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Nike Zoom KD11 EP Performance Review

KD series already has the 11th generation. Many shoe fans like KD series. Let’s have a look at KD11 today.

The shoe box looks like the 90s’ Air Jordan at the first sight.

The front side of shoe box is printed with KEVIN DURANT XI. The side label show the product’s information


We can see that the design of KD11 is not similar to KD9 and KD10. But the designer is still Leo Chang who are in charge of the design of KD1 to KD11.

The Flyknit technology on shoe head and body is totally different. The Flyknit on shoe head is more intensive and stiffer.

To fit for the foot type of KD, so KD11 follow the design of KD9 and KD10. The shoe heel of KD11 adds the plastic round rings to be easier to put on.

The TPU material on the shoe heel is chamois leather. It also have embroidered with KD logo on the shoe heel, and it also has KD’s full name under the embroidery. The metal decoration is embossed with XI. Although KD looks like mid-high type shoes, but the padding is only filled around the ankle. So it actually should be a pair of low type basketball shoes.

The shoe-pad of KD11 is still Ortholite shoe-pad. The cushion performance and air permeability are still good. BTW, I need to remind you, pls don’t take off the shoe-pad. As the shoe-pad is adhered to the sole with glue.

You can see the React insole from the semi-transparent crystal outsole

I worn KD11 to play basketball games 3 times, one time is on the plastic venues, and two times on the inner wood floor and oil paint venues. The traction performance in the filed with few dust is great. For the abrasive resistance, we don’t suggest you to wear it and play on cement, due to the crystal outsole.

The insole of KD11 is different with previous basketball shoes. The traditional design is vamp, insole and outsole. But KD11 uses rubber cyathiform outsole. The outsole covers the insole and vamp. As Leo Chang explained, this kind of design can offer better support and protection.

As it uses the new outsole design, the anti-torsion performance of KD11 is good. Although it has deformation when twisting it by hands, but it’s acceptable.

The rubber plate between hollow-out React insole and outsole indirectly tell you that KD11 has the top-level configuration, the React foaming insole and full-length ZOOM.

The cushion performance of KD11 is totally different with KD9 and KD10.

KD11 is suitable for me. The insole technology and design is great. So I think that KD11 is the most suitable one for Kevin Durant.

Overall: 4/5

Comfort Level: 4.5/5

Fit: 4/5

Protection: 4.5/5

Cushion Performance: 4.5/5

Traction Performance: 4.5/5

Anti-torsion Performance: 4.5/5