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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

The NBA superstar, Irving, is well known among sneaker fans. He has won the fans’ love with his way of playing. And so it is out of question that Kyrie series is widely welcomed by a number of Irving’s fans. What’s more, there are still many buyers saying that “I’ve go after Kyrie series since the first version was launched and I am also lucky enough to have copped all of them.” Although the Kyrie 5 was  exposed to  lacking midsole anti-rotation films, with its excellent performances, many fans were persuaded into buying it as well.

To tell the truth, I’ve been a fan of Kyrie  series since I was in college and if asking people  “whose signature shoes are your favorite?”, I am sure many of them will give a list in which Kyrie series can rank TOP3. As is mentioned by a customer,  the shoe is attractive enough to be worn outdoors.

Recently, Kyrie 6’s have been frequently burst out. From the images we can see that Kyrie 6 has continued the design concept of the previous Kyrie editions in the appearance, which adopts the mid-top design and the velcro design in the middle of the upper. So have you ever thought of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 which have not been seen for a long time?

In addition to that, the raised pleats at the heel are even more similar to that of the Nike Air Yeezy 2. You can also compare the two by yourself.

I know that maybe some of  you will wonder if this pair will be the re-enactment of Kyrie 5. However, I can tell you that this is absolutely the Kyrie 6. The strap on the vamp has been equipped with the Roman numeral Vi which is seen vaguely, indicating that it is an authentic Kyrie 6. And another problem arises:” Can the added strap design bring better wrapping performance after removing the  Venus Flytrap? Let’s see.

Some said thanks to the shoe laces, the shoe’s wrapping could be that nice, but in my view, he has just missed the boat.  Before this review, I’ve heard a basketball shoe critic expressing  his enthusiasm for the secure lockdown brought by the shoe’s strap and he further reiterated that the element envelops the player’s foot especially in the forefoot and midfoot areas, creating a snug feel for the wearer. After tightening the laces, you are to experience more and enjoy the on-field times and above all,  the wrapping becomes more prominent.

Looking at the details from the exposed pictures, we can find the outside of the forefoot has the same Zoom Turbo as the Kyrie 5, so it is certain that Kyrie 6 will adapt  the Zoom Turbo air cushion in the forefoot. And I think the Kyrie 6 is definitely not to be missed in terms of startup performance.

In terms of the traction, a number of users praise  the good traction delivered by this basketball shoe. In addition to that, the outsole maintains stability for players who do rapid direction changes, which is rather important. If you are a Kyrie fan then you will know that outsole grip performance has always been a masterpiece of the series, so this is something we can expect.  It can be seen from the picture that the forefoot part of the Kyrie 6 outsole is designed with an all-visible design and has the signature of Irving. Having the middle curve design and the exaggerated outsole design, the shoe’s grip is guaranteed.

Surely, many careful fans will find that from the “LeBron Watch” project released last year, NIKE has gradually increased the intensity of the trend elements to actual combat shoes.

This “LeBron Watch” project will give NIKE the classic shoes that have been released in the past on the LeBron 15 and LeBron 16 some more elements, thus giving the new editions more options to match daily dressing. For Nike Kyrie 6, it has been a shoe that is attractive enough to be worn outdoors.


Those who have experience the Nike Kyrie 6 said that the shoe is a beast on court. It is not only outstanding in its appearance,  the consensus is that it also delivers in terms of cushioning and traction. For players who play in a way similar to that of Irving, you can take it into consideration.