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Sacai x Nike LDV Waffle Performance Review

The fashion brand Sacai cooperate with NIKE and show jointly signed Sacai x Nike LDV Waffle on the Paris fashion week in the Summer of 2018. The exaggerated shape and bright-color have high differentiation degrees.

The shoe vamp is made of kinds of materials. It mixes LVD and Waffle Daybreak together perfectly. The double shoe tongues, two Swoosh logo and double layers of outsoles look like two pairs of shoes overlapped together. What about its performance? Let’s have a look at it today.

The Front View

The red and blue vamp is very attractive. The double shoe tongue design matching with two-tone shoe laces is quite special. The blue mesh material assures the high air permeability.

The Side View

The side view is more amazing. Except the two-tone Swoosh logo, the shaped sole design is impressive.

The Rear View

The shoe heel is covered with a big piece of red anti-fur. With the thick padding, the heel can be wrapped well. The silver leather has the logo of NIKE and Sacai which are also overlapped. It’s special.


Comfort Level

The mesh vamp is surrounded with double layers of chamois leather. The soft mesh material offers better flexibility. The chamois leather on the shoe head improve the durability.

The unit weight of US8=EUR41 is only about 331g. It’s light and suitable for daily wearing.

Fit & Support

It has double layers of shoe collar design. After fastening the shoelaces, the shoe instep is very stable. The loose vamp can assures the comfort level of forefoot. As it’s more likely to be a pair of fashion shoes.

The red chamois leather on the shoe head can protect the toes. The double layers of outsole can increase your height obviously. The blue mesh has obvious deformation on motor process. It only has good air permeability, but the supporting performance is bad.

It only can adjust the shoe laces for making the shoes fit better.

The shoe heel is jointed with kinds of materials, which can improve the support and fit of shoe heel. The shoe heel is still keeping stable when running. It doesn’t have obvious deformation.

Traction and Abrasive Resistance

The bilateral insole is very thick. We don’t need to worry about the durability.

The tridimensional gain on the sole can offer excellent traction performance. The durable rubber sole has excellent abrasive resistance.

Cushion Performance

Sacai x Nike LDV Waffle Daybreak uses foam insole. I don’t have obvious feeling for the cushion when walking. But it’s not stiff.

When running, we can see the deformation of insole, especially the shoe heel and the position of forefoot. I can feel the resilient feedback from insole.

The feedback is more obvious when jumping. The feedback from insole can remit the pressure to knee.

Overall, the appearance is very special and cool. The double layers of insole is quite thick, with the black rubber sole and skid resistant grain on the sole, it’s very stable.

The soft mesh material and chamois leather vamp is very comfortable and has good air permeability. It’s suitable to wear it in Summer. If you pursue fashion, you ca