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Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail“Equality” Performance Review

As one of the most powerful shoes of Adidas originals series, Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail“Equality” is very hot popular. Besides this one, there are many other colorways released in March,2019. If you want a relatively bright color, you can also search for some other ones.

Unlike the past models that have a vivid and bright color schemes, “Equality” this time adapts a cold style. It uses black and white color scheme with purple ornament, which as a whole looks very calm and “introverted” without losing its highlights. You can see that the super thick midsole, the nice outsole pattern plus the appearance having been mentioned are quite appealing. A number of fans must have been attracted by these. But some fans remarked that the high price of the shoe has made many people turn their backs away. However,  if you find that the shoe’s setups and performance are well worth the money, you may change your views.

The simple color scheme of black and white with the Sanskrit “Equality” written on the right shoe and the English “Equality”  on the left shoe.

At the side, there is a super thick boost midsole which surely helps a lot. There is also a purple TPU that makes up the shoelace system. Besides, the large serrated rubber outsole is very distinctive.

The white boost midsole paired with the black body is very simple. And  at the heel there is the graffiti-style double bar at the left shoe while there is also the Adidas logo at the right one.

The thick midsole and rubber outsole can offer the wearer enough stability, but it brings a heavy foot feeling at the meantime. A single shoe of this pair weighs 440 grams, which is a bit heavy for a combat shoe.

Let’s turn to the upper then. Made of stretchy knit, the upper provides a comfortable fit for the  feet. Also, resulting from the awesome material, the upper can be easily bent effortlessly and during exercises, it offers quite enough flexibility in addition to the comfortable foot feeling.

The vamp is made of mesh material, thus resulting in passable breathability because there is a bit sweltering after a long time wearing in hot days. But for all the fact, it is still satisfactory in summer days and you need not worry about this.

Then in terms of the midsole, the chunky boost offers  a nice performance, so you can feel the  soft bounce and when running, you are expected to receive a number of energy return. Some said that having the Boost cushion, the shoe’s cushioning performance is naturally very outstanding. Well, its performance is consistent with what the buyers have said. You are to experience the distinct soft bounce the moment you put the shoes on. The feeling is like stepping on a pillow, making you unwilling to take it off. You must have been wondering that “How nice the cushion can perform!”

For this respect, its nice performance should once again be credited to the soft upper. If compared with some shoes with leather uppers, then the upper of Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail“Equality”  is just an average one, which can never make it to the top of the list. However, in the light of brands which are known for their sparing no effort to make a best shoe for their consumers, I decided to go on checking it. 

The elastic woven fabric upper makes the feet fit well with the whole shoe. You can feel your feet tighttly wrapped inside the shoe and there is no any extra room inside, so there is no problem of slipping. For the shoe’s support, it is not so bad. The support just rises in time when there are any needs. The TPU  in the shoe just does a tremendous job for the overall performance.

Some said that the  supporting performance of the mesh material is a little unexpected or I’ve never expected too much of the support. When the player changes direction, there is no significant deformation of either the vamp or the heel and the feet remain stable.

The materials used can live up to the price because they are not only of high quality but also used  in sufficient quantities. For the traction alone, it is made very thick and it grips well. The outsole has a large serrated pattern and the “teeth” of the whole palm are very prominent in terms of grip. For this respect, you can also expect.

For the size, you had  better buy the size that you usually choose.


The shoe provides superior comfort, outstanding performance in air permeability, support and wrapping. The boost midsole, which is as thick as the real thing, has a superior soft bounce and cushioning, which is the biggest highlight of the shoe. It can even be said to be a nearly perfect reproduction of the original products. Well, if you are seeking one shoe that meets almost all your needs, then this pair of high-performance and cost-effective shoes is a good choice.