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NIKE Alphadunk Performance Review

It is out of imagination that when we were all looking forward to the Hyperdunk 11, Nike decided to end this series with a decade of glorious history. I even conceived about the appearance of the Hyperdunk 11 and had intended to buy it the moment it was released. However, “plans may not be able to keep up with changes.” So my wishes had to fade away. But on the other hand, there is also some good news: Nike has launched the new Nike AlphaDunk this year. Also, Nike uses some more powerful tech and setups in order to open a new era of Nike team shoes series. 

We can still see a lot of details of AlphaDunk that are similar to Hyperdunk: the shoe body design  the Flywire placement of the high lace holes and the thick and wide mid-bottom design. All of these aim to making up an excellent team shoe. On the basis of Hyperdunk, AlphaDunk has also added a variety of the latest and powerful tech to maximize the performance of the shoes, thus allowing AlphaDunk to stand on top of the team.

First of all, let’s have a look at the upper. The AlphaDunk uses the new Flyknit design, which is also known as Airknit, to add a woven upper so as to offer sufficient support and wrapping. And it also uses heat reinforcement on the outermost layer to create a rough and rugged upper. On the one hand,  such design can weaken the ductility of the woven upper and make the shoe more satble; on the other hand, it ensures the support of the upper  even without increasing the weight of the upper.

Besides the brand-new woven upper design,  the extra reinforcement layer on the heel has also become another highlight of the shoe and more importantly, enhance the shoe performance. The outer leather + “Flash Card” logo is designed to enhance the heel stability  and at the meantime, it also allows the AlphaDunk woven upper to match with our daily dressing more easily. At the moment, the colorway of this shoe is here and we are all expecting some more color schemes to be released. But whether it will bring us some more surprises remain unknown, so let’s stay tuned.

When we get a pair of new sneaker, the first part that  we will pay more attention is the upper. After all, the upper of a shoe is always the highlight and plays an important role. But when evaluating whether a shoe’s  cost performance is worth the price, we usually turn to the midsole setup. This time, Nike has put a huge Zoom air cushion in the midsole of AlphaDunk which almost covers the entire forefoot. Based on the ground of my experience, AlphaDunk’s forefoot cushioning  performance is  almost as nice as many other excellent air cushions that many famous sneakers equips with. The foot feeling can actually be said to be like stepping on a pillow.

In addition to the extremely soft air cushion, the widened midsole of the sneakers also performs nicely.  If you look down at this pair, you will find that the material in the midsole circles the whole vamp. AlphaDunk also adds a TPU module that avoids the deformation of the air cushion on the outside and widens the midsole on the inside to improve the cushioning while balancing the anti-rollover performance. And so as to ensure the sufficient cushioning of the heel, AlphaDunk increases the thickness of the midsole, which not only improves the heel cushioning feeling and enhances the torsional performance, but also increases the stability of the shoe. To summarize, the the cushion and midsole setups of AlphaDunk are far more luxurious than that of the  Hyperdunk series.

With respect to the outsole, its performance is equally outstanding. The outsole pattern that resemble the “concentric circles” is surely to perform nicely. Also, the material of the outsole allows the shoes to maximize its grip performance. Movements such as emergency stops or start-ups won’t become an obstacle as the AlphaDunk can hold the ground firmly for us.

Someone asked me “Why are there more and more people choosing AlphaDunk?” Undoubtedly, it is because of the series’ actual online performance, its attractive  appearance and some highlights that talk people into buying it.  AlphaDunk not only  takes over the mission of  Hyperdunk, but also magnified the advantages of Hyperdunk through its setups.


Here, I highly recommend this pair of Nike AlphaDunk to all players who like the Nike Hyperdunk series and want to have a different experience.  I believe that  AlphaDunk will be a new start for Nike’s team shoes, and it will bring a brand new experience for players. To summarize, anew era of Nike basketball shoes has arrived and Nike AlphaDunk is surely to continue to write its resplendence.