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Nike Air Max 270 Performance Review

What kind of feeling for walking in the cloud? NIKE Air Max 270 will give you the answer. Air Max 270 has the highest AIR MAX cushion, which brings the super comfort level.

NIKE Air Max 270 is the first model of NIKE Air models for sports and casual shoes. The design and performance have high standard.

The classic black and white colorway is easy matching color. A lot of hipsters choose this special design. It becomes present fashion sneaker.

Height: 175cm, Weight: 57kg

The front view:

The shoe head is printed with MAX. The vamp has different sizes of air holes to guarantee the ventilation. It looks good for the irregular integrated shoe tongue design and the tridimensional NIKE logo and AIR 270.

The side view

The sole design is low front and high rear sole. The insole of forefoot is white foam. The 270° outward big area air cushion is special.

The shoe heel:

The air cushion almost takes up 2/3 of the shoe heel. The black shoe tongue is convenient for taking off and putting on.

Comfort Level

The unit weight of US8.5/EUR42 is 323g. The weight is moderate.

The vamp is elastic fabric which can be bended freely to make sure the flexibility. The socks type design makes the vamp fit the foot well.

The different sizes mesh air holes on the vamp can make sure the air permeability.

The 270° air cushion thickness of rear sole is about 3.2cm. The low front and high rear sole design can push you to go forward. It has obvious soft and resilient feedback.

Fit & Support

The elastic fabric vamp and socks type design can fit the foot very well.

The special material on the front of vamp can protect the toes and also enhance the support. The vamp doesn’t have deformation when running. It can offer excellent support when turning or abrupt acceleration.

The shoe heel uses tenacious material. The rubber material of air cushion is extended to the upper to offer strong support to ankle. When changing directions, the upper of shoe heel doesn’t have big deformation, and it can stable the ankle well.

Traction and Abrasive Resistance

The outsole is rubber material. As Air Max 270 is mainly as casual shoes. So it doesn’t have deep grains. The traction performance is not obvious.

As the thickness of rubber sole is thick, so the abrasive resistance is good. But we don’t suggest to wear it on rough road surface, it will reduce the lifetime.

Cushion Performance

My weight is 57kg, The feeling is not stiff after wearing. I felt the soft and elastic feeling obviously.

The feedback of foam on forefoot and air cushion on rear sole is obvious when running.

The super big air cushion can accommodate more air. It has excellent cushion performance.

After jumping and fall to the ground, I can feel the compression and resilience of air cushion obviously. And it’s stable after jumping to floor. It can protect the foot well.


I normally wear EUR41 or EUR42. The size that I wear for this model is EUR42. It’s very comfortable.


The appearance and performance of NIKE AIR MAX 270 is excellent.

The different sizes of air holes on the elastic vamp can make sure the air permeability. It’s comfortable.

The soft and elastic foam of forefoot can offer strong support. The big air cushion of rear sole offers great cushion feedback not matter walking or running.

Overall, the appearance of NIKE AIR MAX 270 is special. The performance is also great. It can satisfy the request of daily exercise and is also suitable for daily wearing.