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NIKE ALPHADUNK Deconstructed

The first impression of NIKE ALPHADUNK should be, it inherits the classic, and has innovated vamp, excellent cushion performance and amazing big Zoom Air cushion. Many people should have bought it and already wear it to play basketball. So we don’t talk the specific performance today, let’s have a look at the inner structure of NIKE ALPHADUNK.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

The insole configuration is super big Zoom Air Cushion on forefoot and TPU supporting plate in arch

Separating the vamp with insole

It adds the material like nylon in the vamp, which can improve the supporting performance of vamp obviously. That’s why the vamp is soft.

The FLYWIRE technology is under Air Knit vamp to improve the wrapping performance.

The lining use soft material. It’s comfortable.

The red shoe-pad is lint material which has good skid resistance and air permeability.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven material, and it’s printed with the information of the shoes.

After opening the insole fabric, we can see the insole technology.

From the hollow-out insole of forefoot, the ZOOM Air Cushion is visible. It reduces the thickness of insole. It will improve the comfort level.

The outside of air cushion uses stiff transparent TPU. When the cushion is pressed, it will stabilize the shoes to reduce injured risk.

The outside stiff transparent TPU has the groove on the bending part of forefoot, which will improve the flexibility.

The TPU supporting plate of size EUR42.5 is about 78.99mm

The middle line of TPU supporting plate of size EUR42.5 is about 44.51mm

The TPU supporting plate thickness of size EUR42.5 is about 2.89mm.

The shoe heel insole is printed with product’s information and two punching holes.

The super big ZOOM Air Cushion cover the whole forefoot.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion length of size EUR42.5 is about 158.26mm.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion width of size EUR42.5 is about 112.17mm.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion thickness of size EUR42.5 is about 14.22mm.

We can see the reverse side of insole after taking away air cushion.

The outsole is made of transparent rubber.

Deconstructing the structure of NIKE ALPHADUNK EP

Deconstructing Report

Vamp: The Air Knit vamp, Flywire technology cover both sides of vamp, the supporting performance is good.

Insole: the forefoot insole has a big piece of ZOOM Air Cushion. It’s resilient and comfortable. The cushion performance is good.

Overall: the performance of NIKE ALPHADUNK EP is good. If you are frontline and internal line, you can consider to buy it.