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Not long before, I heard someone saying, “Nike is going to release some brand-new shoe presently after the  Nike Joyride Run FK.” The shoe is the NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER. And now I am fortunate enough to have waited for its arrival and copped one pair.

Here is simple introduction of  NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER. Nike Joyride is characterized by the placement of TPE particles in the midsole, each of which is precisely studied. The TPE particles will separate different areas in the soles of the shoes. And different parts of the sole will be installed with different amounts of TPE particles which can freely move in all directions when  the player changes directions. For this part, Nike calls it multiple spatial displacement. The cushioning system as such creates a very comfortable foot feel for consumers. Below are the NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER’s two colorways equipped with the cushioning system. They are the “HYPER PINK” & “BARELY VOLT.

The upper of the brand-new Nike Joyride CC3 Setter uses a variety of fabrics and leather mosaics. Compared with the first version,  the appearance of the two are more layered. The bright  pink and the pure and fresh white plus the collocation of fluorescent color make the two shoes very lovely and pleasing to the eye. They seem to be designed just for summer.

The reverse “tick” logo used as a decoration make the shoe’s style more trendy and more suitable for everyday wear.  The corrugated design at the vamp has strong visual effect and the shoe body is ergonomically created with multiple cushions.

The complex lace support design allows us to get better wrapping when exercising.

In the tongue, Nike adapts a mid-top design and also prints it with “Nike Joyride”.

In addition to the above, the design of the midsole rubber eyelet and the super elastic upper make it  more convenient for everyone to wear and take off.

At the heel is the  Nike Swoosh and Joyride Technology logo.

I  once thought about the problem: Why Joyride come into being? This question has accompanied me for a long time and now I know the answer. That is Joyride is born for the purpose of meeting the general needs of runners: making running easier and more efficient. This is a challenge if to satisfy most people  and requires crazy creativity and radical innovation. Will Moroski and his team spent years in solving this problem and finally they made it!

Will Moroski remarked, “Every runner faces the same problem: the impact of landing on both feet. We need a new cushioning system to solve this problem.” And this is what Will Moroski wants to improve. The Nike Joyride CC3 Setter uses a three-stage Joyride cushioning system; through the outsole you can see the TPE cushioning particles filled in the front, middle and back part of the sole.

The principle is that the excellent particles bring the high-efficiency cushioning effect  and the gap between the spheres is well utilized.

Thousands of particles in the outsole ease the shock brought by the wearer’s weight. With  a dynamic cushioning lasting cushioning, you can feel eased after a day’s playing.

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By chance, I ran into the FLYKNIT and at that moment I just could not move my eyes away from it. When asked “Compared with  VOMERO, which one will you choose?” The answer is definitely the FLYKNIT which is more lightweight and  fits my foot much better and above all, it is far more comfortable than VOMERO.

Upon opening the shoe box, I felt rather thrilled. It is an orange box with nothing special in it. Inside is a maintenance instruction manual and the shoes. Let’s turn to the shoe’s performance then. 

As you can see that the shoe features pink in the whole shoe body, bringing somewhat lovely style. I know that some people may think the shoe to be a bit feminized, so they reject picking it up. However, this is quite wrong. The key point is not in the shoe itself, but the behavior and temperament of the people who wears the shoe. On the other hand, it is a little hard for buyers to match the shoe with their daily dressing; if anything, they must be those who are like “walking clothes hanger”.

Adapting the fly line technology, the shoe as a whole looks very integrated and harmonious. And in the images below you can see there is cover with dense air holes, indicating its extraordinary breathability.  This also seems to imply that this shoe is not suitable for leisure using in the autumn and winter, but on the contrary, it is born for sports using. 

The translucent plastic at the toe part fits snugly between the upper and the outsole. All details are designed with a lot of effort and they just stay here for you to check.

Another highlight of the shoe is in the lacing system which is rather unique and novel. If you chance to have copped one pair, you’d better read some instruction about how to tie your laces. They are tied in a creative way. Objectively speaking, this is a shoe that is worth buying for the maker really has spared  no effort in designing the shoe: to avoid deformation in the upper when it is under stress, a special design is used around the edges of the laces to add a leather-like coating to the fabric surface. The winding line as such makes the shoe more lovely.

The FLYKINT logo is visible near the shoelace holes.

Benefiting from the flying line tech, the shoe cancel the shoe tongue this time and it is  replaced by a sock-like retractable opening. Such design makes wearing more convenient: the shoe collar is pulled gently in heel and makes putting on and taking off much easier for the wearer and you simply need not worry about the tongue’s misplace.

The heel collar has printed with “EPIC REACT”, indicating the shoe’s outsole tech.

In terms of the sole, the fore foot is made of translucent gradient colloid whereas the rear part is the traditional ivory rubber. As for anti-skid problem, my last “mate” performs passably and I do not expect much from then on. For this model, it has yet to be verified.

The blue part of the the insole side is the inscription of “EPIC REACT” and on top of which is a huge “tick” logo.

In terms of workmanship, this shoe should be said to be quite exquisite. Except for a slight glue mark near the heel, the rest of the other aspects are nearly perfect.

The general estimate of this shoe, according to a number of consumers, is that it is not suitable for wide footers. To tell the truth, I am not a wide footer, so I have no much feelings about this.

However, despite the fact, I still feel that my feet are tightly locked inside the shoe and whenever there are any fierce movement, my feet just remain stable in the footbed.

Probably it is because the vamp is relatively thin and  the material is relatively soft, you can see, after putting on, the vamp appears more tight. For the size, I suggest buying bigger sizes in case any pain in your feet.

Owing to the shoe’s design, you may even not need to wear socks because it just feels like a sock that fits  your foot well.


At the first glance, you may feel you’ve entered the wrong website, but you are to surprisingly find it quite lovely and nice. If you match it with black pants, it is still very eye-catching. The performances are there and you can check again.

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Saucony Kinvara 10 Performance Review

He has come! Many fans got very excited at the news that the century-old American running shoe brand, Saucony officially re-entered the Chinese market not long ago, making them much easier to cop one pair of Saucony shoe.

As one of the most popular and practical sneaker, the characteristic of Saucony’s sneakers is that it has a variety of models that can fit different people and meet most of their needs. Despite a brief absence in domestic market, Saucony has long had a strong reputation among Chinese sneaker fans; therefore, it won’t fade away. The sneaker brand is updating at a steady rate and every now and then it will bring us some striking models. With its  technological innovation and such good reputation, it is never underestimated and can be very active in the present market.

Of today’s sneaker, it is the orange/black color scheme, which is said to be a must on the marathon track. In terms of the size about which some people once asked, I suggest those who are wide footers try a bigger size in case it is too tight and bothering.

Designed for race-training runners, this lightweight cushioned running shoe can support the daily training of top runners and are the ideal marathon running shoe for the masses. And of course,, there must be a big “KINVARA10” logo which is on the outside of the heel. In addition, the logo of Saucony and KINVARA 10 is also printed on the shoe tongue, which is simple but delicate and beautiful.

The letters ”EVERUN” on the midsole show  the shoe’s extraordinary. The ”EVERUN” is a core superior soles technology originated by Saucony  in recent years with excellent cushioning that is similar to some boost’s shoes.  The Kinvara 10 adapts the full-foot EVERUN material in order to give runners plenty of bounce and support.

As for the vamp, it adopts engineering mesh fabric, which makes the shoe more breathable and comfortable. And there are 3D printing of patterns which are simple but very practical. These not only decline the shoe’s weight but also increase air permeability.

In terms of the vamp’s tech, this time Saucony uses ISOFIT uppers to replace the traditional tongue design, allowing the midsole uppers and tongue to form a system that improves the wrapping and support of this running shoe.

For other setups, say, the footbed, it uses Saucony’s newest tech, the FORMFIT dynamic adaptation system. There are three layers built into the sole and combining the insole, the EVERUN midsole mezzanine and the midsole surrounding design, the advantages of springback, cushioning and support are greatly shown, which further improves stability and comfort during running.

Then it’s turn to the TRI-FLEX outsole. It is the TRI-FLEX outsole this time. The overall design is not too fancy and in the midsole is the “EVA+” and “EVERUN” logo. And there are also two friction pads on the front of the sole and the outside of the heel to ensure the wear resistance of the shoe. Looking at the heel, you can find an obvious guiding system extends from the middle to the toe, ensuring that the shoe stays upright when running. Besides, the blocky secant line on the front foot has also increased the friction. On top of that, you can see in the image below that the inner design of the shoe greatly improves wrapping for the foot.

Of course, for the safety of night runners, reflective strips in the heel are installed. For me who is used to running at night, the design adds  a great sense of security.

The shoe box is also special and you can see below.


To be honest, this is the first time I’ve worn Saucony’s running shoes. The shoe just turned out to be super light when I first got it.  It’s comfortable, especially the heel wrapping, which is better than any running shoe I’ve worn so far and this is beyond question. Anyway, for more wear feelings, I’ll need some more experiences.

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UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87 Performance Review

The most attracting and appealing one at the 2018 fall-winter feeder show in Paris should be the UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87 . Created by the well-known fashion designer Jun Takahashi with his brand UNDERCOVER and Nike, the shoe is bound to generate a lot of attention. And quite a lot of reviewers even proclaim that the Nike React Element 87 shoes is “the Sneaker of the Year 2018”. Many people who haven’t seen it and experience it before will ask, “What’s the charm of  this  UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87 ?” or “What’s so special about it?” Here let me uncover the answer for you.

This UNDERCOVER x Nike Epic React Element 87, recreated on the base of  Nike Epic React, is not a common model. Both the shoe’s outstanding appearance and excellent performance can live up to the high reputation ever given. The design of the react foam midsole is much more sophisticated than that of  Nike Epic react Flyknit. With superior appearance and performance, it is hard that it won’t be noticed, so it gains a great deal of popularity since its launch.

The upper is made of translucent material with grey reinforcement layer at toe, making it easier to match with all kinds of socks. The bright brown laces eye-catching, with a 3M reflective layer on the holes. Above all, the asymmetrical tongue is a mark of fashion and it is the feature that persuades many poeple into buying the shoe. On the other hand,  the way of combining brown and blue forms a contrast visual effect, making this pair full of lively style. However, most of the criticism I’ve heard is about the upper. Some said they were hesitant in copping a pair is resulted from the durability on the translucent upper whereas others remarked that the translucent upper gets dirty quite fast with dust and other minute particles entering the shoe or the shoe is criticized mainly for  being “extremely flimsy and not stretchable.” Such are very bad and negative comments for the model. As for me, I am quite surprised by the breathability of the translucent plastic-like upper.

The react foam of the outsole has unique texture and visual impact. And the big Swoosh logo with a faint blue at the heel blends perfectly with blue rubber.

Many a buyers claimed that the improved React soles are as comfortable as Adidas’ Boost sneakers. We can see that the really gets much phrases. Well, as for comfort, I think it is the most important factor of a shoe. Anyway, who wants a shoe that is practical but wears especially uncomfortably? None!

You can feel the soft feeling as soon as you wear the shoe. And the translucent vamp can be easily bent to ensure comfort and flexibility. Many reviewers say that it is one of the most comfortable sneakers released in 2018 and I think so.

Resulting from the light upper materials and foam in the midsole, the shoe is super lightweight. A single shoe weighs only 208 grams, which is the lightest I’ve ever experienced. Also, many a wearers are impressed by the lightweight feel of the sneaker.

After some time playing in it, I am stunned at the breathability the translucent plastic-like upper offers. I had not expected how great it can be. But it just surprises me! I simply have much sultry feelings, so it is more than suitable for summer wear.

The upper isn’t elastic, so it cannot provide superior wrapping and there is extra space between the upper and the foot. But after lacing the laces tightly, the wrapping can be somewhat made up for.

Despite the single-layer translucent upper, the shoe is surprisingly supportive. The toe part of the shoe has an extra reinforcing layer to ensure support and more wear resistance. When running, the vamp has deformation though,  the foot still remains very stable.

The foot stays very stable even when there are movements from side to side. Numerous wearers have also heaped praises on the removable cork-lined insoles for helping improve the shoe’s in-shoe feel.

There is a thick piece of foam in the midsole, and it can stand all kinds of tests. Besides, a piece of rubber is added to the forefoot and the rear part, providing excellent grip and increase wear resistance.

You can clearly see the grains in the sole, but they are big as well, thus attracting many dust and gravels and then this further result in frequent cleaning for the shoe.

Some followers of the React shoes claimed the React Element 87 has “the most stable, soft, and relaxed cushioning” they ever felt from Nike React sneakers. And this bestselling sneaker also gives you quite a deal of energy return. As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” The case is similar to this: the cushion bounces back as much as the pressure you place on it.

When running, the sole compresses and bounces more clearly and each step you step out, you’ll feel like being pushed forward for it provides excellent energy feedback.


The shoe is a highly sought after model. Many sneaker lovers simply want a comfortable, durable, and well-constructed shoe and this one meets the requires quite well. It is really worth the money and you can have a try.

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Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” Performance Review

Since I was in childhood, I have been always longing for a pair of fashionable and beautiful and above all, very practical sneaker. I am steadfast that I should at least cop one pair by myself. And now I have the economic ability of buying what I want; I just made it: the other day, I came across this Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” which fits my require and expectation quite well. And as a pair of Nike’s widely popular shoes, it has been praised for its cracked design. And this time, Air Jordan 3 released some new colorways. As for this one, it is inspired by a charity event that MJ attended in 1988. Go on checking then.

The Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” still uses typical and classic crack which is super appealing and novel whereas the white shoe body, the red midsole and the two blue embellishment make the shoe somewhat lively. Besides, there is a highlight of the shoe: that is the MJ’s signature on the left shoe tongue which is so fascinating that I can not even move my eyes away from it.

Looking at the front, in my view, the light grey and white match well with the classic grey crackle. With the flying man on the tongue, my affection for this pair has arose to another higher level.

The shoe is a middle-high-top one. The red and blue colors of the midsole are simply very eye-catching while the heel is equipped with visible air cushion.

There is a whole TPU wrapping the heel with the blue three-dimensional flying man logo printed on. The whole color scheme of the shoe gives us strong visual impact. Majority of the buyers have said that they  like wearing the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” casually since they think that it is a very stylish shoe.

The shoe has also adapted the Air cushion which offers comfort and softness for the wearer. The foot feel is quite obvious and awesome.

Having the leather vamp and rubber outsole though, the shoe doesn’t feel very heavy on our feet. During exercising or combats, we won’t feel burdened or restricted. Such conclusion is based on the ground of my long time tests and experiences.

As you can see in the picture below that there are many air holes in the vamp  so as to ensure ventilation. However, for all the holes,  a few wearers still think the shoe to be hot during play whereas some testers say that the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” is actually a standout in terms of ventilation during its time; maybe this is also greatly depended on the weather.

In terms of wrapping and support, the two aspects are nice. Many of the purchasers love the details on the shoe, say, the lace locks because the laces really wrap nicely and the wearer’s feet fit tightly and well with the upper. And the vamp, made of leather, makes up for the lack of wide toe wrap, providing certain wrap and support. There is a thickened foam inside the heel, which ensures the wrapping of the ankle.

For support, it is not bad either. Due to the laces and the heel setup,  the users are able to experience the shoe’s sturdy support. You can see that when moving  from side to side, the foot remains very stable.

A separate TPU is set up at the heel to wrap the heel and provide superior support. When the left and right displacement action is done on the court, it can be seen that the heel hardly deforms and the support is worthy of being acknowledged.

For outsole, it is made of rubber and the thickness of the sole has been on the rise  and considerable, thus providing comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the wear resistance can withstand the test of every kind of court.

The independent ring raised pattern of the fore foot provides excellent grip and can hold the ground firmly when the player suddenly changes direction. Apart from that, the recessed and protruding square modules at the edges provide excellent grip from multiple angles.

The Air Jordan 3 uses a visual Air sole cushion. And in a similar way, the pair features Air sole cushioning technology and provides comfortable foot feel.

You can feel the softness immediately after you put it on.

The soft spring feeling is far more obvious when you are running. The cushion offers quite a lot of energy feedback.


The Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” uppers are made of premium leather, which feel really like the reflective material. And the shoe still has a good amount of court-feel for you, so you can expect. Inspired by a charity event that MJ attended in 1988, the shoe is surely to be the  attention of sneaker world.  And with all the excellent setups, the shoe is meant to be a beast on the court.

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Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Performance Review

Last year, the Nike Air Max 1/97, designed by Round Two chief executive Sean Wotherspoon, won the Nike Vote Forward shoe design competition. So it instantly gets a lot of attention among the present sneaker market.

However, another model, the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW , arises in response to time and occasion. The Nike Air Max 1/97 SW integrates the vamp of Nike Air Max 97 and its outsole is full of originality. The vintage corduroy material and a variety of color combination show the sincerity of the designer. Other details like tongue stickers with wave elements and smiley faces on the insole make the shoes look very appealing.

Looking at the front part of the shoe. The corduroy uppers gives us a retro feeling toward the shoe. And many consumers adored the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW’s unique corduroy-crafted upper. Some even remarked that the material reminded them of their childhood ensembles. And with a striking mix of contrasting colors and a retractable tongue tag available in small hooks and waves, the shoe stands out among the many sneakers of today. For the shoe tongue, there is a number of video reviewers commending that the patch’s feature is on the shoe’s tongue as it offers the option for customization and self-expression.

The vamp, as you can see, is layered. And the color changes from light to dark. There is also a small hook mark on the front and middle part of the side. In addition, the outsole which is made of four colors is very fruitful. Many Air Max fans just expressed excitement over this sneaker’s unique design concept of combining the Air Max 97’s upper and Air Max 1’s sole. And as a fan of Air Max, I am also into the design.

At the heel, the collar extends from the sole to the shoe opening and there is also embroidered with the delicate letters “VA, LA,”fully showing an exquisite design.

Out of question, comfortable is a frequent word used in describing this pair. Unlike the stiffness of leather uppers,  the vamp of this one is made of soft corduroy material, which is super soft to wear. Softness and comfort are all you  can feel inside the shoe. However, despite the fact, the performance of air permeability is not outstanding; it is slightly muggy. A few buyers complaint that the shoe is simply passable and the price for it  is a bit high then.

But the soft upper, on the other hand, offers quite enough flexibility. When the player change directions suddenly, the upper responds quite well.

Consisting of corduroy vamp, a single shoe of this pair is not that heavy. Conversely, it is somewhat lightweight or in other words, its weight is moderate.

The upper is only  single-layer corduroy, thus it can not offer a very nice wrapping for the feet. It just cannot fit your feet well, so you will not feel your feet tightly wrapped inside the shoe. According to a number of consumers that they can feel the roomy shoe box and they sometimes experienced slipping in the shoe.

Then as for support, I had thought that the single-layer corduroy uppers would show insufficient support, but it just turned out to be very excellent. Unexpectedly, when you change direction you can see that the vamp has very little deformation and the foot remains stable inside the shoe.

The heel wrapping has somewhat made up for the insufficient upper wrapping. There is a soft sponge inside the heel. And the thickened heel performs nicely in terms of support. When running and the heel has some direction changes ,  the foot will undergo obvious deformation whereas the heel is still very stable.

For the traction, I just want to say that it is a colorful outsole an dis also the most colorful one I have ever seen. And the four colors respectively corresponds to different patterns. The blue part of the forefoot is a raised waffle grain with extraordinary grip and the yellow, indigo and pink parts are all latticed, providing all-round and multi-angle grip.

The thickness of the rubber outsole is considerable and you do not worry about wear problems in daily wear or sporting. The sole can stand the tests of wear and tear. And besides the durable outsole , a couple of shoe users are also pleasantly surprised at how the corduroy upper held up longer and better than they expected.

Nike Air Max 1/97 SW midsole adapts the midsole of Air Max 1 and sets up half foot visible Air cushion. Not only does the pair look perfect in reproduction, it also does a tremendous job in cushioning.

The midsole is relatively hard and the soft bouncing feeling is not apparent when walking. When running, the soft spring feeling will be obvious then and the pressure for the foot is all released.

Only a slight cushioning is felt during movement.


The shoe’s wrapping is passable though, you can make up for this by tightening the shoe laces. But the support performance is superior and can fully protect the foot. To some extent, as a fashionable shoe, I believe there are few people who are willing to wear it out to exercise. In short, the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW is a fusion of Nike’s two well-loved silhouettes and if you wan to cop one pair, you’d better take action now.

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Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” Performance Review

This January, Nike Air Foamposite One PRM “Abalone” was eventually launched. Resulting from its upper which looks like an abalone shell, it has got much attention.

The vamp shows a grains that is especially similar to abalone’s shell, thus it gains a nickname as  “abalone spray”. Magically, the vamp shines uniquely from different angles. And  the black outsole matching the black collar is especially eye-catching. Next let’s have a look at its performance.

The lacing system occupies almost two-thirds of the upper and the central axis of the tongue has the same color as the upper. Besides, on the tongue, it is designed with a “one cent” logo.

On the side, the whole shoe really looks an abalone. It is somewhat shining to the eye. The black outsole and carbon board match the shoe body, making the shoe’s appearance quite different from other traditional ones. And at the heel, it is embroidered with the logo of light blue “one cent” and it extends to the collar that makes it easier to put on and take off.

The upper, made of original Foam materials, performs barely satisfactory in terms of breathability. You are to have a sweltering feeling some time after you put it on; hence, here I don’t recommend it for summer use, but when it turns cold I’ll highly recommend it to you and to my friends who are in need of this pair. As a saying goes, “What is meat for me is poison for others.” A few people may like it in summer days while others won’t like it. So, here I am just giving some advice. 

A single shoe weighs 549 grams, which may be the heaviest one in recent days I’ve ever seen. But I don’t see why there are some who claim that it is just OK; it isn’t that heavy than I imagined.

The stereo vamp and harder outsole cannot provide sufficient flexibility during combat, so it might not be suitable for high-intensitive exercises. But after all, I am sure that there are few people who are willing to wear this shoe with appealing appearance to do exercise.

Owing to the materials used in the upper, it is quite  excellent in wrapping. You can just feel your feet firmly covered by the vamp. Yes! That is the first feeling you bear in your mind.

On the other hand, resulting from the vamp which not only offers nice wrapping, but provides quite powerful support, the shoe’s performance improves to a higher level. The vamp provides sufficient stability and it also plays a prominent role in supporting the foot. There cannot be seen any obvious deformation of the upper during combat or running.

You can see that even if there are some high-intensitive movements and the man in the picture tilt obviously, the heel area is, however,  not affected in the least and the feet remain rather stable in the footbed.

It is still the herringbone pattern in the outsole, which provides excellent support and grip. The outer part of the outsole is oval concave grains which can also provide multi-angle support.

The hard rubber of front part and heel part is durable enough.  The thick rubber outsole also looks reassuring; hence, there is simply no point worrying about durability. 

Nearly every sneaker has a cushioning system. But the quality just varies a lot. In terms of this one, it is loaded with the Zoom Air cushion in the heel, providing a certain extent of bouncy feeling. But this feeling may not appear if you simply put it on and walk.

During running, the feedback the cushion offers is not obvious either. But you can feel its existence anyway although it is still a bit hard. 

Objectively speaking, it is not that satisfying. It performs worse than I had expected. If asked to think of a most appropriate word to describe the cushion, then the only one surging into my mind is “hard”.  With little cushioning and not enough soft feedback, the shoe may “persuade” many consumers into giving up owing to this respect.

Anyway, it fits quite well for me as if especially made for me.


Despite the cushioning, you can still expect something from it. After all, we ca not vote it down simply because of a part, which I don’t think will become a deal breaker. The appearance, the wrapping and support, the grip and the nice vamp are all excellent part. But anyway, the final choice is live up to you.