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Saucony Freedom ISO Performance Review

The name Freedom was originally a pair of running shoes that Saucony released in 1983. Below is the appearance of the first pair of Freedom.

This pair of running shoes established the leader position of Saucony’s running shoes. And after more than 30 years, Saucony re-released the Freedom series, except Freedom ISO, it also has the Freedom Traniner retro series and Freedoom Runner.

And Freedom ISO should be the only professional running shoes of Saucony series. It’s different with other Saucony running shoes. The appearance of Freedom ISO is cool and good looking.

Freedom ISO is the first pair of Saucony running shoes with full-length Everun insole. Its actual performance is excellent. Although Freedom ISO 2 has been released, but Freedom ISO also has high cost performance.


The vamp is double-deck, the air permeability is good.

Although Freedom ISO has ISOFIT, but the supporting performance is not enough. Comparing with previous Freedom ISO series, the ISOFIT of Freedom ISO is not good.

Comparing with the weak vamp support, the shoe heel of Freedom ISO is added with Support Frame, which increase the supporting performance.

There is a piece of Saucony logo on the shoe heel.

The shoe tongue also has the same Saucony logo.

The vamp uses double-deck knit which can reduce the weight. But the supporting performance is not good.

The biggest light spot of Freedom ISO is the full-length EVERUN insole.

We can see that the EVERUN has the gridding structure to increase the cushion performance.

The EVERUN on the shoe heel indicates the insole technology.

The insole looks great.

The outsole of Freedom ISO is crystal outsole.

The outsole also marks the words EVERUN.

The middle position of sole is the exposed EVERUN material.

The shoe-pad is also EVERUN shoe-pad. It’s the same as other ISO series running shoes that we tested before.

It’s the full-length EVERUN.

The unit weight of right and left shoe is different, the left shoe is 249g, and the right shoe is 262g. The difference is a little big for the running shoes.


The tester normally wears EUR40, but it needs to choose EUR41 for Freedom ISO. It’s a little smaller than normal size. It’s better to have a try on the physical store before purchasing on line.

Although, Freedom ISO was released on last year. But it’s still worthy to purchase. If you like light weight and resilience of Everun, then Freedom ISO will be very suitable to you.