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Curry 8 Performance Review

Stephen Curry missed several games last season because of his injury and since he was long away from the court, his seventh signature shoe did not get as much attention as did those previous editions. So the popularity of the seventh signature shoe decreased drastically compared with previous versions.

As the NBA is preparing the rematch, fans are now focusing on the game and on Curry’s eighth signature shoes.

One of the most controversial shoes of the year is the Nike PG4. Many people remarked that it was not a qualified basketball shoe and many reviewers also hailed the Nike PG4 as a shoe not suitable for playing basketball. But following the release of Curry 8, again, lots of people left myriad comments on the Internet like “Is it a running shoe?” or any others. I know that at the first glance, Curry 8 looks not outstanding midst thousands of excellent sneakers. In addition, with its simple streamlined shoe body design and the seemingly weak support, it looks more like a pair of running shoes.

But despite its appearance, the fact is the Curry 8 is the most remarkable upgrade in actual performance in the Curry series. And the evidence is here: the designer integrated the outsole and the midsole which provides sufficient cushioning as well as 22% more grip than the average rubber outsole does; the shoe weighs 263 grams, which is lighter than most basketball shoes on the market; the new cushioning material used in the midsole can bring us an incredible cushioning experience and improve the extent of comfort; the use of hot-melt material on the side of the shoe provides excellent support.

When talking about comfort , many people will think of Curry 8’s woven vamp which can be a first-rate one. And as far as it goes, the air permeability is also quite good. So I think it might be a hot-sold sneaker in this extremely hot summer. And since the sneaker is very lightweight, chances are that you will feel like you are wearing nothing. Also, thanks to the excellent grip, there is no need worrying about slipping on court.

But anyway, it is in the eye of the beholder. There are disadvantages as well: the wrapping of Curry 8 is not as nice as expected. Since the overall weight of the shoe was reduced, the woven vamp often cannot provide good wrapping. And the support at the sides still remains to be tested.


To sum up, Curry 8 is not perfect; it is not peerless, neither. But overall it is excellent on court. Currently, Curry is back on court and as a fan, I hope he can lead his team back to the top. Meanwhile, I also hope all the brands can make more efforts in designing more excellent shoes so that they can go further.