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Adidas Zone Boost Performance Review

There are too many shoes which are released recently. So I choose my favorite shoes to share with you. For the first sight of Adidas ZoneBoost, I guess it’s the series of Marquee Boost. As they are similar.

The black silver colorway of Adidas ZoneBoost that I bought is really cool. Let’s have a look at its performance today.


  1. Super Boost Cushion Performance

The Boost of Adidas ZoneBoost should be the most soft and elastic basketball shoes that I worn recently. Although I don’t like the too soft shoes when playing basketball shoes, but Adidas ZoneBoost is really very comfortable, not matter when walking or running.

As it’s soft, the thick Boost will be thin. The thickness of Boost on forefoot is not too thick, so the cushion performance is good. If you haven’t tried Adidas Boost series, you can try Adidas ZoneBoost.

▼ The Cushion Performance is great

  1. Great Traction Performance

The outsole of Adidas ZoneBoost is crystal herringbone outsole. And the outside of forefoot has deep and big grains, the traction performance is great. I haven’t slipped when playing the basketball.

For the abrasive resistance, the outsole of my Adidas ZoneBoost hasn’t rarely abrased, so the abrasive resistance should be not bad. And it’s easy to clean the crystal sole. It’s a perfect sole.

▼Great Traction Performance

▼Good Abrasive Resistance

  1. Good fit and supporting performance

The vamp of Adidas ZoneBoost is made of several different material, except the soft artificial skin, mesh fabric and some chamois. This kind of design is similar to the design idea of 90’s basketball shoes’ appearance. It’s a little stuffy and thick, but it can fit the foot well. Although the shoe tongue of Adidas ZoneBoost is thin, but it can still fit the foot well.

▼The vamp is made of several different materials

▼the shoe tongue is thin

The fit of Adidas ZoneBoost depends on the thick material on both sides of the vamp. Anyway, the material is very thick. So the weight is not light.

▼ZoneBoost is a little heavy

▼the padding in the shoe heel

ZoneBoost is the middle type. But it can fit the ankle better than Marquee Boost. As the thickness of the material is thicker, and there is TPU plate on the shoe heel. It can keep the stability.

▼It’s strong

▼It has built-in TPU on shoe heel

The anti-torsion design of ZoneBoost is not obvious. Most of recent Adidas sneakers make the wide forefoot to keep the good stability. The anti-torsion design is good. I haven’t felt hurt on the arch.

▼the outsole of forefoot is very wide


  1. It needs some times for breaking-in.

Although ZoneBosst uses my favorite artificial skin, but it’s a little tight when wearing in the first time. I suggest you not to fasten the shoelaces too tight in the beginning, as the material of ZoneBoost is already thick enough. It can fit the foot well without fastening the shoelaces too tight.

Although the artificial skin of ZoneBoost is good, but it needs about 1 to 2 hours to make the shoes fit better. After breaking-in, you will love it.

▼The artificial skin needs time to breaking-in.

  1. The center of gravity is a little too high

The disadvantage of the comfortable Boost is the center of gravity will be higher than most of Boost basketball shoes. But I haven’t sprain the ankle when playing basketball. After all, the outsole of ZoneBoost is wide and stable. But the center of gravity is undoubted high.

Overall: 9.3 scores

Shoe tree: it’s a little narrow

Size: Normal.

I want to give 9.3 scores to ZoneBoost, the same as Marquee Boost. But I prefer to Marquee Boost which is lighter. ZoneBoost is a little heavy for me, and the center of gravity is also a little high. But it has great cushion performance, good fit and support. It satisfies the request of frontline. The Boost is really comfortable.