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Jordan CP3.XII Performance Review

Jordan series are popular in recent years, but most of the shoes are retro types. Anthony is no longer on the court, and his signature shoes stop on the 13th generation. And the Superfly series also stop updating. The publication of Paul series is more low-pitched this year. Of course, it’s also directly due to his performance in this season.

CP3.XII uses the same shoe frame as last generation. It’s similar to last generation. But it also has some small variations. The leather shoe head has been replaced by knitted vamp. And it cancels the buckle fastener of instep. The CP3 logo on the shoe heel is also replaced by disruptive pattern graffiti. The appearance of CP3.XII is succinct. But except the owl logo on shoe tongue and NO. 3 in the inner side of half sole, there is no other mark of Paul.

Let’s talk about the owl logo. It’s made of the Chinese Zodiac symbol of Paul’s family members. And the owl implies Paul’s acute visual sense, precise passing and sharp tempo control.

As CP3.XII uses big area of knitted vamp. The support of knitted vamp is not good, so the inside of instep uses leather material to reinforce. But the top part of half sole doesn’t have hot melting protection. It has the leather as reinforcement on the bottom of ankle.

The colorway of shoe heel is black, white, purple and green. And the outsole also uses this colorway. But the colorway of CP3.XII outsole is special, half of the outsole is gray.
Although it’s knitted vamp, but the single weight of CP3.XII is about 409g. It’s a little heavy. The center of gravity is on the middle part of the shoes. It’s more suitable for the players who likes breaking through. The air permeability of knitted vamp is good.

For cushion performance, CP3.XII only uses ZOOM Air Cushion on the half sole. I haven’t felt the cushion of rear sole. But the cushion of half sole is enough for the players who has the similar playing way as Paul.

The inner sleeve of half sole fit well the foot. As the inner sleeve of half sole is standard configuration for defenders’ shoes. When turning, the outside knitted vamp of CP3.XII will deform, but the inner side of instep haven’t deformed, as it has leather to reinforce. If you used to it, you will know its advantages. It’s a pity that it doesn’t have hot melting protection for the half sole.

The outsole uses the herringbone. So the traction performance of CP3.XII is great. As a pair of shoes for defenders, the anti-torsion performance of CP3.XII is excellent. It’s stable when turning.

Overall, the cushion performance of CP3.XII is enough if you are defender. The traction and anti-torsion performance of CP3.XII is excellent. The disadvantage is, it doesn’t have hot melting protection on the shoe head. Anyway, it’s a good pair of shoes for defenders.