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Nike KOBE Mamba Focus Performance Review

Even if Kobe has retired for many years, but the Kobe series are still popular in the market. In Kobe series, there is a lower price branch line, that is, KB Mentality series. Although the names always changed, but we know that it’s the same series. Today, let’s have a look at NIKE Mamba Focus.


  1. Excellent Traction Performance and Abrasive Resistance

The biggest advantage of Kobe Mamba Focus is the outsole. The grain of outsole is similar to snake scales. The rhombus scales grains are deep and stiff. The all-directional traction performance is excellent. This model that I test today has the XDR outsole. I haven’t slipped even in indoor court. The traction performance is quite excellent.

The abrasive resistance is also great. After testing, I almost completely can’t see any abrasion. It’s suitable to the guys who like to playing basketball on outdoor court. And the outsole is easy to clean. So I love it.

▼ The outsole looks great, and traction performance is excellent

▼ Great Abrasive Resistance

  1. Good Fitting

The vamp of Kobe Mamba Focus is thin mesh fabric. The vamp also has some scale grains. The ankle part has good fitting and stability. Overall, the material is very fitting to the foot. The low type is also convenient for putting on. As the shoe shape is narrow, if your instep is high and the foot is wide, it maybe not suitable for you.

After all it’s a pair of mid-low price shoes, it doesn’t use high technology material. The thin vamp is suitable to wear in Summer.

▼ The vamp is thin and fitting to the foot

▼There are some scale grains on the vamp

▼Low model


  1. Insufficient supporting performance

As a pair of mid-low price shoes, I think that the supporting performance of Mamba Focus is not good. And the design of Mamba Focus is too narrow, and the width of forefoot is not wide enough, so the stability is not good. When turning and jumping, I also feel that it’s not stable enough. Although it has obvious anti-torsion design, but the effect is not good. If making wider outsole, the anti-torsion performance should be better.

The thin vamp is suitable for Summer, but if you playing high strength basketball games, you will feel that it can’t protect the foot very well. It’s worthy to mention that the TPU on the shoe heel is very thick.

▼The TPU on shoe heel is stable

▼The supporting performance is not good.

  1. Cushion Performance is not good enough

Nike Kobe Mamba Focus has the quadrate ZOOM Air on insole of forefoot. We can also see the shape from outsole. But I feel that the cushion performance of Nike Kobe Mamba Focus is not obvious. It’s not good enough for me.

I still remember that Kobe Mentality series use full-length Lunar which has good cushion performance. But many people doubt about its durability. I still think that full-length Lunar is better. But the anti-torsion performance of Mamba Focus is better than Mentality.

▼Bad Zoom Air cushion performance of forefoot sole

General Comment:

Shoe shape: narrow, I don’t suggest the high instep or wide foot to wear it.

Size: Normal size

NIKE Kobe Mamba Focus has released many colorways at present. And the price is good. So I give 8 scores for NIKE Kobe Mamba Focus.

As it’s a pair of Kobe series shoes, and the price is cheap, so it attracting many young people. And many young people like to play basketball on outdoor court, as Mamba Focus has good traction performance and abrasive resistance, so it’s very suitable to these guys. So the location of Mamba Focus is clear.

But I has to admit that the supporting performance and cushion performance of Mamba Focus is not good enough. It’s not suitable for the players who like high strength exercise.

If it’s only a interest for you to play basketball, and the strength is not high, it’s a good choice to buy Mamba Focus.

▼Mamba Focus has many colorways