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AIR JORDAN 34 Performance Review

It’s the highlight of annual Air Jordan release, Air Jordan 34 will be released one quarter earlier than pre-release in Winter. This year, Air Jordan 34 will be released on 25th, Sept. Let’s talk about the recently exposed AIR JORDAN 34 today.

In my opinion, Air Jordan series are divided into two phases, the ‘front 30th generations’ and ‘rear 30th generations’. As you know, from Air Jordan 31, the Air Jordan series start to salute to the previous generations. For example, Air Jordan 31 uses big logo and other elements as design inspiration for saluting Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan uses the 6 stereoscopic stripes on the shoeheel of Air Jordan 2 as design inspiration. So the design of Air Jordan 34 should be going to salute Air Jordan 4. So what kinds of design elements will be uses on Air Jordan 34? Let’s have a look at it now.

Let’s start from shoe box, the shoebox is printed with the exclusive logo No. 34 for Air Jordan 34. It doesn’t uses the traditional Greek numerals ‘XXXIV’.

The shoe box is trapezoid drawer type. It’s a new irregular shoebox design after AJ18, AJ19 etc.

From the design drawing, Air Jordan 34 has a sense of science and technology. It seems that it doesn’t have big obvious elements of Air Jordan 4 from the design drawing.

From Air Jordan 31 to Air Jordan 33, the weight is keeping increasing. This time, the Air Jordan 34 is known as the lightest Air Jordan series. The unit net weight of EUR42.5 is only about 13.1 ounce (about 371.38g). It’s indeed already very light for the high shoes.

I just said that I haven’t found the design elements of Air Jordan 4 on the design drawing. But after seeing the picture, the vamp of Air Jordan 34 uses the small square shape between the shoe tongue and upper of Air Jordan 4.

The vamp of Air Jordan 34 is similar to Hyperfuse ventilated textures. With the ventilated shoe tongue which has the big holes, the air permeability should be good.

The joint part of shoe tongue has the Morse code ‘34’.

The outsole uses the standard herringbone to guarantee the traction performance.

It has exclusive 34 logo for Air Jordan 34 on the shoe head.

The words「J4-34,2.89-2019」 on the shoe heel of outsole is also to salute to Air Jordan 4 in 30th years ago.

The insole of Air Jordan 34 uses the new technology—Eclipse Plate, which is made of Pebax, it’s the updated version of Jordan FlightSpeed Plate technology. The hollow out design not only reduce the weight, but also expose parts of air cushion to offer more resilience and support. It’s similar to Air Jordan 2009 insole supporting technology. I’m expecting the actual performance of Air Jordan 34.

Most of guys should be most concerned at the insole cushion configuration. The forefoot insole carry with big 14mm thick ZOOM Air like AlphaDunk. The rear sole uses hexagon ZOOM Air. The insole cushion configuration has been improved a lot.

The prepositive anti-torsion design of Air Jordan 34 is more close to shoe head than normal anti-torsion design. It can stabilize the outside to avoid big deformation when breaking through.

Actually, I expect that Air Jordan 34 can use the same pull-tab design on the shoe heel of Air Jordan 4. But Air Jordan team definite position Air Jordan 34 as a pair of light basketball shoes. It doesn’t have the useless technology as marketing gimmick. I’m satisfied at the design of AIR JORDAN 34, and I also expecting its actual performance. Let’s waiting for it.