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Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” Performance Review

Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” was released in the beginning of last year.

The luster of vamp is similar to Abalone. That’s why it’s called Abalone. The appearance is quite special and cool. The vamp will reflect the different glory in different ray of light and different angle. It’s very attractive. The black outsole match with the black collar, which can avoid the yellowing problem of crystal sole.

The Front View

The shoe lacing system almost occupy 2/3 vamp. The lines in centre shaft of shoe tongue uses the same color as vamp. The shoe tongue has ‘one cent’ logo.

The Side View

The ‘Abalone shell’ color vamp is showy. The black outsole and carbon plate matching with the vamp look cool.

The Rear View

The shoe heel is embroidered with wathet blue ‘one cent’ logo. The up outstretched shoe collar with blue-black pull-table is convenient for putting on and taking off.

Comfort Level

The air permeability of foam material vamp is not good. It’s sultry. So it’s not suitable to wear on Summer.

The unit weight of US8.5=EUR42 is about 549g. It’s a little heavy. But after wearing it, it’s not so heavy as imagination.

The solid vamp and stiff outsole can’t offer enough flexibility when exercising. It’s not suitable for high-insensitive exercise. But most of people should be not willing to wear it for high-insensitive exercise.

Fit & Support

Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ can fit the foot very well.

The Foam material vamp also has good supporting performance. It not only can offer enough stability, but also can offer great support to instep. The vamp is rarely deformed when exercising.

When breaking through, the body has leaned obviously, but the shoe heel hasn’t been affected. The stability and supporting performance are quite excellent.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The forefoot and rear sole use herringbone. As we know, the herringbone sole can offer excellent traction performance. The outer part of outsole is oval sunken grain which can offer multi-angle support.

The stiff rubber of forefoot and rear sole is wear-resisting. The thickness of rubber outsole is good. We don’t need to worry about the problem of abrasive resistance.

Cushion Performance

Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ has ZOOM Air Cushion on rear sole. The soft and resilient feeling is not obvious.

When running, it’s also not very soft and resilient. I can’t feel the energy feedback from insole.

Wearing Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ to play basketball, it’s also stiff. The cushion is not obvious, not soft and resilient enough. After jumping to floor, I still can’t feel obvious cushion.

Overall, the appearance of Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’  is very special and cool. As it uses Foam vamp, the stability and supporting performance of vamp is great. You will be the focus after wearing it. It has the great insole and outsole material with good carbon plate and Zoom Air Cushion. But the cushion performance is not good. Not matter the appearance or workmanship, Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ is unquestionable. As most of people should not be willing to wear it for exercising, it’s suitable for daily wearing

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Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” Performance Review

This January, Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” was eventually launched. Resulting from its upper which looks like an abalone shell, it has got much attention.

The vamp shows a grains that is especially similar to abalone’s shell, thus it gains a nickname as  “abalone spray”. Magically, the vamp shines uniquely from different angles. And  the black outsole matching the black collar is especially eye-catching. Next let’s have a look at its performance.

The lacing system occupies almost two-thirds of the upper and the central axis of the tongue has the same color as the upper. Besides, on the tongue, it is designed with a “one cent” logo.

On the side, the whole shoe really looks an abalone. It is somewhat shining to the eye. The black outsole and carbon board match the shoe body, making the shoe’s appearance quite different from other traditional ones. And at the heel, it is embroidered with the logo of light blue “one cent” and it extends to the collar that makes it easier to put on and take off.

The upper, made of original Foam materials, performs barely satisfactory in terms of breathability. You are to have a sweltering feeling some time after you put it on; hence, here I don’t recommend it for summer use, but when it turns cold I’ll highly recommend it to you and to my friends who are in need of this pair. As a saying goes, “What is meat for me is poison for others.” A few people may like it in summer days while others won’t like it. So, here I am just giving some advice. 

A single shoe weighs 549 grams, which may be the heaviest one in recent days I’ve ever seen. But I don’t see why there are some who claim that it is just OK; it isn’t that heavy than I imagined.

The stereo vamp and harder outsole cannot provide sufficient flexibility during combat, so it might not be suitable for high-intensitive exercises. But after all, I am sure that there are few people who are willing to wear this shoe with appealing appearance to do exercise.

Owing to the materials used in the upper, it is quite  excellent in wrapping. You can just feel your feet firmly covered by the vamp. Yes! That is the first feeling you bear in your mind.

On the other hand, resulting from the vamp which not only offers nice wrapping, but provides quite powerful support, the shoe’s performance improves to a higher level. The vamp provides sufficient stability and it also plays a prominent role in supporting the foot. There cannot be seen any obvious deformation of the upper during combat or running.

You can see that even if there are some high-intensitive movements and the man in the picture tilt obviously, the heel area is, however,  not affected in the least and the feet remain rather stable in the footbed.

It is still the herringbone pattern in the outsole, which provides excellent support and grip. The outer part of the outsole is oval concave grains which can also provide multi-angle support.

The hard rubber of front part and heel part is durable enough.  The thick rubber outsole also looks reassuring; hence, there is simply no point worrying about durability. 

Nearly every sneaker has a cushioning system. But the quality just varies a lot. In terms of this one, it is loaded with the Zoom Air cushion in the heel, providing a certain extent of bouncy feeling. But this feeling may not appear if you simply put it on and walk.

During running, the feedback the cushion offers is not obvious either. But you can feel its existence anyway although it is still a bit hard. 

Objectively speaking, it is not that satisfying. It performs worse than I had expected. If asked to think of a most appropriate word to describe the cushion, then the only one surging into my mind is “hard”.  With little cushioning and not enough soft feedback, the shoe may “persuade” many consumers into giving up owing to this respect.

Anyway, it fits quite well for me as if especially made for me.


Despite the cushioning, you can still expect something from it. After all, we ca not vote it down simply because of a part, which I don’t think will become a deal breaker. The appearance, the wrapping and support, the grip and the nice vamp are all excellent part. But anyway, the final choice is live up to you.