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Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” Performance Review

Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” was released in the beginning of last year.

The luster of vamp is similar to Abalone. That’s why it’s called Abalone. The appearance is quite special and cool. The vamp will reflect the different glory in different ray of light and different angle. It’s very attractive. The black outsole match with the black collar, which can avoid the yellowing problem of crystal sole.

The Front View

The shoe lacing system almost occupy 2/3 vamp. The lines in centre shaft of shoe tongue uses the same color as vamp. The shoe tongue has ‘one cent’ logo.

The Side View

The ‘Abalone shell’ color vamp is showy. The black outsole and carbon plate matching with the vamp look cool.

The Rear View

The shoe heel is embroidered with wathet blue ‘one cent’ logo. The up outstretched shoe collar with blue-black pull-table is convenient for putting on and taking off.

Comfort Level

The air permeability of foam material vamp is not good. It’s sultry. So it’s not suitable to wear on Summer.

The unit weight of US8.5=EUR42 is about 549g. It’s a little heavy. But after wearing it, it’s not so heavy as imagination.

The solid vamp and stiff outsole can’t offer enough flexibility when exercising. It’s not suitable for high-insensitive exercise. But most of people should be not willing to wear it for high-insensitive exercise.

Fit & Support

Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ can fit the foot very well.

The Foam material vamp also has good supporting performance. It not only can offer enough stability, but also can offer great support to instep. The vamp is rarely deformed when exercising.

When breaking through, the body has leaned obviously, but the shoe heel hasn’t been affected. The stability and supporting performance are quite excellent.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The forefoot and rear sole use herringbone. As we know, the herringbone sole can offer excellent traction performance. The outer part of outsole is oval sunken grain which can offer multi-angle support.

The stiff rubber of forefoot and rear sole is wear-resisting. The thickness of rubber outsole is good. We don’t need to worry about the problem of abrasive resistance.

Cushion Performance

Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ has ZOOM Air Cushion on rear sole. The soft and resilient feeling is not obvious.

When running, it’s also not very soft and resilient. I can’t feel the energy feedback from insole.

Wearing Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ to play basketball, it’s also stiff. The cushion is not obvious, not soft and resilient enough. After jumping to floor, I still can’t feel obvious cushion.

Overall, the appearance of Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’  is very special and cool. As it uses Foam vamp, the stability and supporting performance of vamp is great. You will be the focus after wearing it. It has the great insole and outsole material with good carbon plate and Zoom Air Cushion. But the cushion performance is not good. Not matter the appearance or workmanship, Nike Air Foamposite ONE PRM ‘Abalone’ is unquestionable. As most of people should not be willing to wear it for exercising, it’s suitable for daily wearing