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Nike Zoom KD 11 EP Performance Review

It is widely known that Nike released KD 11 this summer. As a pair of sneaker, we can see that how popular is it since the series was founded. And after some improvement, another sneaker was launched. It is the Nike Zoom KD11 EP. Many remarked that the shoe has packed with Nike’s most innovative technologies. Then is it the case? Let’s see…

To some extent, the shoe which features blue is quite a cool tone. On a personal, I do not like it very much. But it was not until I attended my matches in it did I found that it was such a nice model which can not be resisted by most people.

The upper of the shoe is made of blue and green fabric. And the shoe body is designed for easier putting on and taking off. Besides, the heel is made of suede and embroidered with KD logo. Combined with the new Nike react cushioning technology and full foot Zoom Air, the shoes have taken a real leap in performance.

The blue upper is an integrated Flyknit vamp with an additional TPU in the toe part while the Flywire makes up the shoelace system. And the crystal outsole is super eye-catching and at the heel, there’s a small Swoosh over the blue leather which is embroidered with the letter KD. The leather extending upward also form a collar which helps make putting on and taking off easier.

Again, the Flyknit upper offers enough flexibility and breathability.

The vamp is equipped with Primeknit technology so as to offer flexibility while giving a nice fitting for the feet. However, you had better bear in mind that the Flyknit upper is too stretchy though, it does a terrible job of supporting and containing the foot. So if you mind about this aspect, you are suggested to turn to other ones.

The weight of a single shoe is 436g, which is moderate. There doesn’t seem any obvious feelings of heaviness during exercise. A number of consumers have remarked that the shoe comfortable to walk around in; it is even more comfortable than most shoes they’ve tried before.

When it comes to the shoe’s wrapping and support, I have to mention the vamp once again though it has been referred to time and again. The Flyknit vamp, along with the inner boot design, perfectly wraps the forefoot and the arch; besides,  the heel of the shoe with thick foam, improves the overall wrapping. You will feel you are just wearing a pair of socks or during exercise, you may even feel you are walking on the air.

The Flywire is installed on the inside and outside side of the shoe. With stitches on both sides of the shoe,  the lateral support is enhanced.

When making emergency stops or direction changes or breakthroughs, hardly does the heel deform. The feet simply retains steady in the footbed.

According to some, the traction does a tremendous job on clean courts while on dusty courts, the outsole requires frequent wiping. It is true that it grips nicely, but it is also true that the grooves are spaced really tight, and dust gets clogged easily. The fact that crystal soles have long been criticized for their durability does not fit this Nike Zoom KD11 EP. It simply isn’t the case. The soleis thick enough to stand the tests of durability.

Amazingly, nearly all testers are impressed with the shoe’s cushioning. The setup is highly appreciated: the combination of React and full-length Zoom Air which offers a lot of bounce and provides a ton of protection against impact is enjoyed by most of we fans. Some even said that the React plus full-length Zoom Air cushionin alone can make up for the shoe’s all downsides, from which we see the cushion is really fantastic.

The setup has brought unprecedented cushioning experience when we are walking and running.

The react foam is quite thick in the middle and you can feel much more soft bounce when you are running with clear feedback responding to each step.


All in all, with the way the shoe is built, it is surely to get much popularity. It is just more than suitable for daily walking and combat. Though there might be some letdown, you are still most likely to pull your money out of your pocket for it is overall nice. I’ve heard some claim that the Nike Zoom KD11 EP  is more comfortable than the LeBron 15 and I sincerely hope you will think so. Just expect your wonderful encounter with it.