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New Balance FuelCell Propel Performance Review

Having great anticipation, I decided to embark on the “journey” with this New Balance FuelCell Propel. And after months’ experiences, the review of the FuelCell Propel is finally here. Just as its name implies that it is to help “propel” runners. So please go on reading and find more about it.

The first sight of FuelCell Propel leaves me a bright but mysterious impression. The combination of red and black on the vamp makes FuelCell Propel simple but characteristic. And touching the upper, my initial feeling was that it was very thin, soft and comfortable. But the elasticity of the large red jacquard mesh cloth is not so outstanding while the support of the vamp is quite nice which should be credited to the famous weaving technology of Trace Fiber owned by NB.

The toe is made of synthetic leather, which ensures the shape of the shoe. Besides, the design is also waterproof, which is preferred by many.

On the personal level, I intensely dislike any heavy burden on my feet, so I am inclined to choose shoes that are light and handy. Therefore, as regards this FuelCell Propel, another part I am much more in is the lightness of it. With the excellent air permeability, the shoe has also become my reliable partner these summer days.

Simply pressing the midsole, you can see the great extent of sinking and then a quick rebound. And that is just the point that distinguishes FuelCell Propel from the ordinary ones.

For the entire outsole, it is not a planar structure. In the fore part, it adopts the round-nail-like protruding design and in the rear part, there are horizontal stripes to enhance the stability of the heel. Such design is excellent in that it can indirectly support the ankle by increasing the friction between the rear part and the ground as well as propelling runners.

My first experience with the shoes was, in retrospect, not the most impressive, but not bad, neither. At least, it fit me very well. In terms of the wrapping, thanks to the soft vamp and the excellent misole as well as the weaving technology of Trace Fiber which ensures stability at the side, my feet seemed locked there and I felt very comfortable while running.

I had successively carried out 3 comprehensive experiments. And here are some of my feelings. After my first 10 km run at my regular pace of about 4 minutes and 20 seconds per km, the softness and bounce under my feet left me no fatigue and I even wanted to go on running. Then at the second time, I slowed my pace and I surprisingly found that the midsole worked much better and the feedback was much more obvious. Finally, I carried out a 21 km half marathon test and the durability turned out to be above average.


FuelCell Propel does a nice job just as the name implies. But one disadvantage is that I don’t think it looks fashionable enough. Anyway, that can be a negligible problem if what you value most are the shoe’s actual performance which can make good on its shortcoming.