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NIKE LEBRON 17 Deconstructed

NIKE LeBron series signature shoes are always the benchmarking products, as this series always uses the technology with advanced design. LeBron 17 uses the KNITPOSITE vamp technology, it’s really cool. The insole uses ZOOM Air cushion with the air cushion which is similar to AIR MAX 270. Let’s start the deconstructed report of LeBron 17.


By splitting the left shoe from middle

From the side section, we can see the inner construction.

Separating the vamp with insole

We can see the KNITPOSITE vamp technology is not only spraying on the surface, but the tough and tensile cellosilk is knitted in the vamp. It reinforce the supporting performance from internally. It’s a great idea.

The shoes is made of two parts, the inner sleeve is 3 layers and the vamp is 2 layers.

The holes of shoelaces are added with stiff coating to increase the firmness.

The Lakers colorway shoe-pad is printed with ‘JAMES.’

The surface of non-woven material is EVA.

The non-woven is printed with the products information.

There is a piece of super big TPU supporting plate from the outsole of forefoot surrounding to the inner side of arch to keep the stability.

The TPU supporting plate looks thin, but the actual effect is great.

The forefoot has two pieces of round type ZOOM Air cushion.

The width of the Zoom Air cushion is about 51.27cm

The thickness of the Zoom Air cushion is about 16.52cm

We deconstructed the Zoom air cushion to see the inner construction.

The 5 strips of elastic cellosilk to support the whole Zoom air cushion and offer excellent resilient feedback.

The big Max Air 270 air cushion from arch to shoe heel is big.

The soft feedback from Max Air 270 mainly comes from 25 pascal surrounding air chamber.

From the side section, we can see that the middle of Max Air 270 of LeBron 17 on rear sole is full filled by insole. It’s just jointed with a layer of rubber and plastic material. This kind of construction is obviously different with the traditional Max Air cushion (LeBron 15 Low).

The Max Air 270 (Left), the inner filler is tiled, so it’s more comfortable. The light players can also feel the obvious resilience.

The Max Air (Right), the inner filler is injection type, it’s a little stiff. If your weight is light, you can’t feel the resilience.

The rear air cushion and insole structure of LeBron 15 Low is punctiform injection type. It has good supporting performance. But it’s a little stiff.

The length of EUR41 Max Air 270 is about 161.27mm

The width of EUR41 Max Air 270 on rear sole is about 83.32mm

The thickness of EUR41 Max Air 270 is about 27.59mm

The outsole is XDR wear resisting rubber. But the thickness is only about 3.31mm, so we don’t suggest you to wear it to play basketball on out-field.

Under the condition of decompression, the thickness of forefoot insole with outsole is about 23.53mm

Under the condition of decompression, the thickness of insole on rear sole is about 28.44mm

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The new technology ‘Knitposite’ improve the supporting stability without reducing the flexibility.

Insole: The cushion of forefoot is similar to Zoom Air cushion and feedback is obvious. The super big Max Air cushion on rear sole is soft and elastic.

Overall: LeBron 17 uses several new technologies. Both of the vamp and insole have improved a lot. The overall performance is excellent.