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Disassembling: Nike Zoom Freak 2 EP

The photo of Nike Zoom Freak 2 EP, a new edition of combat boots created by Nike for Giannis Antetokouniga, was exposed long ago. Surely, this Nike Zoom Freak 2 EP has also attracted lots of people. But since the shoe is yet to be released, many people are yearning for more information about it. And to that end, we managed to get one pair here and disassembled it right away.

As the first edition of combat shoes of Antetokouniga, this Zoom Freak 2 EP has gained lots of liking upon its release. In the actual experience, the rear double-layer ZOOM Air does not bring particularly extreme shock relief, but such innovative setup is still excellent and can not be raved enough. And it’s safe to say that such setup is the key that distinguishes Antetokounga sneakers from others. Besides, it is bound to be used in every edition after Zoom Freak 2 EP and can be passed down as a classic.

With white Phylon material on the outside of the midsole and “Air Zoom” printed on the outside of the forefoot and inside of the heel, the midsole has more or less been revealed.

Separating the upper from the midsole, we can see the soft nylon lining which is also very comfortable.

The outer part of the shoe body is made of fabric, which is basically the same as that of the body of Irving 6 while the inner side of the shoes is made of suede.

I had thought that the quadrangular TPU at the side of the body should offer very nice lateral support before it was disassembled. But the truth is that after I put it completely apart, I found there were  just two pieces of soft rubber, not that hard as the TPU of AJ 34. And that it is just a decoration makes me rather disappointed.

The orange insole has the symbolic Logo of Antetokouniga and “I am my Father’s Legacy” printed on the heel. And the grey EVA material used for the middle bottom cloth has a certain extent of softness.

The whole midsole is totally exposed once the grey layer is taken off. The perforated part of the forefoot reveals part of zoom. And it is certain that Freak 2 EP has a forefoot air cushion, a significant improvement over Phylon, the previous edition.

It is surprising for me to see that there’s a torsion piece.  The 75.6 mm long and 31 mm wide TPU is placed at the front and rear joint, which, for Nike, is a just a routine operation.

There are seven round punch holes that can be seen from the rear part and when viewed from the punch, a slightly blue light material appears.

It is bad news that there isn’t double-layered zoom in the rear part. You can see that in the images.

But there is still a fan-shaped air cushion in the front part which is somewhat soothing.

The outsole is designed to be separated from the front and rear part, and both the two are transparent crystal in appearance.Compared with the previous version asymmetrical outsole, this ones seems more impressive.

It is the water-ripple pattern in the front outsole and it is sure to offer us good grip whereas the durability remains unexamined. And for the rear outsole, there are dense characters, demonstrating the names of important family members.


Objectively speaking, such a model can not be said to be outstanding, but it still acceptable. However, I still hope that Nike can put more efforts and present more works that are much more excellent.