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Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit Performance Review

After Nike launched the impressive masterpiece, the  Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, in 2017, another new work, the Nike Vapor Street Flyknit, is also released to brighten our eyes. Although Nike Vapor Street Flyknit has inherited the Elite’s shoe body design, its cushioning tech adapts the lighter, softer and better react foam rather than the  ZoomX+ carbon fiber board. So let’s check together to find whether the shoe is worth our trust.

I know that there are buyers that liked the black colorway as it gives off a “dark and mysterious” vibe, but for me, I just like this bright red color scheme as it seems to reflect a positive spirit and gives me motivation to exercise. And the shoe chosen this time is eye-catching enough to wear in hot summer days as if to compete with the sun for enthusiasm. And it is also suitable because of its ventilation. Most remarked that they are delighted because they can wear the Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit for long hours especially during summer due to its breathability.

The huge ship-shaped sole and the oversized Swoosh on the side create an exaggerated shape of the Nike Vapor Street Flyknit, which is said to be futuristic. At the front of the shoe, we can see the eye-catching red upper which is made of mesh and adapts the the simple one-piece upper design. As for the side view, there is the oversized Swoosh logo which extends from the toe to the heel and the outsole and the outsole fades from red to white fades from red to white.

Looking at the back then. The thick ship-shaped outsole extends upwards and gradually contracts, which is very distinctive. And the 3M reflective strips in the collar can ensure safe night running. To summarize, this is a shoe with outstanding appearance. What’s more thrilling is that the sneaker’s design as pointed out by some users allows it to be paired with fitted jeans or shorts. Fantastic!

According to a number of wearers, comfort won’t be an issue and they also described that the shoe makes them feels like they are not wearing anything on their feet. Well, after many testing, I can guarantee that the shoe’s performance fits the description of those wearers. Consisting of Flyknit upper and super lightweight react foam, the shoe has a weight of only 198 grams, which is the lightest shoe I’ve ever seen and wore.

The knit upper and the foam outsole provide immediate comfort: the foam outsole is soft and elastic whereas the knit upper can be bent easily and is soft enough to ensure flexibility during exercise.

The one-piece upper provides an extremely comfortable wrapping. One reviewer is even satisfied that there is extra padding on the collar which contributes to the shoe’s comfortable fit and wrapping, and he added that the shoe was the best in the wrapping aspect.

As soon as you put the shoes on, you can obviously feel the nice wrapping even if you don’t fasten your laces. On top of that, for all the soft upper, it is rather supportive as well. This is not the point you need to worry about. For me, the Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit  has become my  everyday go-to shoes because of its style and support features. When accelerating, the upper has very little deformation, thus ensuring support.

The heel is additionally added with the foam  to enhance the wrapping and this design has done a tremendous job. When suddenly changing direction during running, the crotch deforms very littleand the support for the crotch is worthy of acknowledge. However, there is a fatal downside: the slender outsole extends outward, but the stability for the feet is not enough. The other day when I was testing the shoe, I just made a direction change then amazingly I nearly sprained. Such case has never been thought of for me.

In terms of the grip and durability, they are both enough for most people. The foam outsole, which has a considerable thickness, looks quite reassuring, so there is little need to worry about the problem of durability. The forefoot sole is regularly distributed with a large number of lattice grains to provide excellent grip while the the back  sole is added with two independent gripping modules to the inner and outer sides. It is commented by nearly all consumers that this sneaker has a nice sturdy quality. I sincerely hope that all of you can experience it in the flesh as the quality of the rubberized Flynit and React sole is really worthy.

As the name suggests, the shoe has a react cushioning outsole and is very reactive. The React can provide excellent soft bullets and cushioning. When walking, you will feel the soft  energy return from the sole as if pushed forward. And when running, you can see the deformation and rebound of the outsole  under the runner’s pressure.


Some other negative but novel views about the shoe is that the pointy shape of the heels doesn’t add anything to the shoe’s style. Well, I don’t regard it as a deal breaker. According to a long-time Nike fan, this shoe is very excellent among all the Nike shoe he has worn these years. Having the React cushioning, Flyknit construction and a sleek aesthetic, the shoe is surely to arise a lot of comments and popularity. Believe me that the shoe is an excellent option if you chance to be seeking for one pair of sneaker.