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Nike Kyrie 3 EP Performance Review

It is absolutely not strange that most of you know the Nike Kyrie 3 which is a nice model. In the 2016 Christmas final game, the Nike Kyrie 3 on Irving’s feet earned a lot of attention when he scored a stunning goal in the final three seconds.

Then as Irving’s  third pair of signature shoes,  the Nike Kyrie 3 EP is also designed to fit with the way that Irving plays. To some extent, the shoe is even more impressive. With the  combination of outstanding cushioning, the excellent grip, the nice durability and the flexible support performance, the shoe can be said to be on top of the sneaker field.

Many a purchasers just love how these Kyrie basketball sneakers look. They said that the shoe has nice colorways that go well with your daily outfits, which is similar to the 2018 version of the Kobe AD. Look at the details then. The large totem pattern on the outer side of the shoe body is a highlight of this pair while a red Swoosh embellishment makes the shoes more eye-catching. Aside from that, the thick outsole seems to reassure us that it is quite reliable. I can say that the understated and sophisticated shoe is not only eye-catching on the court, but also an everyday necessity.

At the front of the shoe, the clean and neat appearance to very pleasing to our eyes. That exclusive logo of Irving on the tongue is very eye-catching then. And on the other hand, the black upper makes it easier for us to match with our daily dressing. And although it is simple, it is versatile as well. You can see that the upper is distributed with a large strip of rubber-like reinforcement layer,  which is independent and also perfectly integrated with the upper.

At the side of the shoe, the first thing we can see  is the white totem and the big red Swoosh. The front, middle and heel of the upper are all designed with different grains. In short, the side view is very special.

As for the heel view, there is nothing special and distinctive. The outer side totem and the inner side of the Swoosh tail are extended to the heel for decorative purposes whereas the outsole is printed with the “ZOOM” which indicates the cushion technology.

Presumably, this Kyrie 3 EP is one of the most outstanding shoe I’ve ever wore in the weight part. A bit bulky as it looks, a single shoe of  Kyrie 3 EP weighs only 341 grams. Because of the  Flywire material used in the upper, the shoe’s weight is reduced effectively. And the outsole is thick though, it doesn’t bring much weight as well. So the shoe  is suitable for players with high speed requirements. Many has described the Nike Kyrie 3 as a comfortable shoe and is great to wear all day.

When I got the shoe, I just could not help wear it out and had some tests. And it was 32℃ that day, but I just couldn’t resist my delight and went out. After 2 hours testing, I found that the shoe is not breathable, which is in agreement with a number of players’ remark although some people  commented that the shoe have good ventilation. I don’t see why there are different views about this, but presumably it also result from the weather. And objectively speaking, as a pair of basketball shoes, Nike Kyrie 3 EP has done a tremendous job in this part.

In the front of the upper, the lacing system is special: it is the  flying wire lace holes.  After tightening the laces, you feel your feet are firmly locked  and the light foam inside is added to bring a tight feeling of wrapping.

The upper is mainly made of woven material plus a plastic reinforcement layer that traverses the upper, which can be flexibly bent. Thanks to the upper, it provides strong support for quick breaks and redirected forces.

Some buyers also say that the shoes have excellent ankle support. The ankle collar is well padded and contours to the ankle nicely. The thicker foam inside the heel and on the tongue both give us excellent wrapping and support.  When suddenly changing direction, you can see that there is only a little deformation at the heel.

The reinforcement of the upper and the outsole that extends upwards around the upper provide outstanding support.  When the shoe is swayed from side to side, you can see that the feet are very stable.

In terms of the grip, several assert that the Kyrie 3 has one of the best tractions. It has elite-level grip and is very sticky. Well, it is really the case. The whole foot of the herringbone pattern and the independent grip module distributed on the left and right sides of the forefoot can firmly grip the ground. In short, no matter what movement you do, you are to feel the powerful grip.

The outsole is made of XDR rubber, which is very wear-resistant and its thickness is very considerable. The performance in wear resistance on court can be said to be acceptable. A lot of buyers has declared that the Kyrie 3 is an amazing basketball shoe because they can get high quality for a great value.

A handful also remark that the shoes have a decent cushion. They love the feel and movement on the court. The Kyrie 3 EP uses Zoom Air technology in the rear part and Phylon foam in the forefoot. The combination of the two provides excellent light cushioning. I even can’t help claiming that what a nice combination Nike had thought of.

The cushioning of Zoom Air technology on the back is good. When landing, the forefoot cushion is not very obvious whereas the back cushion performs more prominently.

When running,  you can see the tiny compression and rebound process of the back which brings outstanding energy feedback.


Some said the Nike Kyrie 3 is the definition of a guard shoe. This is quite true. And the shoe provides great traction and excellent court feel — something that you can expect. On court, it is surely to become a beast and you won’t be failed. Just try!