the same as LeBron Soldier 12.


For the first look, I know that is Soldier series. Why? Firstly, the Velcro lace up is the standard configuration of Soldier series. Every Solider series has Velcro. I won’t be surprised if the future Soldier series have more than ten pieces of Velcro.

The shoe heel of LeBron Soldier 13 is similar to LeBron 16. And the shoe tongue of LeBron Soldier 13 is also integrated type.

Speaking of Velcro, we really have to admire Nike for being able to make so many kinds of Velcro.

The position of Velcro is almost the same as Soldier 10. Soldier 10 also has two pieces of Velcro.

It’s not a normal Velcro. You can see that it has the design of Lock Down on the Velcro from the picture. It can fit the foot better by adjusting the locking structure. It’s great.

The main colorway is black with green, red and purple. For this kind of colorway, I think that most of guys would like it.

Insole Technology:

We find that the insole technology of LeBron Solider 13 has been changed. It has some difference with Solider 10, 11 and 12.

The ZOOM Air Cushion of Solider 10, 11 and 12 is close to the outsole. But the Zoom Air Cushion of Solider 13 is under the insole fabric again.

The feedback of Solider 13 air cushion is better than Solider 10, 11 and 12. It’s softer and more elastic. Nike used to prefer to put the air cushion near to the outsole, but not on the position of insole, including PG 1.

So I always can’t understand that. It’s a big advantage for ZOOM Air Cushion on the position of insole. The feedback of cushion on insole will be better.

It still uses U-shape ZOOM Air Cushion on the rear sole.

The outsole of Soldier 13 also has been changed. In the past years, the area of Soldier series’ air cushion has embossment. But the outsole of Soldier 13 is smooth. It would be more stable for such improvement comparing with previous Soldier series.

Finally, it’s a pity that LeBron hasn’t weared it on this year’s playoff.

We’ll test it soon and show you the detailed performance review of Solider 13.