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Closed Look and Unboxing: NIKE KOBE NXT 360

NIKE KOBE NXT 360 should be the most expensive basketball shoes of Kobe series. Today let’s have a look at NIKE KOBE NXT 360. It has black, yellow and white colorways. I purchased the black one.

Shoe Box

The shoe box is special. It’s black and white colorway and printed with Kobe logo.

The design of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 is advancing. It doesn’t like basketball shoes in this age. The appearance is cool.


The overall shape of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 looks like football shoes.

The material of the vamp likes nylon mesh fabric. The shoe heel is Kobe logo.

The outsole has a layer of transparent sole with dense salient points.

It doesn’t have obvious grains, but mostly the dot scope distribution.

It has Kobe signature on the side of shoe heel.

Let’s have a look at the material of vamp. It’s not Flywire, the material is similar to fishing net material. It’s amazing.

The shoe heel part uses Flywire. It looks good.

The shoe head is also covered with the material of outsole.

The sectional material of vamp is similar to nylon.

The shoe tongue part and collar looks like VAPOEMAX.

The asymmetric Kobe logo on the shoe heel of another shoes.

The big Swoosh logo is conspicuous.

After taking way the shoe-pad, we can see the outsole.


I want to talk about the shoe-pad, as all of the technology of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 should be included in this 2cm thick shoe-pad.

The material of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 shoe-pad is different with most of other NIKE’s shoe-pad.

The thickness of shoe-pad is about 1.5cm. As NIKE KOBE NXT 360 doesn’t have insole, so the shoe-pad is the insole.

The similarly plastic plate on the arch is the anti-torsion system. But it looks thin. The big Swoosh logo on the bottom is extended to shoe heel.

After taking off the shoe-pad, we can find that there is a Kobe logo on the shoe heel of transparent sole.

Overall, the appearance of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 is cool and special as a pair of basketball. It’s very comfortable after wearing. But I am unused to wear due to the shoe-pad. It’s a little hard to move on the shoe-pad. As the surface of shoe-pad don’t have the material of fabric. So I’m afraid that it will be easy to slip after sweating. In additionally, the transparent outsole is not wear-resisting. The salient points are easy to be grinded off.