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Simple Comparison Between Nike KD 11 and Nike KD 9

As a top star in the NBA league, Durant’s shoes  absolutely gain much attention, not to mention the he himself. When it comes to his sneakers, some words first surge into my mind:  hard, comfortable and practical. Before the KD 11 was released, it has received a lot of attention. My first encounter with KD shoes was the Sprite color KD5 that is equipped with ZOOM both in the front and the rear of the sole. However, it is really very hard the minute I put it on. Then several years have passed and Nike has now launched its 11th version. But among those, it is the 9th version that impressed me most. I should say it is a nice shoe with the full-foot ZOOM cushioning and excellent stability. Then this time Nike brought to us a big surprise: the Kd series ushered in a major upgrade of technologywith the midsole of the full-hand ZOOM and the full-foot React. Here is a simple comparison of the two shoes…

KD11’s shoe box is designed in black and kraft paper. In the middle is the “Kevin Durant” and the Roman numeral “XI” whereas that of KD 9 is totally black with the gold “KD 9” letters. Some said the KD9 elite shoe box is better and designed more carefully than that of the KD11 .

The shoe boxes of the two have some parts in common. After, they both come from the same series. But there aren’t any special, so let’s look at the shoe then.

Putting the two shoe together, you can see that KD11 shoes are mainly grayish-white while KD9 elite uses yellow orange green as the base color scheme. On the inner and outer sides of the forefoot of KD 11 there are reinforced with black hot-melt material. As for KD 9, it uses bold fly line, black sole with Durant’s signature on the toe and the suede-material-made tongue. You can also make some comparison by yourself.

Although the uppers of both shoes are made of Flyknit woven fabric, the texture of the two are different: KD11’s weaving is very rough and feels slightly hard which is similar to the TPU line while the KD9 elite’s upper is more tightly knitted but very soft. Both pairs have also used flying line connected to the midsole to add the wrapping. You just don’t worry about the durability of the shoes.

A buyer observed that the KD 11 is  not comfortable and the upper is also very hard. But fortunately, its excellent wrapping has made up for this. Then for KD9, there is no discomfort in it with a pair of thin socks. To summarize, if you seek after comfort, I recommend that you choose the KD 9.

Both shoes have a heel collar to help make it easier to put on and take off the shoe. You can see in the picture above.

KD11 uses a crystal  outsole, which is crystal clear and beautiful and is beloved by a lot of people. The grain of the sole is designed with water ripples with a KD logo in it. The sole grips nicely, however, it is not durable and attracts dust and oxidize as well. The midsole uses the full foot ZOOM+ full foot React, so you will feel the soft energy feedback instantly you put it on.

The sole of KD 9 is made of black and green rubber with XDR. As is seen that there are many diamond pattern that is inspired by the honeycomb. The midsole uses the full foot separated Zoom, ensuring a soft wear feeling.

The heel is wrapped with suede and has a venting design. The outside has also a KD Logo embroidery. But the rivets may disappoint you.

The inner side of the heel is Nike’s hook embroidery. And above the midsole is the exposed React which is very elastic.


According to some, KD11 is a very distinctive shoe. The case is that: if you like it, you will ignore all its downsides or you can face it with an inclusive mindset, but if you don’t enjoy it, you will turn your back away immediately.  As for me, I prefer the 9th to the 11th, but I also recommend the two model to those who are in need of a pair practical shoes.