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Unboxing: Nike AlphaDunk

Alphadunk has continued the tradition of Hyperdunk series in the shoe box category after its taking over the series’ important position. And even the Hyperdunk 2016 FK way back early years has the same shoe box type.

Yes, it is the regular Nike orange shoebox. In my opinion, may this is a way of releasing our emotions. Anyway, go on looking.

Upon opening the box, you can see the color scheme that is the United States team’s color, which aims at paying tribute to the launch of Alphadunk.

The Air Knit is layered and if you look closely you’ll find the bulges have distinct lines, which is similar to LBJ15’s Battleknit. And the texture is quite different from the leather made sneakers. It is somewhat like scraping on the rough unadorned walls.

On the tongue strap, the left shoe and the right shoe are designed differently. The left one  is mainly printed with the description of Nike’s technology whereas the right one is presented with the logo of the classic series of Nike in the past. After all, the implication of inheritance is quite important.

The large gradual logo extending from the front side to the heel reminds me of ZK3 at first glance, but the latter is overall more “slender” while Alphadunk is somewhat fat.

Some quipped that the design of the boot looks so satisfying that one just can’t help wanting to put on the shoe and some even can not resist their impulse! And what makes people so impulsive is the brand-new cushion tech: the Zoom Bag.

In terms of the cushion’s thickness, it is quite thick. And if everything fares well, the cushion will perform nicely as we had expected. But another problem arises as well: the thick cushion results in increased center of gravity in the forefoot. So some protections are needed.

The performance of Alphadunk is known only by combating.

The crystal outsole with the circular pattern in the forefoot and the Zoom Bag air cushion is somewhat similar to Irving 2. The bright red air cushion in the outsole is very aesthetic and eye-catching as well.


In the past decade, Nike has proved that even if there isn’t a dedicated spokesman, the team can still make a difference. But anyway, let’s look at it more closely in its performance reviews. Just stay tuned.

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Fist look : Nike Alphadunk

The Hyperdunk has ended, but it remains the best series of Nike in my heart although I am unwilling to accept the fact.


But what is to my’s relief is that Nike is designing something new after putting an end to Hyperdunk. And surely the brand-new Alphadunk and Zoom Rize series will fill the gap left by Hyperdunk. 

It is said that the price of Alphadunk won’t be low and so is the case for Zoom Rize. But it is good news that Nike will the models on August 9th. I know many fans are just cheering for it at the moment.

However, it is funny that the body design and the color scheme both convince me to give up buying it. It is authentically not my “taste”. But anyway, such is greatly dedicated by personal preference. Different people have different views. So there might be many who are in disagreement with me.

For the two products alone, I have to mention the World Cup held in China this year. Nike still dominates the sports market of the United States and China. Both of the national teams and equipment are sponsored by Nike. And it is said that the official sponsored equipment of this World Cup is Alphadunk and Zoom Rize. Besides, many spokesmen of Nike are to wear the two shoes during games.

In terms of the materials used in the shoes, Nike has improved a lot. It  updates its vamp material in these newly released sneakers. Following the Flyknit and Battleknit, they are all new Air knit uppers this time. And the materials are expected to be quite lightweight. You can also expect.

Last but not the least, the two shoes’ cushioning setup has also been undated. The cushions of the two  sneakers are both large. What’s more, Alphadunk has also used a brand-new cushion named Zoom Bag.

The cushion of Zoom Rize extends from the midsole to the forefoot while that of Alphadunk is even more impressive: the fore part is all covered with air cushions including the toe part.

In the picture above,  Nike also directly marks the thickness of the air cushion on the rubber sole. The cushion is not only large, but its thickness has also reached one centimeter which is really nice. And it is not surprising that you may want to have a try, thinking that “How nicely it wears! I just can’t wait trying it.” However, there is something needs mentioning. In principle, the soft midsole plus the thick cushion may make the wear turn over easily. You just need to be careful about this.

Then it is about durability. The built-in air cushion is good though, it gets broken easily as well. And if the air cushion of Alphadunk and Zoom Rize is broken or bulged, normally, it can not be used again.

In short, not only you, but we are also expecting the shoes.