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Closed Look and Unboxing: AIR JORDAN 18

As I mentioned in previous performance article of AJ18, this pair of black and blue colorway AJ18 is my favorite shoes in this year. It’s really cool. Let’s have a closed look at AJ18 today.

Purchase Reason

The reason why I purchase it is due to feelings. After getting it, I find that the workmanship is not good. But the configuration of AJ18 is great, it has full-length ZOOM Air and it adds a piece of ZOOM Air on the shoe heel. But it also has some disadvantages, the foot is easy to feel aching and limp. It’s similar to AJ32


The main colorway is black and blue. And the shoe shape is integrated type. It looks clean and cool.

The front side of shoe is embroidered logo and NO. 23. It looks great.

The outsole is raised grain. And it has Flyman logo. But the material of outsole is easy to be abrased and stained with dust.


The suede sheepskin is easy to be fuzzing.

After turning over the cover of shoelaces, we can see the golden Jordan logo.

The shoe heel design is convenient for take off and put on. It’s not easy to put on AJ18. As it’s hard to adjust the shoelaces.

The decorative design of carbon plate is not flat. It’s swelling.

The golden shoelace buckle and shoelace head looks a little cheap.

The embroidered NO. 23 on the shoe tongue looks good.

The insole has double-deck ZOOM. The insole design is novel. As present most of the shoes don’t have many decorative design, but AJ18 has the carbon plate decorative design.

The heat abstractor is useless.

The lining material looks cheap.

The excessive glue on the shoe head is obvious.

The outsole is raised grain, the traction performance is good. But the blue material is not abrasive.

The Flyman logo on the arch part looks great. The silver carbon plate grain is cool.

Shoe Box

The shoe box of AJ18 is good. It doesn’t use the black and gold shoe box of 30th anniversary. It improves the hardness. But it doesn’t have retro card or complimentary.

Although the configuration of AJ18 is good, but I think that most of people won’t wear AJ18 to play basketball. It’s comfortable to walk on the road. I can feel the obvious cushion feedback when walking up and down stairs. It’s suitable for daily wearing in Winter. It’s a pair of shoes for feelings more than cost effective.