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Nike Air Mmax 98 QS Performance Review

From the first pair of NIKE AIR MAX 98, this series has passed 20 years.

For celebrating the 20th anniversary of NIKE AIR MAX 98, NIKE releases the brilliant colorway. The main colorway of vamp is mint green, orange and purple. And the shoelaces are also mint green. The insole is white and outsole is orange.

The Front View

Several brilliant colorway makes the impressive vamp. It looks dynamically.

The Side View

The side vamp is made of purple, orange and mint green raised grain. It’s colorful.

The Rear View

The shoe heel is irregular design. It’s jointed with kinds of materials and colors. It’s impressive. This colorway will be very attractive if walking on the street.

Comfort Level

The vamp is made of kinds of materials. The purple and orange material is good and durable anti-fur. And the mint green part is soft fabric which guarantee the air permeability.

The mint green vamp is decorated with orange stripe embroidery which has the reinforcing effect. The insole has full-length visible air cushion.

The unit weight is about 420g. It’s not light.

Fit & Supporting Performance

The interlaced shoe lacing system wrap the foot well. The mint green shoe collar match with mint green shoelaces and orange holes of shoelaces.

The complicated vamp design and embroidery reinforcement guarantee the supporting performance of vamp. The vamp doesn’t have obvious deformation when running, but it is also not stiff.

The shoe heel is made of multiple material overlay design, with the thick filling, it offers excellent supporting performance. It can offer the stabilizing support to heel.

Traction & Abrasive Resistance

The outer layer of full-length air cushion is durable rubber outsole. After testing, it doesn’t have obvious abrasion. As a pair of fashion shoes, its cost performance is good.

The grain of forefoot sole is obvious. The grain of rear sole is a little smooth. The unevenness of forefoot sole has great traction performance.

Cushion Performance

Although it has full-length air cushion, but I don’t have the obvious soft and elastic feeling in the beginning. It needs time to break-in.

The feedback of full-length air cushion is also not obvious when running. Actually, most of NIKE air cushion are more suitable to the guys who have heavy weight. It not, you can’t feel the soft and elastic feeling of air cushion.

When jumping to floor, the full-length air cushion also doesn’t have obvious variation.

Overall, the appearance of NIKE AIR MAX 98 QS has many details. The colorway is brilliant and special. It’s a pity that the full-length visible air cushion is not so soft and elastic as expection.