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New Balance OMN1S Performance Review

The New Balance OMN1S which was released during this year’s All-star period, has been in the spotlight at helicopter speed in just four months. New Balance released the limited Kawhi 2-Way Playoff version on 8th, May.
With the resent rising sneakers’ price, the price of New Balance OMN1S is also crazy rising. What about its performance? Is it worthy to buy? Today, I want to talk about the performance of New Balance OMN1S for your reference.

Its main focus is the resilience.
As the first model for returning basketball market, New Balance OMN1S uses the FuelCell insole technology which was released by New Balance on 2017. According to the official explanation, this material is made by injecting the nitrogen into TPU material. I used to wear the running shoes with FuelCell technology. So I except the application of this technology on basketball shoes.

Jumping Test

When I just started wearing the shoes, the feedback from insole is not amazing. But after a period of breaking-in, the advantages of FuelCell came out. Firstly, it’s the weight. Due to the light weight insole technology, OMN1S absolutely can be included in the lightweight shoes catalog. The obvious feeling of the shoes is the resilience.

When I’m doing jumping test, although the FuelCell technology can offer some shock absorption, but I’m apt to the cushion performance. My weight is 84kg, the cushion performance of OMN1S is not excellent. But from the point of view for wearing, the FuelCell has been adjusted for basketball, the felling of the cushion is just suitable. But if you like high cushion performance when choosing the basketball shoes, you need to weigh it before purchasing this model.

When breaking through or changing the directions, the response is fast. That is the advantage of FuelCell. If you like breaking through or running, it will give you a great surprise.
The shoe tree is a little long.
The support of ankle is excellent

The vamp is made of a kind of thick and high-density knitted material. Comparing with traditional socks vamp, this kind of material offer enough space for the feet. And it has stronger tenacity and stability.

For my wearing experience, the size of OMN1S is bigger than normal size. I usually wear EUR44.5, but I wear EUR44 for OMN1S for testing. It’s a little narrow. The EUR44 of OMN1S is bigger than normal shoes. But it hasn’t as big as EUR44.5. This model uses integrated shoe tongue design. Due to the good elasticity, it won’t oppress the instep. So if you want to purchase this model, you can choose the normal size. But if your foot is lanky type, you can choose half size smaller.

We can find many details on this pair of shoes, the ‘dragon claw’ shoelaces’ holes and the resistance band design on the middle part. The shoelaces’ holes haven’t been connected with vamp directly. Comparing with the traditional shoelaces’ holes, the ‘dragon claw’ shoelaces’ holes design can reduce the pressure of shoelaces to instep. It’s kindly to the guys who have high instep.
When laterally moving, the elastic band can fit the foot well.

I think that the biggest lightspot of OMN1S is the wrapping performance of ankle. After fastening the shoelaces, I can obviously feel that upper and filler can reinforce the ankle. But it needs to wear the socks which is higher than shoe upper.
TPU Supporting Plate
The multi-directional herringbone outsole has great traction performance.

The TPU supporting plate which is extended from shoe heel to forefoot brings excellent anti-torsion performance. The inner side of outsole is upturned. It improves the stability of sole.

For traction performance, as it uses the classic herringbone, and the inner side uses different directions of grain, so the traction performance is great.

The outsole is a little stiff. But I don’t suggest you to wear it on out-field.
Overall, as the first pair of basketball shoes for New Balance returning basketball market, OMN1S is a pair of successful basketball shoes. It can satisfy the requirements of every position, except the heavy weight.

1. The shoe tree is a little long, you can choose it by normal size or half size smaller.
2. It’s suitable for the players on every position.
3. The resilient insole is excellent
4. The support to ankle is great.
5. I suggest you to wear it indoor or good out-field condition