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UA HOVR Velociti 2 Performance Review

To challenge yourself, I think that is the reason for most of people starting running and loving it. If you are also searching for breaking through and examining your capacity by running, I think UA HOVR Velociti 2 would be a good pair of shoes for you to run. The appearance gives us a sense of speed. The light weight is a important part for running.

UA HOVR Velociti 2 is the lightest model of UA HOVR series running shoes in this year. The single weight of US9 is about 255g. But the light weight is not enough for faster speed, the insole of UA HOVR Velociti 2 is made of HOVR and Micro G. HOVR is the core of cushioning feedback. And Micro G is for improving the reactiveness. The combination of HOVR and Micro G like the double Turbo on the engine, which can push you to go forward.

The key points of UA HOVR Velociti 2:
1. HOVR + Micro G insole technology
2. Mesh vamp has good air permeability and reduce the weight of shoe
3. The height of front sole is 15mm and the height of rear sole is 23mm. The difference of level is 8mm.
4. The unit weight of US9 is about 255g. The unit weight of US7 is about 213g.
5. UA HOVR Velociti 2 can connect with UA MapMyRun APP to record the running data

Due to the improvement of sporting technology, the running shoes which are pursuing speed can also has great insole technology with light weight. But being different from Infinite, Guardian, Phantom SE and Sonic 2 and other HOVR series running shoes which use Charged Foam as frame of insole to cover HOVR, Velociti 2 uses thinner HOVR as core and the out layer is covered with Micro G to make great cushioning effect and faster reaction.

My first impression of Hovr Velociti 2 is light. After wearing, my feeling of this pair of shoes is light but sturdy. The 8mm difference of level can drive you to go forward. It can be a perfect support for long distance training and it’s very suitable for daily training. The Jamaica runner Aisha Praught Leer who won the 3000m on Commonwealth Games last year wear HOVR Velociti 2 to train.

The insole is covered by Energy Web with HOVR technology material (the gradient color section).

The white material is Micro G to increase the sporting feedback.

The light and durable rubber is covered on the easy wearing area.

Under Armour Velociti series is made for the runners who are pursuing for faster speed, not matter for the Speedform Velociti in 2017 or HOVR Velociti 2. For high speeding design, it uses functional mesh to reduce the weight and get the heat out of the shoe. The light weight won’t bring the burden to the foot.

The air vents which are hidden inside the vamp are arranged in arrow shape has a sense of speed.

The tag of shoe tongue has the reflecting effect. It can reflect light in night.

Overall, if you are pursuing a pair of shoes for improving the running speed without burden,  UA HOVR Velociti 2 will be a good choice.