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Reebok Sole Fury Performance Review

I just purchased a pair of Reebok Sole Fury running shoes. Its location should be casual running shoes. After getting it, I go outside for night running about 7km. My height is 172cm, weight is 67kg. Below is my personal review:
1. Appearance: 9/10 scores
I like this separated outsole design and asymmetric colorway. The white vamp is decorated with fluorescent green shoe tongue. The appearance is cool. I prefer to its appearance. So I give 9 scores for Reebok Sole Fury. The pixel of phone is bad, so I can’t take nice pictures to show the actual shoes.

2. Weight: 9/10 scores
The unit weight is about 200g. It’s light.
3. Cushion Performance: 6/10 scores
The thick insole is thick and soft. You may can’t feel the resilience in the beginning. But if you put forth your strength on it, you can feel that the thick insole is soft, but the resilience is not good enough. After running about 5km, I feel a little uncomfortable. It doesn’t have obvious height difference for front and rear sole, and the center of gravity is a little high.
It’s worthy to mention about the separating outsole. The abruption feeling of forefoot and rear sole is obvious. It’s easy to be uncomfortable. This pair of running shoes is more suitable for walking. Of course, Reebok Sole Fury haven’t bought any burden to me when running 7km. The static cushion performance is not bad. So I give 6 scores for the cushion performance. The insole drapes obviously, it’s similar to Zoom Fly.

4. Air Permeability: 10/10 scores
The air permeability of Reebok Sole Fury is good as it has big mesh vamp, ventilated shoe-pad and the sole has ventilated holes. It’s cool.

Of course, the ventilated holes design on the sole has a strange hidden trouble. The ventilated holes are easy to absorb dust, so the reverse side of shoe-pad is easy to be dirty.
5. Stability: 5/10 scores
The stability of Reebok Sole Fury is bad. Firstly, the separating outsole will let you feel unstable. The vamp support is not obvious. And it doesn’t have TPU support on shoe heel. The thick insole is also not good for stability. My ankle is hurt when running about 5km. Overall, the stability is not good.
6. Durability: I’m not sure for it.
The grain on the outsole still keep good after running 7km. The white vamp and insole is easy to be dirty, and it’s easy to absorb dust. The inverted trapezoidal design of sole is worse. So the outsole is easy to be abraded.

Overall: 7.8/10 scores
The price of Reebok Sole Fury is cheap. The overall performance is not bad. The advantage of Reebok Sole Fury should be the appearance, comparing with other models in the same price.