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Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 Performance Review

Dating back to the history of Nike Air Max series, it seems like a legend. In 1987, the first pair of shoes that equipped with the Air Max air cushion, the Nike Air Max 1 was born. Then in 2017, Air Max also launched the Nike Air Vapormax flyknit so as to memorize its  30th anniversary of its birth. What’s more, in 2018, the Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 hit the retailers and were widely welcomed by Nike fans. Well, the the Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 is the protagonist of today as well.

Subverting the shoes of the traditional Air running shoes, this pair consists of only two parts which are the upper and the air cushion. Not only is the shoe’s performance excellent, but it has also become one of the fashion items that everyone loves. There are quite a number of different color schemes and a majority of those who have tried the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 stated that the sizing scheme was able to adhere to their expectations.

The Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 which is slightly different from the 1st version performs even much better. The pure white upper is simple and versatile and made of large mesh knit, it also creates a comfortable foot feel.

The “VAPORMAX” patch on the tongue fits perfectly with the shoe body and the pure white upper. The toe has a layer of the same color hot film reinforcement layer, making the shoe very distinctive.

The side flying line design, combined with the lacing system makes the shoe look as if it is a sock. The three-dimensional white bright leather Swoosh and the eye-catching translucent atmospheric cushion also make the shoe very technological.

A visible air cushion is there at the heel. There is also white a reinforcement layer with some hollowed out dots and also a reflective strip that ensures night running security. So having checked all the details of the shoe’s appearance, what do you think of the shoe? Anyway, for me, I’ve deeply attracted by its charm and generally people feel that the aesthetics of this running shoe are visually striking; they claim that they receive compliments while wearing it. However, besides that, it is its performance that really dominates. As is seen that a single shoe weighs 300 grams which is excellent for a combat shoe and a tremendous job ever done by Nike Air Max. Several reviews have talked about the suitably light construction which accommodated extended running sessions.

The integrated knit upper is very soft and yet tough. It simply fits very well with the foot. A high phrase of the upper that I’ve heard of is that  the upper unit felt like a glove that wrapped around the foot in a non-irritating manner. In short, you won’t feel extra room inside the shoe and the wearing experience is really nice. Some even signified that the underfoot experience was compared to walking on a cloud and people all liked the bouncy feel of the platform.

But for the cushion, the shoe requires some time breaking in. So it is normal that you may feel some pain if you first wear it.

The side fly line and the shoelace system are integrated. After tightening the shoelace, the upper can better fit the feet, creating a comfortable and stable fit. Apart from that, a comfortable, stable and strong flying wire that crosses from the shoelace hole to the sole provides nice side support. And the toe heat film reinforcement layer not only protects the toes, but also provides corresponding support. According to happy purchasers, the Flywire cables and the printed overlays helped to lock the foot in place at all times.

For the heel support, a couple of testers lauded the arch support given by the platform, stating that underfoot fatigue was averted.

The traction capacity of the outsole was lauded by consumers for being effective and dependable. Well, this is quite true. The outsole uses the classic non-slip granule with high hardness waffle grain where the air cushion is in contact with the ground. The parts where there is more pressure are added with rubber-thickening granules to provide stronger grip and nice anti-skid performance.

As for the cushion, its durability is the thing that most deserves worrying. But after thickening the wearable parts, there is no need to worry that the air cushion will be damaged by accident.

The performance of vapormax cushioning  is also very prominent. When you jump high and then back to the ground, you can see that the forefoot air cushion has no obvious deformation whereas the back palm air cushion deforms quickly and rebounds, providing a very good impact protection from the toe to the heel. When running, you can also see very obvious deformation of the rear air cushion.


I’ve also heard of a lot of negative views about the shoe, say, the durability of some parts of the shoe. A couple of runners have observed that the tongue unit quickly tearing off after only a few uses and there are also some complaining that  the Air cushioning unit deflated and collapsed after a few months of use, thus suspending all underfoot support. What is even worse is that some are unsatisfied with the price. However, we should bear in mind that no one is perfect, let alone a shoe and we should not ignore its advantages either. I am sure those who enjoy road-centric adventures are the ones who are going to benefit the most from this product.