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NIKE KD 11 VS KD 9 Performance Comparsion

NIKE KD11 has got many attentions before releasing. I had a pair of KD9 which is a nice pair of basketball shoes. KD9 uses full-length ZOOM Air Cushion which has great cushion stability. KD11 has been upgraded, it has full-length ZOOM Air Cushion and full-length React insole.

I get the Oreo colorway KD11.

The shoebox of KD11 is black and brown paper two colors design. The front side of the shoebox is printed with KVEIN DURANT XI. The shoebox of KD9 is black with gold words of KD9 KEVIN DURANT. The shoebox of KD9 is better than KD11.


The appearance of KD11 is gray and white colorway. Both sides of forefoot is reinforced with black hot-melting material. The shoelaces is chequered with black and white. It uses socks type shoe tongue and crystal outsole.

The main colorway of KD9 is mixed with yellow, orange and green. It has black shoelaces with thick Flywire and black outsole. The shoe head is printed with the signature of Durant. The high shoe tongue is jointed with chamois leather.

Material: Although both of KD9 and KD11 uses Flyknit material, but the feeling is different. The knit of KD11 is a little stiff. The knit of KD9’s vamp is more tight. Both of KD9 and KD11 use Flywire which are extended to insole to make the shoes fit the foot better. KD11 uses normal Flywire which is hidden in the inner side of vamp. KD9 uses thick Flywire which is similar to shoelaces. So it should be durable.

Comfort Level:

The vamp of KD11 is a little stiff, so it’s not very comfortable if wearing thin socks. The fit is good. But the inner stitch on the shoe heel is uncomfortable. But KD9 is comfortable when wearing thin socks. The comfort level of KD9 is much better than KD11.

Comparing shoe heel, both of KD9 and KD11 has pull-tab. After wearing, KD11’s center of gravity is higher than KD9.

The outsole of KD11 is crystal sole which is very pretty, but it’s not wear-resistant and is easy to yellowing. The outsole is the design of water ripple. There is a hollow out window on the middle of sole.

The insole uses full-length ZOOM Air Cushion and full-length React.  The resilience is great. But the disadvantage is the high center of gravity.

KD9 has black green XDR material. The design inspiration of rhombus grain comes from honeycomb. The insole has full-length ZOOM Air Cushion in separated air chamber. We can feel the resilience from ZOOM obviously.

The detail Picture

It has hot-melting reinforcement for anti-torsion and the area of toes.

The shoe heel is made is made of chamois leather. It has the design of ventilated holes. The outer side is embroidered with KD logo. The rivets are plastic. The outside of gray part above insole is stiff TPU which also has KD’S signature.

The inner side of chamois leather on the shoe heel is Swoosh logo. The inner side of gray part above insole is React material.

The inner side of shoe heel is easy to be rubbed.


Advantages: Excellent cushion performance, soft insole, good fit etc.

Disadvantages: it’s not very comfortable, high center of gravity, crystal sole is not wear-resistance and easy to yellowing.

KD11 has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Some guys love it, but some guys don’t like it. We recommend it to the guys who like jumping and the internal line players.