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361-SPINJECT Performance Review

I first met with 361° shoes when I was in college when I realized I needed to exercise and I chose the most convenient one——running. So I started the “running journey” with 361° since then. Now when I look back at the achievements 361° made, I feel stunned. Since it has been playing a significant role in the world, its brilliant performance also gives us a chance to re-examine the brand’s 361-Spinject, which was launched in the winter of 2017 and also won several titles. 

The design inspiration of the vamp texture is said to come from Australia boomerang. And it  adopts one-piece soft knitting, making the vamp very light and soft and also  reduces the pressure brought to the feet. Besides, the seamless combination gives the wearer a sense of fit and comfort.

The thick vamp can ensure the air permeability inside the shoes and the fashionable appearance makes the shoes very eye-catching outdoors. It is also more than suitable for daily outing.

With respect to the support of the shoe’s upper, SPINJECT adopts the hot-melt process of PP film on the outer surface, while leather fitting is used on the corresponding interior. Such design will not affect the flexibility of this running shoes, but it can also provide enough support. In short, I think this design is more than satisfying.

The SPINJECT tongue doesn’t square with the traditional overall consistency design. Instead, it adopts  a two-part combination design and a three-layer mesh clothing with good wrapping and air permeability while the part directly touching the ankle is thin and light with no padding, which will not cause pressure to the ankle.

The upper edge of the heel is filled with soft cotton, which is soft and thick, making the shoe very comfortable to wear.

The SPINJECT heel is similar to most cushioned running shoes and provides better protection to the ankle and the heel. On top of that, the print on the back looks very nice. It is such a fashionable design that many people are attracted by it.

For a cushioned running shoe, a good midsole is what makes the 361° stand out among many powerful competitors. The SPINJECT still uses the QU!KFOAM  system which is self-developed by 361 shockproof technology and includes insoles, EVA midsole and a functional outsole. 

With the application of QU!KFOAM system, the SPINJECT sole’s elasticity is very prominent, and the shock relief effect is obvious, even if you are going for a long-distance running. The slightly upturned toe and an altitude intercept of 8 mm between the front and rear part further brings a good rebound effect.

The design of the outsole varies from  the conventional horizontal and vertical pattern, but it is a curve design that is tailored to our foot type, increasing both grip and flexibility of the soles.

The material used in the outsole is the wear-resistant and lightweight rubber which can effectively improve the grip while the EVA lightweight material can reduce the burden of our feet.

In order to grasp a better knowledge of 361-SPINJECT , I decided to take a relatively long run. And the first impression it left me was it was very lightweight, not at all like a pair of running shoes that feature stability and cushion.

On the strength of my experiences, the wrapping was especially nice and there is no slippage inside the shoes.

I chose to run on the asphalt pavement for the second run and I found that the cushioning system was always “online”. The shock absorption and rebound of the sole were very obvious even after 20 km of running.

I have even tried to run on the rugged roads, but personally, I do not think SPINJECT is suitable for those uneven roads.


After some practical experiences, I think SPINJECT should be hailed as a “comrade” with satisfactory overall performance. And even though 361-SPINJECT was released in winter, it is not just for winter use. I believe that it will also bring you a nice experience in the summers.

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Curry 8 Performance Review

Stephen Curry missed several games last season because of his injury and since he was long away from the court, his seventh signature shoe did not get as much attention as did those previous editions. So the popularity of the seventh signature shoe decreased drastically compared with previous versions.

As the NBA is preparing the rematch, fans are now focusing on the game and on Curry’s eighth signature shoes.

One of the most controversial shoes of the year is the Nike PG4. Many people remarked that it was not a qualified basketball shoe and many reviewers also hailed the Nike PG4 as a shoe not suitable for playing basketball. But following the release of Curry 8, again, lots of people left myriad comments on the Internet like “Is it a running shoe?” or any others. I know that at the first glance, Curry 8 looks not outstanding midst thousands of excellent sneakers. In addition, with its simple streamlined shoe body design and the seemingly weak support, it looks more like a pair of running shoes.

But despite its appearance, the fact is the Curry 8 is the most remarkable upgrade in actual performance in the Curry series. And the evidence is here: the designer integrated the outsole and the midsole which provides sufficient cushioning as well as 22% more grip than the average rubber outsole does; the shoe weighs 263 grams, which is lighter than most basketball shoes on the market; the new cushioning material used in the midsole can bring us an incredible cushioning experience and improve the extent of comfort; the use of hot-melt material on the side of the shoe provides excellent support.

When talking about comfort , many people will think of Curry 8’s woven vamp which can be a first-rate one. And as far as it goes, the air permeability is also quite good. So I think it might be a hot-sold sneaker in this extremely hot summer. And since the sneaker is very lightweight, chances are that you will feel like you are wearing nothing. Also, thanks to the excellent grip, there is no need worrying about slipping on court.

But anyway, it is in the eye of the beholder. There are disadvantages as well: the wrapping of Curry 8 is not as nice as expected. Since the overall weight of the shoe was reduced, the woven vamp often cannot provide good wrapping. And the support at the sides still remains to be tested.


To sum up, Curry 8 is not perfect; it is not peerless, neither. But overall it is excellent on court. Currently, Curry is back on court and as a fan, I hope he can lead his team back to the top. Meanwhile, I also hope all the brands can make more efforts in designing more excellent shoes so that they can go further.

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Gel-Kayano 26 Performance Review

ASICS Kayano series are always the classic bumper running shoes. Since 1993 up to this time, it comes to the 26th generation Kayano by going through the 26 years. Many Kayano series shoes are appraised the best annual running shoes by Runner’s World. And the newest Gel-Kayano 26 has been improved and adjusted to protect the runners’ feet better.

I’m attracted by its colorway on the first eye. The main colorway is white and blue. The ankle part is mazarine. And the other places are white. The surface of vamp is white and the lining is blue. The shoe heel is white and orange. The heel of outsole is iridescent. The colorway is very suitable for summer.

The weight is lighter than last generation. The unit weight of US8 is about 305g.

The vamp is made by double layers of ventilated mesh fabric to increase the air permeability. And it has reflective material. It will improve the security when running in the light.

The FlyteFoam insole technology uses special organic fiber material, which is about 55% lighter than other ASICS shoes’ standard insole material. Except the light weight, it also has better elasticity. It can offer great elasticity and feedback when long-time running.

The improved DuoMax® insole is lighter. It combines two kinds of materials with different density to improve the stability and supporting performance.

Outsole & Other details
Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems can reduce the impact force to make the pace to be smoothly when running. And it won’t be limited by the geography.

Guidance Line Midsole Technology tracking guidance system and the full-length groove design are mainly used to improve the running performance. It improves the stability.
Guidance Trusstic System™ technology combining with Trusstic System® midsole support and Guidance Line® tracking guidance system brings the new stability. Matching with insole, it can help to control the turning speed.
SpevaFoam™ 45 Lasting uses 45° full-length durable material. It’s soft and comfortable.
AHAR Plus Outsole foam rubber is durable.

It uses external MetaCluth heel stabilizing plate which fit well the heel.

We have tested on 3 kinds of different roadbeds, that is, sidewalk, pitch road and PU track.

Gel-Kayano 26 is very stable when running on different roadbeds. It’s very comfortable when running. And the weight is light. It won’t be a burden for you.

Gel-Kayano 26 is a pair of nice running shoes which has good buffer, support and stability. It’s worthy to be recommended.

Mr, Kayano designed the 1st generation of Kayano in 1993. He used GEL and TPU material, and the vamp is CoolMax ventilated material. It’s very special at that time. During these years, the shoes’ technology are always improved and adjusted till now. Almost all of the guys who love ASICS shoes know ASICS Gel-Kayano series. I’m expecting that ASICS Gel-Kayano series will keep innovating and bring more and more surprise to us.