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NIKE KD 7 Performance Review

I always love but also hate KD series shoes.

Love, because the releasing price of KD is cheap, I could buy it when I was student. From KD5, the separated air cushion on rearfoot and forefoot is very suitable for my playing way. And it has been improved to full-length ZOOM Air Cushion from KD8.

Hate, that is because the shoe shape is not suitable for my foot, especially KD4 and KD6. The forefoot is too narrow, and it also press my instep. And I can’t even put on KD9. But the vamp of KD10 is too loose even if I have fastened the shoelaces. I haven’t tried KD11 and KD11, so no judgement now.

Except KD1, the most suitable one to me is KD7 till now.

Not matter the appearance or configuration, it’s better than many signature shoes.

The outsole is wave grain. The thin air cushion on forefoot is very suitable for my playing way.

The mesh fabric on forefoot and flywire material is also suitable for my wide foot.

The Velcro is only a decoration for me. After fastening it, the Velcro will press my instep.

But the actual performance of KD7 is really great. The cushion performance of rear sole is excellent. I love it.