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Jordan Supreme Elevation Performance Review

After Air Jordan 32, the Jordan Supreme Elevation is the first pair of shoes that attract my attention. For actual combat, Jordan Supreme Elevation is only suitable for the specific position. Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Jordan Supreme Elevation now.

  1. Appearance: 9 scores

If it’s a pair of monotonous colorways like black, white or red etc., maybe this pair of shoes won’t attract my attention. The colorway of Jordan Supreme Elevation includes white, green, black and pink.

And the whole model of Jordan Supreme Elevation is great. The vamp is made by several materials. Although the Velcro is not TPU or dermis, but it still looks good. And it makes the shoes fit the feet better. And it won’t be slipped when playing basketball.

  1. Fit: 9 Scores


<1> it uses the most successful vamp model of AJ32 which is the most stable and greatest knitted vamp. The vamp can fit the foot very well. It has the firmness of leather, but it’s also very comfortable.

<2> Great Velcro design, the Velcro can fix the ankle well. It’s different with other mid-high shoes.

<3> The leather facing on the middle part and the compact knitted vamp on the shoe heel makes the vamp fix the foot well.

<4> The comfortable filling in the shoe heel won’t abrase the heel tendon and the suitable size of pull-tab won’t affect you when playing basketball.


<1> Although Jordan Supreme Elevation uses the knitted vamp model of AJ22, but it may has one layer missing. The vamp of Jordan Supreme Elevation is thinner than AJ32.

<2> Due to the Velcro, it misses two shoelaces’ holes, it also means missing two Flywire holes. The playing-up would be better with Flywire holes.

<3> The shoe head is a little long. Maybe due to my foot type, I feel that Jordan Supreme Elevation is more comfortable than AJ32. The shoes fit well with the foot.

  1. Cushion Performance: 10 scores

The biggest advantage of Jordan Supreme Elevation is the cushion performance. It has two big and thick CAGE ZOOM. Explosive! Crazy Explosive!! The feedback of cushion is better than AJ32 and LBJ15. The feedback of cushion is great, but then the starting will be slower. So I add the stiff TPU supporting plate shoe-pad in the shoes to improve it.

It has super big TPU supporting plate shoe-pad. It almost likes a piece of Flightspeed that has been added in it. The cushion performance of Jordan Supreme Elevation has supreme elevation. The soft feeling of the cushion has been changed to rapid-response. With the chase design on the half sole, the starting and speeding up is quickly.

  1. The design defect of insole: 5 scores

<1> The center of gravity is too high. So my ankle is sprained. The biggest reason should be due to the two pieces of big ZOOM. So the center of gravity is very high. And the TPU shoe-pad that I added in the shoes is thicker than the original ones. So the height is higher.

The original shoe-pad

<2> The problem of window design. For most of NIKE shoes, if the cushion has window design, it normally adds the insole grilling outside of the air cushion, like MELOO9. So it can increases the support when lateral sway.

But Jordan Supreme Elevation don’t have the grilling to support and the extension to the outsole, so it’s easy to rollover. It doesn’t have any support outside of the air cushion.

<3> The area of rear sole is too small

<4> It doesn’t have supporting design for the separated sole. It doesn’t have external TPU, carbon plate or Flight Speed to assure the support.

  1. Traction performance: 8.5 scores

The outsole uses two kinds of material, rubber and crystal sole material. The rubber sole uses herringbone. The traction performance is good. But the abrasive resistance on the outfield is not good enough. So I suggest you to play on the infield.

Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of Jordan Supreme Elevation is obvious. The advantages are the excellent playing-up, vamp support, explosive cushion and great traction performance. The disadvantages are the bad insole supporting, high center of gravity and small area of half sole. It’s easy to be sprained. Above performance review is for your reference. Please consider it clearly before purchasing.