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NIKE KOBE Mamba Rage Performance Review

Many shoe fans want to see the performance review of NIKE Mamba Rage. So I will talk about Mamba Rage for your reference today.

The vamp uses Flyweave technology. KD8 also uses Flyweave on vamp. Actually, Flyweave is a kind of knitted vamp. It can fit well with your foot. As the advertisement is that the vamp likes your second layer of skin.

The supporting performance of vamp is also great. When urgent stopping and turning, there is few deformation of the vamp.

But I suppose that the good supporting performance is due to the extending part from outsole which offer the extra support to vamp.

As the TPU area on shoe heel is not big, so it can’t lock the heel well. It’s similar to Harden 3.
The biggest disadvantage of Mamba Rage is the narrow shoe tree. So it’s easy to pinch the toes. If you are normal or fat foot shape, please choose half size or one size bigger.

Actually, the insole of Mamba Rage is the shoe-pad. As I used to wear the shoes with ZOOM Air Cushion, so the insole feedback of this sneaker is not good.
When jumping, the forefoot will be a little shocked. But I can feel the feedback obviously when starting to breaking through. It will be a good choice for you if you like breaking through.

The grain of outsole is weird, it looks like grapes. But the traction performance of Mamba Rage is above the average. The traction performance is excellent when jumping, urgently stopping and turning.

As it has the mark of XDR, so the abrasive resistance should be not bad.

As I mentioned, the fit and support of vamp is good. But the strength of vamp is not good enough. And the vamp is a little thin.

It makes an extension on the lateral side of forefoot. It can improve the anti-torsion performance.
The biggest problem of this sneaker on the protective is the ankle. As it’s low type. The low type shoes can liberate your feet, but it will sacrifice the safety of your ankle.
The anti-torsion performance of this sneaker is bad. As it doesn’t have TPU supporting plate. It’s better to wear ankle guard when wearing it.

Overall, the Lunar air cushion performance is just so so. But it’s still acceptable for me. The traction performance is excellent. It’s light. But the air cushion, protection and anti-torsion performance is not good enough. The appearance is cool. Anyway, the cost performance is good.

Fit:6 scores
Support:6 scores
Air Cushion:5 scores
Feedback of Insole:6 scores
Protective:4 scores
Anti-torsion:3 scores
Traction Performance:8 scores
Stability:5 scores
Cost Performance:7 scores
Suitable Court: Indoor court and outer court
Suitable Position: Defender
Suitable People: Light Weight and the guys who are looking for cheaper Kobe series shoes.