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Nike Air Max 95 Essential Performance Review

From the past to the present day, the Nike Air Max series is very popular though it ran into criticism and failure at times. These are more than normal anyway. And among the many Nike Air Max sneakers, the Max 95 is definitely on the list of the excellent ones. As the first pair of running shoes with a forefoot cushion, the popularity always stay there and are all obvious to everyone. 

The Air Max 95 draws inspiration from the human body and is bold and avant-garde; the front and rear foot independent air cushions are designed to provide effective protection and high cushioning performance. In short, the shoe is believed to attract a lot of fans and I know many of you must have got very excited. Let’s go on checking then.

The shoe tested  today features the marine gradient color scheme. The classic Air Max 95  shoe body and the fresh blue gradient color has a lovely “flavor”, quite eye-catching! Besides, the visible air cushion in the front and rear part looks very technological.

At the front, we can see the blue, black and white color scheme. The upper is composed of mesh material and leather  and the combination of white-blue-black is very harmonious. In hot summer days, this shoe seems to offer us a very cool feeling. The dark blue Air Max 95 leather makes up the lacing system  and the oval tongue also features “Air Max” letter embroidery.

At the side, the appearance is even more eye-catching. The streamlined shoe body and the dynamic line bring full visual impact. And the colors in the upper is layered, which is very fresh. Apart from those, the small embroidered logo on the outside of the heel is very simple but not monotonous. After seeing the detailed designs of the appearance, many fans may say admiringly in spite of themselves that the low-top Air Max 95 Essential deserves heaps of compliments for its stylish looks. Well, that’s quite true!

The “Nike Air” logo is printed on the T-shaped dark blue leather and the thick outsole is equipped with a visible air cushion to increase the wearer’s height.

Many buyers who have experienced the shoe will know how comfortable it is. It is a fact that almost of the buyers all gave these Nike Air Max 95 sneakers two thumbs up for the comfortable in-shoe feel it provided and these Nike Air Max shoes are also recognized by many for their quality materials that looked good and felt nice. The upper uses a compression molding process, and the leather provides strong support for the tough leather cannot be easily bent.

A single shoe of  Nike Air Max 95  weighs 431 grams, which is at a normal range. However, there are still many people observing that the Nike Air Max 95 running shoes looks bulkier and feels heavier compared to other running shoes. For this part, there are many positive and negative views and everyone holds their own opinions.

The upper is made of mesh material, as is seen in the picture below. However, most of the leather that is used as well as the inner layer help very little in terms of the breathability. What’s more, the minute you put on the shoe, you will have sultry feeling under your feet.

As I mentioned before that the upper is not easily  bent, so the support performance is ensured. The tough leather uses stitching and compression molding aiming at creating an outstanding support that locks your feet and providing strong support. When you wear shoes and move from side to side, you will find that the feet are very stable. Aside from that, after fastening the laces, your feet are tightly locked and wrapped. In short, the upper fits your feet very well if you are not high-insteps.

If you suddenly change direction when running, your center of gravity is placed on your right foot, you can see that the upper has only very little deformation. So I want to say that the support of the upper is really worthy of recognition.

The outsole materials used are of high quality and are carefully selected. The rubber outsole with considerable thickness is very outstanding in terms of wear resistance and can withstand the test of various tests.

The forefoot in the sole features a classic waffle grain and raised square elements to provide excellent grip whereas the rear sole is a larger area of the square unit with the same nice and  outstanding grip.

The Air Max 95 is well known also for its excellent cushioning. But when walking, the feedback is not obvious; when running, the rear air cushion undergoes some deformation and much rebound. Lots of energy feedback under the feet is received from the cushion. Based also on a couple of reviews, the Nike Air Max 95 Essential running shoes supplied adequate support and sufficient cushioning.


Comfortable, breathable and durable are all tags of this Air Max 95 Essential. A number of people look upon the shoe as a product that is worth buying at its original retail rate despite its average to expensive price point. For most of you, comfort is an important part of a sneaker, and what is fortunate is that the Nike Air Max 95 Essential remained comfortable after wearing it for work for extended hours as well as long walks. So have you still any worry about the shoe? Why not have a try in the  flesh?