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Closed Look and Opening: HE GOT GAME –AIR JORDAN 13 PANDA

This year is the special year for AJ. As many shoes have the retro types now, and many classic shoes are on releasing. Of course, the Air Jordan 13 Panda was also released.

The price Air Jordan 13 Panda was rising a lot, and the price is just getting more normal now. You must can’t miss it now.

This pair of Air Jordan 13 Panda is called HE GO GAME. Do you know why? It comes from the movie of Ray Allen who act the leading role. I think that most of people should have watched this movie before.

In the beginning of this movie, the father worn a pair of Panada, and at the end of movie, Ray Allen also worn the same shoes as his father to express his forgiveness and understanding to his father. It’s also a kind of heritage.

Of course, in the competitions, Ray Allan also likes to wear AJ13.

Except the basketball players, many stars also like to wear Air Jordan 13 Panda.


Let’s have a look at it now. The design of the vamp is according to leopard body’s grans.

The shoe heel is round. If putting the left and right shoe heels together, it looks like the shape of loving heart.

Sorry, as I have worn it for spell, the outsole is dirty now. The distribution of the outsole is extended according to the center bulge of insole. The shape looks strange, but not bad.

If putting the shoe stretcher inside, the Panada looks higher than other high type basketball shoes. But the black and white colorway looks cool.


The most characteristic of Air Jordan 13 Panda is the laser eyes of leopard. The indistinct Flyman and scenical NO.23 is beautiful.

The shoe tongue has embroidered Jumpman logo.

The litchi rind shoe head looks good.

The material of vamp is mainly made of black white litchi rind and black white anti-fur. It also has the Jordan tag in front of shoe-lacing holes.

It’s the detailed picture of the litchi rind vamp.

The carbon plate grain on the outsole is not traditional type, but the white wave points.

The white big ‘teeth’ on the insole is also special.


The shoebox of Air Jordan 13 is still the classic shoebox.

It doesn’t have the retro card.

I don’t suggest you to wear it to play basketball, it’s more suitable for daily dressing. It doesn’t need to talk more about the appearance of Air Jordan 13, as many super stars has worn it. It won’t be a mistake to purchase it.