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Nike Air Max 270 Performance Review

Have you ever thought what the is the feeling of walking in the clouds? I am sure every kid in his/her childhood once thinks of flying in the sky. And if you happen to be one of them, fortunately, Nike Air Max 270 will definitely give you the answer you want and realize the wish you ever made in your childhood. It is no kidding.

The AirMax 270 features the highest Air Max air cushion in the history of the brand and the 270° super big air cushion that surrounds the rear heel can offer you  an exceptionally soft and comfortable experience.

The Nike Air Max 270 is the first Nike Air shoe that perfectly blends sports and leisure. The half-foot “U” thick air cushion is designed to offer a high level performance and meets daily wearing needs. Only by looking at the upper, you can feel that the classic black and white color scheme is simple but versatile. By checking its appearance alone, most people have been satisfied. According to numerous buyers, the Air Max 270 is a stylish shoe, many of whom even said they loved this shoe so much that they will order other colors. So, it is lucky that if you don not like this color scheme, there are plenty of colorways made available for both men’s and women’s Nike Air Max 270 shoes.

At the front of the shoe, the toe part of the outsole is printed with the letter “MAX”. And there are many ventilation holes of different sizes on the upper to ensure air circulation inside the shoe and the front material can protect the toes. The irregular one-piece tongue design, the three-dimensional Nike logo on the tongue and the “Air 270” make the whole shoe very lovely. As is said by many buyers that this shoe had gotten them lots of compliments from other people. Quite nice!

The white foam midsole is paired with the black upper and the large air cushion protruding outward at 270° creates a unique visual effect.

At the heel, it is obvious that the air cushion almost occupies two-thirds of the heel. The black tongue and the collar help make it easier to put on and take off.

A single shoe weighs 323 grams which is stated  to be exceptionally lightweight by some reviewers. Since the upper is made of elastic fabric, it can be bent freely to ensure full flexibility in all kinds of movements. The sock-like design allows the upper to fit well with the foot and ensures comfort.

Several reviewers just said that they were beyond impressed with the comfort of the Nike Air Max 270 whereas there are also a lot of reviewers saying that they loved the way this shoe fits their feet.

As is seen below that the mesh air holes of different sizes in the upper can ensure air circulation inside and outside the shoe, thus further providing good breathability and ensuring dryness.

As have been mentioned earlier that some people said they like the way the shoe fits their feet, so you can imagine how nice the wrapping could be. The elastic fabric upper and the sock-like design can both wrap the feet very well and also fit the foot very well during exercise. But on the other hand, compared to other sock-like shoes, Air Max 270 offers a moderate wrapping.

The sock-like construction allows the upper to be adhered to with the movement of the feet.  The front of the upper uses a different material to protect the toes while enhancing the support of the shoes. The upper does not have obvious deformation when running and provides excellent support for sudden force or sharp turn.

The heel is made of a more tough material  and the air-cushion rubber material stretches up and wraps around the heel to provide strong support for the ankle. Some people just proclaimed that the heel Air unit is phenomenal, so you can believe the shoe’s ankle performance.

The foot remains stable when the shoe is swayed from side to side.

In terms of the traction, it is not as phenomenal as the heel unit however. The outsole material is made of the same  material as the original one and is distributed in a protruding position on the edge of the outer sole. Because the Air Max 270 is mainly a casual wearing shoe, Nike didn’t seem to pay too much attention to this respect. So the grip performance is just passable. 

The thickness of the rubber outsole is still considerable and it is acceptable in terms of wear resistance.  But if it is used for a long time on rough roads, the life of the shoes is not expected to be too long.

Equipped with a 270° half foot super big air cushion, the shoe is especially soft and bouncy.

When you are walking, you can clearly see the obvious deformation and rebound of the air cushion.

When running, you can feel the obvious energy feedback of the forefoot foam and the rear cushion. The super big cushion can accommodate more air and has excellent cushioning performance. In addition, the “U” shaped air cushion can be stepped on without the need for much effort. After jumping high and landing, you can clearly feel the compression and rebound of the air cushion whereas your whole body is still very stable.


On balance, the overall performance of the Nike Air Max 270 is still excellent although a couple of reviewers commented that this Air Max runs a bit narrow in the toes for wide-footed wearers or the shoe is not worth the price  tag. However, if making allowance for this Air Max model’s performance concerning comfort, support, superb fit, and lightness, you feel they has made up for its expensive price point.