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NIKE ALPHADUNK Deconstructed

The first impression of NIKE ALPHADUNK should be, it inherits the classic, and has innovated vamp, excellent cushion performance and amazing big Zoom Air cushion. Many people should have bought it and already wear it to play basketball. So we don’t talk the specific performance today, let’s have a look at the inner structure of NIKE ALPHADUNK.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

The insole configuration is super big Zoom Air Cushion on forefoot and TPU supporting plate in arch

Separating the vamp with insole

It adds the material like nylon in the vamp, which can improve the supporting performance of vamp obviously. That’s why the vamp is soft.

The FLYWIRE technology is under Air Knit vamp to improve the wrapping performance.

The lining use soft material. It’s comfortable.

The red shoe-pad is lint material which has good skid resistance and air permeability.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven material, and it’s printed with the information of the shoes.

After opening the insole fabric, we can see the insole technology.

From the hollow-out insole of forefoot, the ZOOM Air Cushion is visible. It reduces the thickness of insole. It will improve the comfort level.

The outside of air cushion uses stiff transparent TPU. When the cushion is pressed, it will stabilize the shoes to reduce injured risk.

The outside stiff transparent TPU has the groove on the bending part of forefoot, which will improve the flexibility.

The TPU supporting plate of size EUR42.5 is about 78.99mm

The middle line of TPU supporting plate of size EUR42.5 is about 44.51mm

The TPU supporting plate thickness of size EUR42.5 is about 2.89mm.

The shoe heel insole is printed with product’s information and two punching holes.

The super big ZOOM Air Cushion cover the whole forefoot.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion length of size EUR42.5 is about 158.26mm.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion width of size EUR42.5 is about 112.17mm.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion thickness of size EUR42.5 is about 14.22mm.

We can see the reverse side of insole after taking away air cushion.

The outsole is made of transparent rubber.

Deconstructing the structure of NIKE ALPHADUNK EP

Deconstructing Report

Vamp: The Air Knit vamp, Flywire technology cover both sides of vamp, the supporting performance is good.

Insole: the forefoot insole has a big piece of ZOOM Air Cushion. It’s resilient and comfortable. The cushion performance is good.

Overall: the performance of NIKE ALPHADUNK EP is good. If you are frontline and internal line, you can consider to buy it.

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NIKE Alphadunk Performance Review

It is out of imagination that when we were all looking forward to the Hyperdunk 11, Nike decided to end this series with a decade of glorious history. I even conceived about the appearance of the Hyperdunk 11 and had intended to buy it the moment it was released. However, “plans may not be able to keep up with changes.” So my wishes had to fade away. But on the other hand, there is also some good news: Nike has launched the new Nike AlphaDunk this year. Also, Nike uses some more powerful tech and setups in order to open a new era of Nike team shoes series. 

We can still see a lot of details of AlphaDunk that are similar to Hyperdunk: the shoe body design  the Flywire placement of the high lace holes and the thick and wide mid-bottom design. All of these aim to making up an excellent team shoe. On the basis of Hyperdunk, AlphaDunk has also added a variety of the latest and powerful tech to maximize the performance of the shoes, thus allowing AlphaDunk to stand on top of the team.

First of all, let’s have a look at the upper. The AlphaDunk uses the new Flyknit design, which is also known as Airknit, to add a woven upper so as to offer sufficient support and wrapping. And it also uses heat reinforcement on the outermost layer to create a rough and rugged upper. On the one hand,  such design can weaken the ductility of the woven upper and make the shoe more satble; on the other hand, it ensures the support of the upper  even without increasing the weight of the upper.

Besides the brand-new woven upper design,  the extra reinforcement layer on the heel has also become another highlight of the shoe and more importantly, enhance the shoe performance. The outer leather + “Flash Card” logo is designed to enhance the heel stability  and at the meantime, it also allows the AlphaDunk woven upper to match with our daily dressing more easily. At the moment, the colorway of this shoe is here and we are all expecting some more color schemes to be released. But whether it will bring us some more surprises remain unknown, so let’s stay tuned.

When we get a pair of new sneaker, the first part that  we will pay more attention is the upper. After all, the upper of a shoe is always the highlight and plays an important role. But when evaluating whether a shoe’s  cost performance is worth the price, we usually turn to the midsole setup. This time, Nike has put a huge Zoom air cushion in the midsole of AlphaDunk which almost covers the entire forefoot. Based on the ground of my experience, AlphaDunk’s forefoot cushioning  performance is  almost as nice as many other excellent air cushions that many famous sneakers equips with. The foot feeling can actually be said to be like stepping on a pillow.

In addition to the extremely soft air cushion, the widened midsole of the sneakers also performs nicely.  If you look down at this pair, you will find that the material in the midsole circles the whole vamp. AlphaDunk also adds a TPU module that avoids the deformation of the air cushion on the outside and widens the midsole on the inside to improve the cushioning while balancing the anti-rollover performance. And so as to ensure the sufficient cushioning of the heel, AlphaDunk increases the thickness of the midsole, which not only improves the heel cushioning feeling and enhances the torsional performance, but also increases the stability of the shoe. To summarize, the the cushion and midsole setups of AlphaDunk are far more luxurious than that of the  Hyperdunk series.

With respect to the outsole, its performance is equally outstanding. The outsole pattern that resemble the “concentric circles” is surely to perform nicely. Also, the material of the outsole allows the shoes to maximize its grip performance. Movements such as emergency stops or start-ups won’t become an obstacle as the AlphaDunk can hold the ground firmly for us.

Someone asked me “Why are there more and more people choosing AlphaDunk?” Undoubtedly, it is because of the series’ actual online performance, its attractive  appearance and some highlights that talk people into buying it.  AlphaDunk not only  takes over the mission of  Hyperdunk, but also magnified the advantages of Hyperdunk through its setups.


Here, I highly recommend this pair of Nike AlphaDunk to all players who like the Nike Hyperdunk series and want to have a different experience.  I believe that  AlphaDunk will be a new start for Nike’s team shoes, and it will bring a brand new experience for players. To summarize, anew era of Nike basketball shoes has arrived and Nike AlphaDunk is surely to continue to write its resplendence. 

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Nike AlphaDunk Performance Review

In the past 10 years, Hyperdunk has received a great deal of glory and reputation. It fulfilled its  mission of succession. Now its time had had gone and it is AlphaDunk  turn to dominate a big part of the sneaker market. AlphaDunk finally took over the banner of Nike team shoes from Hyperdunk. For AlphaDunk, it’s not just a beginning, but it needs to conquer the hearts of the fans. So why not have a look and see how it can “capture” our hearts?

At the first glance, I had thought it to be James’ signature shoe because the Air Knit woven upper is almost identical to that of the LeBron 15 . But surely it is an illusion. The overall look of the sneaker has changed into rounder and heavier rather than the slenderness of the Hyperdunk series.

Looking at the front, the Air Knit woven upper shows an uneven appearance and it feels a bit tough resulting from the hardness of the materials.

The side view of the upper part of the shoe is aesthetic as well. But you may change another color of sock to match the shoe if you are not in favor of this collocation. The oversized Zoom Bag cushion on the forefoot gives us a shocking visual effect and it is full of temptation. Isn’t?!

At the heel, the red hooks across the heel forms a sharp contrast with the silver  color scheme. And for the sake of a comfortable experience, AlphaDunk uses Air Knit woven upper. But because the upper has no elasticity, you may not have any obvious feelings the minute you put the shoes on. It requires some time breaking and getting used to it. Besides, the AlphaDunk weighs a lot more than the previous version of Hyperdunk X. After all, AlphaDunk equips with more excellent tech.

However, to tell the truth, after I put the shoes on, I decided that I must take off immediately instead of going on wearing them because the upper is too low, which is not very friendly to my feet. But after a day’s wearing, the pressure on the forefoot upper is relieved and I have to admitted that it is not bad.

For the size, you can just choose the one that you usually use. It fits snugly well and my feet fit the upper very well too. And there is simply no difficulty in wearing and taking off. Having the Zoom Bag cushion, which is oversized in the forefoot midsole and easy to be bent, a single shoe weighs only 80 grams more than the Hyperdunk X.

In terms of wrapping and support, the Air Knit woven upper is  very nice and the personal wear feeling is comparable to the fabric upper. At the heel, there is a  layer of leather reinforcement  and the support for the ankle is ensured. And even if under the case of  the absence of the inner boots, the wrapping can still be felt and is sufficient.

The Air Knit woven upper requires some time to get used to it: the front part of the shoe is relatively low and the toe has very  limited space for movement inside the shoe. After tightening the laces, you will feel the pressure of the upper all placed on  your instep. And although the thickness of the foam padding in the heel part is of average level, you can  still feel the binding effect from the heel.

By touching the upper, you can know that the Air Knit woven upper is much harder than the ordinary woven surface, and the support of the upper is basically equivalent to the fabric upper. The heel, which is reinforced with leather material, can give the ankle a strong support effect. When there are landing and breakthroughs, you are to obviously feel your feet retain very stable inside the shoe. To some extent, you can feel your feet stay steady in the shoe under any circumstance.

As for the outsole, it is made of rubber and the forefoot adapts an oval water ripple design whereas the rear part is a horizontally distributed grain. Reasonably, designs as such won’t have any slippery problems, but the real performance of this one just turned out to be very average. You can  clearly see that in the process of breaking through, the shoe directly slipped. But there is one advantage; that is the shoe’s wear-resistant performance is nice resulting from the crystal rubber.

After many emergency stop tests,  AlphaDunk in the field isn’t able to stop timely either. And even if there is a factor in the field itself, the performance can not satisfy fans as well.

Just looking at the Zoom Bag air cushion that fills the entire forefoot, it seems the nice feeling can be felt through the pictures alone. However, is the big and thick air cushion really good? Or in other words, the bigger and thicker, the better? Absolutely, it isn’t always the case. The oversized air cushion is mixed bless. First of all, in the light of consumers, many of whom can not feel the feedback for those people are too light. And then the energy return seems not sufficient for heavy players. All these factors mean that the shoe is destined to be suitable only for a specific group of people.


AlphaDunk is the successor of the Hyperdunk series and it will be a new series of the basketball field. I know there are still some downsides of the shoe, there are also many nice respects for you to search for. Anyway, it is still growing and we should face it with an inclusive mindset and above all, I hope it will continue to grow into a team shoe that suits everyone.


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Unboxing: Nike Alphadunk

The other day, I came across a question that was popular recently. And I also want to ask you that question: In the development history of basketball shoes, which one is the most successful team shoe series ever created? Well, I know there are many answers for different people, but as for me, I think the answer is the Hyperdunk series and it is also the one that gets the most acknowledge.

In the last decade,  the hyperdunk is said to be even more popular than many star signature shoes in the sneaker market. However, it is a pity that this series has officially ended this year. But definitely, its sneakers will always be there and accompany us.

Though many people didn’t cop one pair of today’s Alphadunk, let’s still have a look at the shoe.

There is nothing special in the shoe box: it is the traditional orange box, which is very common and classic. For the colorways, there are four kinds and for that of today’s shoe, it is simpler, but aesthetic at the meantime.

To tell the truth, when I held the shoes in my hand( I was fortunate enough to have copped one pair), I felt there were many surprises waiting for me and they were something I could expect. Unlike the previous impression whose images left me, it is not heavy in the least — at least it is that case for me. I had thought it to be very heavy because it looks really bulky and was prepared to buy another model, but my friend recommend it to me, so I finally bought it.

Resulting from the upper’s materials, the shoe can be that lightweight. It adapts Nike’s brand-new tech: the Air knit. At the first glance, you may think it as the battleknit of LBJ15, but this Alphadunk wears more comfortably.

It seems incredible to hear that phrases of the shoe? Well, it really wears very comfortably; the upper is indeed very thin and feels super nice.

In the shoelace holes, Nike is very “generous” this time because all of which are applied to the flying line. And according to a deal of reviewers, the “hook” at the heel is somewhat interesting for it is not the traditional design which indeed fatigues their eyes. What’s more, the Nike swoosh that directly surrounds the whole heel, I think, may be a new trend.

The tongue and the heel collar are printed with many symbolic logos.

At the same time, the heel, the full inner soles, the built-in tpu and the extra layer of reinforcement on the outside is certain to make the shoe’s wrapping quite reliable.

Besides the band-new tech, the other eye-catching part of this pair of shoes is its midsole. The air cushion of  the shoe is really very big, but it is the cushion’s area and thickness that persuades me into buying it. The Zoom bag and the Zoom Air are the cushions that I expected the most.

On the outside of the Alphadunk air cushion, there is a very hard and thick transparent tpu, while on the inside, there is a layer of foam protection. Owing to the setup, it can be said that the risk of injury to the air cushion is reduced to a minimum.

The sole of the shoe is made of crystal  rubber, so there is risk of wear resistance; on the other hand, the sole has very deep grains, which means the sole has also very reliable grip.

But of course, it has also downsides. It is a high-top model and has done a bad job in rollover prevention.

All in all, I think the advantages outweigh the flaws and I also have a feeling that it will be the top class practical shoes of the year.


Here I must recommend you who want to pick the shoe go stores to have  a try. Except the shoe’s brief performance, I want to say : Alphadunk, the successor to the most successful team shoe of the past decade, carries a lot of expectations. Anyway, it  is still growing and someday I believe it can be powerful enough to meet all our expectation.


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Unboxing: Nike AlphaDunk

Alphadunk has continued the tradition of Hyperdunk series in the shoe box category after its taking over the series’ important position. And even the Hyperdunk 2016 FK way back early years has the same shoe box type.

Yes, it is the regular Nike orange shoebox. In my opinion, may this is a way of releasing our emotions. Anyway, go on looking.

Upon opening the box, you can see the color scheme that is the United States team’s color, which aims at paying tribute to the launch of Alphadunk.

The Air Knit is layered and if you look closely you’ll find the bulges have distinct lines, which is similar to LBJ15’s Battleknit. And the texture is quite different from the leather made sneakers. It is somewhat like scraping on the rough unadorned walls.

On the tongue strap, the left shoe and the right shoe are designed differently. The left one  is mainly printed with the description of Nike’s technology whereas the right one is presented with the logo of the classic series of Nike in the past. After all, the implication of inheritance is quite important.

The large gradual logo extending from the front side to the heel reminds me of ZK3 at first glance, but the latter is overall more “slender” while Alphadunk is somewhat fat.

Some quipped that the design of the boot looks so satisfying that one just can’t help wanting to put on the shoe and some even can not resist their impulse! And what makes people so impulsive is the brand-new cushion tech: the Zoom Bag.

In terms of the cushion’s thickness, it is quite thick. And if everything fares well, the cushion will perform nicely as we had expected. But another problem arises as well: the thick cushion results in increased center of gravity in the forefoot. So some protections are needed.

The performance of Alphadunk is known only by combating.

The crystal outsole with the circular pattern in the forefoot and the Zoom Bag air cushion is somewhat similar to Irving 2. The bright red air cushion in the outsole is very aesthetic and eye-catching as well.


In the past decade, Nike has proved that even if there isn’t a dedicated spokesman, the team can still make a difference. But anyway, let’s look at it more closely in its performance reviews. Just stay tuned.

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Fist look : Nike Alphadunk

The Hyperdunk has ended, but it remains the best series of Nike in my heart although I am unwilling to accept the fact.


But what is to my’s relief is that Nike is designing something new after putting an end to Hyperdunk. And surely the brand-new Alphadunk and Zoom Rize series will fill the gap left by Hyperdunk. 

It is said that the price of Alphadunk won’t be low and so is the case for Zoom Rize. But it is good news that Nike will the models on August 9th. I know many fans are just cheering for it at the moment.

However, it is funny that the body design and the color scheme both convince me to give up buying it. It is authentically not my “taste”. But anyway, such is greatly dedicated by personal preference. Different people have different views. So there might be many who are in disagreement with me.

For the two products alone, I have to mention the World Cup held in China this year. Nike still dominates the sports market of the United States and China. Both of the national teams and equipment are sponsored by Nike. And it is said that the official sponsored equipment of this World Cup is Alphadunk and Zoom Rize. Besides, many spokesmen of Nike are to wear the two shoes during games.

In terms of the materials used in the shoes, Nike has improved a lot. It  updates its vamp material in these newly released sneakers. Following the Flyknit and Battleknit, they are all new Air knit uppers this time. And the materials are expected to be quite lightweight. You can also expect.

Last but not the least, the two shoes’ cushioning setup has also been undated. The cushions of the two  sneakers are both large. What’s more, Alphadunk has also used a brand-new cushion named Zoom Bag.

The cushion of Zoom Rize extends from the midsole to the forefoot while that of Alphadunk is even more impressive: the fore part is all covered with air cushions including the toe part.

In the picture above,  Nike also directly marks the thickness of the air cushion on the rubber sole. The cushion is not only large, but its thickness has also reached one centimeter which is really nice. And it is not surprising that you may want to have a try, thinking that “How nicely it wears! I just can’t wait trying it.” However, there is something needs mentioning. In principle, the soft midsole plus the thick cushion may make the wear turn over easily. You just need to be careful about this.

Then it is about durability. The built-in air cushion is good though, it gets broken easily as well. And if the air cushion of Alphadunk and Zoom Rize is broken or bulged, normally, it can not be used again.

In short, not only you, but we are also expecting the shoes.